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This is an OC named Prince Adam from a Princess Tutu Discord RP group story, which is titled "In Which the Story Continues" in its transcript posted here:…
He belongs to Burst, and is a magical transformation of his OC Raiden, and while it is based on Raven magic, it is not based on Raven's blood directly, as the magic source is actually from Lilith, another OC of Burst's who does have Raven's blood and magic that comes with it. This also explains more of why the parallels of Adam and Lilith from biblical lore are used here; since Raiden's magic as Adam is directly tied to Lilith, he gains a name that corresponds with hers (and thus the reason why the title Prince is added, to match Princess Lilith -- think of it as analogous a commoner becomes royalty when they marry into royalty). Raiden and Lucy are a canonical pairing in the RP story, and it is related to why and how Raiden gets this transformation (the first appearance of which is currently in planning stages and hasn't actually been written out in play yet).

Keeping in mind the above as the lore for the character design, Adam's outfit design was a process. We wanted to come up with something that wasn't just an imitation of Mytho's Raven outfit and fit Raiden/Adam's character. We discussed that compared to Dark Mytho, he's more loyal and less deceitful, but also more threatening and openly hostile when provoked. So at first, I tried something based around the idea of an 'assassin', someone who is more quietly deadly. However, those initial ideas didn't really look right, particularly for something meant to emulate a ballet costume, so then we went more for a classic danseur design. There was an outfit reference I found of a Bluebird danseur costume for a Sleeping Beauty ballet production, and the way it had the feathers arranged around the collar seemed like it was a good design element to use. I integrated the doublet sort of structure I had originally with the gloves that Burst decided he would have, and that came out with this outfit. Burst also wondered if he should have some sort of headwear, and I came up with a small circlet around his head that wasn't too flashy and kinda paralleled Lilith's headdress.

After drawing out the full design, I considered Raiden's default icon image, which was from an online dollmaker, and thought perhaps I could make an edit to make an icon that could match with his normal boy icon. So I took the dollmaker image and drew in the neck and shoulders view of the outfit over it, as well as adding the circlet and shifting the eye color (as Adam's eyes are more magenta-hued than his usual purple eyes), and then changing the expression while I was at it. While I technically didn't draw a fair amount of it, the outfit itself had to be drawn from scratch onto the profile image, and it ended up looking good enough that I had to display it alongside the actual art so you can see the comparison.
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