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Seriously! I want to put a scrap pic in my Quick Sketches folder!

What's wrong with that?
‮.driew seog ti txet siht tce‮‭If you try to sel
Nothing is go!

(Or is it everything)
Weekend! :D
Gonna be completing Quake addon called "Aftershock: Descent into Horror" possibly. :P
­­Muahahaha! Magical lack of title!
I got a scanner :D

My dad wanted to buy me one for Christmas, but he found out that one of his friends have bought a printer/scanner combo thingy and he didn't need a scanner anymore so he decided to give it away or something. :D
Yeah... i don't know... what to type... in here...

I am going to put more stuff in here when i am done.
I just registered on DeviantArt! I am going to put some art up.
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