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Spiral Knights - Ember

I wanted to come back to dA with something huge and epic, but obviously that is not going to happen. XD Have a random Spiral Knights fanart instead! It's my character. : D

Moar: [link]


Spiral Knights belong to Three Rings and Sega!
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very well drawn and really gives me a sense of nostalgia :)
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Nice I love the lighting
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Man, these guys are super cute...!
SupaDupaZekrom's avatar
Very nice artwork!
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geek logic - made by sega, must be awesome
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*Ahem*,this is Three rings' work,Sega just advertized it...
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I love the simplicity and color. Very cool.
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i LOVE the combination that you used with an angelic helm and scaly suit! if any of you play spiral knights, add me! :Hyllia
P.S if u add em from dA, let me know! LOOVE THIS! when i get back on, im trying the combination!
P.P.S. i forgot something: is the helm angelic or 4* version? :icon0u0plz:
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Thank you (: It's the 4* version.
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lol, ok, i'll keep that in mind XD
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totally EPIC!
i love magic hoods best but i still absolutely LUV yo drawing! :D
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*suggests for DD*
there you go :)
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I recently started playing this game and I love it!
Very cool, nice work.
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Awesome! Dig the game, and I really like the painterly style you used for this. Great work!
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cool i love this game
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You play SK too? :)
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Yes! Not as much as I used to though ^^
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Oh I see.. :) I agree with it being cute! :)
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*jaw drops* SOOO PRETTYYY!!
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