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wolf indra

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been trying to get back into drawing since i got busy with finals and then i got sick like a week later lmao. idk what i got sick with but i had really bad vertigo for over a week and it was awful........ but im better now and that means i draw naruto characters as wolves

i said this was a wolf's rain crossover au but something tells me im just saying that as an excuse to draw them as lil canines sdjkhsjkdf

honestly anytime i draw animals, specifically cats or wolves, i get kind of nostalgic bc i just remember that was ALL i drew in early elementary. ive also been inspired by the canine artists i see on here and on tumblr and it almost boggles me how much the art quality has improved over the years. it could just be me but when i think of wolves, i think of the early 2010s art that people used for random slideshow amvs on youtube. and unfortunately my art style (when it comes to canines and felines at least) has retained those features.

im not saying there is anything wrong with the artwork i saw in the early 2010s. but the anatomy you see from a lot of artists nowadays on here and on tumblr are much more improved and often the art style is very distinct. my skills when it comes to drawing these animals havent improved much bc i stopped drawing them at around 5th-6th grade, but now i want to improve them

also the ocs people make..... god you ppl r so creative how do u create ur cool ocs I WANT A COOL CANINE OC

i guess im returning to my roots as an artist sjkdfskjd

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i feel that about youtube amv art! I used to try to draw like amateur 2-d animators on youtube when i was younger (even had a wolf oc oof), and now i'm trying to get back into art and drawing and have my own style... or at least be able to draw what i want without looking at references (that's gonna be a big task for me, but i'm trying to at least get better)