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I was born with various mental disabilities, such as autism, OCD, ADHD, and tourettes. Nonetheless, with the help of my mom and some speech therapy, I'm now able to blend in with society.

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Transformers, Lego movie.
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Worlds Dumbest
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Any good sparta remix.
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My comics, Captain Underpants, Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
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Mario, Minecraft, Etc...
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Outdated MSPaint
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(Oof I was late again) Just when I thought I had nothing to report, a HUGE development has happened behind the scenes in a special FNAF collaboration project that you may be seeing soon. @BonnieZillaRex has pitched in to finish up an old project of mine from years ago, and I was quite impressed with what he came up with! Still working out the final details in DMs, but expect some good stuff in the near-future! In the meantime, I also worked a bit more on Petrov's Playtime Palace. I must say, this series is REALLY going in unprecedented directions from FNAF. To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, as far as the Petrov's reboot is concerned, there isn't a SINGLE instance of a dead kid possessing an animatronic character. None. Children are now irrelevant to the new plot of this reboot. It only gets stranger from there...
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WOW, this week went by fast! I didn't work on a lot of stuff I can talk about on here, but there were SOME things done this past week: I described the type of entity my FNAF OC "The Guard" is and how it ties to the supernatural mechanics of the FNAF series, and I did some more writing for my My Hero Academia Fanfic, specifically one of the OC characters and their quirk. That's about it for this week, sadly.
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Oof, late again. For this week, there honestly wasn't as much stuff worked on last week that wasn't part of any non-DA secret project. I think some point last week I figured out some design schematics for the Twisted Animatronics, where are an absolute NIGHTMARE to draw... ...and not for the reasons you think either. Sure, drawing the 100-something tumors on Twisted Freddy can be annoying and all, but the real issue I've had with these animatronics is the consistency of their designs, not just with each other, but also within THEMSELVES. Ultimately, I had to tweak every animatronic's design, scrap some of the lesser-known forms of these machines (they only appear for one panel in the graphic novel), and find canonical reasons for why they all have these small, annoying little differences in basic design like shoulder-panels, faces that split open, chests that split open, and more. Considering that the Funtime Animatronics have their own series of inconsistencies though, this
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Hey Tommy, is FNAF 4 V3 on hold?

Sadly, it's pretty much cancelled. I'm leaving pixel art in favor of fanf-fic writing and writing in general. I'm sure it will be much more successful and enjoyable, since I'm taking a literal college class on effective writing. I will do illustrations and art, which will be of much higher quality, but the pixel art days are effectively over (unless somehow Scott Cawthon himself got a hold of me or something.)

When and if you feel like you want to recolor the FNaF HW sprites to match that of your previous attempts [particularly V4], let me give you some pointers.

For FNaF 2, everyone except Withered Bonnie is in a warm light. Withered Bonnie is in a cold light, unless you want to go with the Ultimate Custom Night palette. His bow tie is also dark red, similar to his FNaF 1 counterpart, unlike the pale red it originally was.

Mangle has yellow eyes. Looks like you didn't use the saturation for V4. Her cheeks and lipstick are a different red color from her bow tie.

Meanwhile, JJ's nose and eyelids are pink and her cheeks and propeller are blue. Speaking of her propeller, it is the same height as BB's propeller. The soles of their shoes should also be darker.

For FNaF 3, since Phantom Mangle is revealed to be green in UCN, then it might be a good idea to revise the palette for Phantom Mangle, if not everyone else.

For FNaF 4, certain Nightmare characters [like Chica and Fredbear, for example] are in a cold light, unlike everyone else, which uses a warm light, similar to the FNaF 2 example.

And speaking of FNaF 4, because you have given up with V4, I might ask LunarFlareStudios to finish the sheets, if that's okay with you.

Thanks fam! Yeah, I still have the stuff from FNAF 4, reference pics included. I can pass that stuff on to whomever wishes to finish that project. I'm more into writing now anyway.

You're welcome!


Did you try sending me a DM by chance regarding this? My DA is glitched up and says I have an unread message, but then doesn't show anything.

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Do you have any unreleased sprites besides Crusty V3?