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Light of Defiance



This art was done in response to the 7th anniversary Tutu Fanwork Exchange, intended for my assigned giftee catte_noir. She made no specific requests, though I saw that she liked the main 5 characters (Fakir, Mytho, Ahiru, Rue, Autor), and the pairings she liked were Fakir/Ahiru and Fakir/Mytho, so I thought, a piece involving Fakir, Ahiru, and Mytho would be a good idea. I also wanted to incorporate something of the dreamlike nature and symbolism of the show into the structure of the art, since those were aspects of the show that she liked.

...But I have to admit, anything with Mytho, I wanted an excuse to draw Prince Siegfried. Gawd knows I have hardly ever drawn him despite how much I love his costume design. X3

So, this art is essentially a symbolistic rendition of the finale, with a dual shifting reality representation signified by the change in perspective from the left upper corner to the right lower corner; the former is a room where Fakir is writing, and the latter is a dark stage on which Mytho stands in a stark spotlight. What connects the two is the parchment that turns into the outline of the stage itself, as well as the curtain that frames both settings, being pulled aside to reveal that the stage is not the dark void it may seem.

The mystical writing appears not only from his quill but from Ahiru herself as glowing ripples, like that in a pond. The gold light from her is a marked contrast from the contrived stage light that bears down on Mytho; it does not come from above, but from herself. The words serve to show how Fakir is enabling Ahiru's light to shine forth in a tangible form, illuminating the darkness that surrounds the Prince. The background gradient behind Fakir is subtle and understated, using teal and light blue to convey a vague glow behind him, and also as a color contrast to the rest of the picture (besides Fakir himself, that has the only blue and green hues in the picture).

There is a portion of the writing that is possible to be read; the bottom half of the largest ripple reads, "glory to those who defy their fate hope". This connects with the title, which is to defy the fate that seems inevitable and tragic; the last word after it is the name of the light that Ahiru emits.

Lineart still cleaned up pencil art and colored by fill tools in my art program. It seems I'm getting more skilled with the relatively simple tools I use; this is my first foray into more complicated visual effects with the lighting. I think this is my best work to date, so I'm pretty proud of it. :3 (If that didn't seem obvious enough with all my blahblahing about it XD;; )

Please don't use the picture for something without permission.
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I'll warn you in advance of babbling.

Oh my gosh. o.o I love it.
...I always get my positions mixed up when it comes to ballet. >_< Dang, I need to look stuff up again, so I can actually find the meanings in ballet-related pictures and videos.

xD I love your fanfics, but I had no idea you had an account on dA as well as -sigh- and you draw so well, too.
*is a shameless flatterer* :devilish:

I guess this means that you're an artistic jack-of-all-trades, like me. =3
...Yeah, done babbling now.