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To see if I'm open for commission reservations, check the featured deviation on my profile.

Before you PM me for a commission, please read this!


1.) Do not use my artwork for commercial purposes. This includes using it for profit.
2.) My artwork takes time and effort. Please do not rush me. You will be rejected or refunded if you are rude and impatient.
3.) Please be specific on what you want me to draw, such as a specific theme/pose/etc. For example, if you would like the image to be a specific size, please tell me.
4.) I don't think I should have to say this but please do not claim my work as your own. You may repost your commission where ever you like with due credit (preferably, a link back to my account) or use it for personal purposes, such as an icon or poster. However, you are not allowed to remove or cover the watermark.
5.) As the artist, I have the right to refuse any commission without reason or explanation. 

The TOS may be subject to change at any time.


  What I WILL draw

blood/violence/gore (contact me)

  What I will NOT draw

hateful/offensive content
weird fetishes (inflation, feet, etc.)
copyrighted characters
This list is subject to change.


Extra character: +50% of base price
Background: $10 - $40+ (Based on complexity/detail)
Rough Sketch
  bust: $15
  half body: $20
  full body: $30
  + color & shading: $5 (Grayscale only)
  Insert sexy yandere here by TomoKaneko
Clean Sketch
  bust: $20
  half body: $30
  full body: $40
  + color & shading: $5
  Back Study by TomoKaneko   Krankenschwester by TomoKaneko  CM: Alenka by TomoKaneko

Full Color:
  bust: $40
  half body: $50
  full body: $65
I Love You by TomoKaneko   Waking the Demon by TomoKaneko  Gaia CM: your gal pal by TomoKaneko  Gaia CM: Orgasm Prince by TomoKaneko  Gaia CM: forever_hime by TomoKaneko
Complicated/cluttered designs will be charged extra based on the amount of detail.
Prices are subject to change.


PM me what type of commission you would like to reserve. (Keep in mind, this would only be a reservation, so please do not provide details until I respond.) For commissions with slots, it is first-come-first-serve.

Once I respond to your PM, you may provide details as to what you would like in your commission. You must provide references/examples.

If I accept, I will take some time to draw a rough sketch and send it to you for approval (keep in mind that this is not instantaneous). If approved, you must send half your payment to []. I will only accept payments through PayPal!

Once I have successfully received payment, I will continue your commission and post the status on this journal entry. Any and all updates will be posted on there.
After I have shown you the finished product, you must send me the remaining half of your payment.

Please allow for approximately 1-2 weeks to complete your commission. Work days are Monday - Friday. Should there be any delays (such as loss of file, illness, etc.), I will update on the status journal entry. If the commission is not finished within 1 month, you may request a refund. This deadline is subject to change based on demand!


A refund may be requested before the coloring stage. If the picture has already been flat colored, your refund request will be rejected and I will continue your picture. If the picture has only been fully lined, you will receive 70% back. If the picture has not been lined and is still only a sketch, you will receive 90% back.