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I was born with various mental disabilities, such as autism, OCD, ADHD, and tourettes. Nonetheless, with the help of my mom and some speech therapy, I'm now able to blend in with society.

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Transformers, Lego movie.
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Worlds Dumbest
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Any good sparta remix.
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My comics, Captain Underpants, Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
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Mario, Minecraft, Etc...
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Outdated MSPaint
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I spent most of the week researching My Hero Academia, for use in my fan-fic. Lots of stuff is also planned for a cross-over I want to make between MHA and One Punch Man, even though these would only show up in the distant future. As for FNAF news, I've done more research into the Fazbear Frights books. I've learned that curses are a thing in the FNAF canon, and am wondering if they're any way I can implement this. I also recently downloaded Lego Digital Designer, and am still getting the hang of it. Who knows, maybe I'll make a Lego replica of Freddy's in the future...
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Ok, so I only got one thing done today, but it's a big one: I wrote down a draft summary of one of the FNAF fan-fics, specifically, the one that will feature the Twisted Animatronics. I'm still working on how to draw the Twisted Animatronics, but chances are that a few adaptive changes will need to be made for their designs, as the art-style from the Twisted Ones Graphic Novel isn't as consistent as I personally need it to be.
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I've started watching My Hero Academia again, so I'll be kinda busy. I'm definitely making a fan-fic of it. Regardless, I got more stuff done, including- -Found a way to add the Twisted Animatronics to my FNAF AU's timeline -Concept art of William Afton's Freddy animatronics, and their evolution -Concept art for my Doki Doki Literature Club fan-fic I have a few other secret projects going on in the background I can't mention, but I can assure you progress is being made! I'm also going to take daily notes of my weekly achievements to keep better track of what I've accomplished.
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Do you have any unreleased sprites besides Crusty V3?

Not really. I lost a lot of my unreleased stuff when I switched to a new computer. I no longer have any way of accessing the files of that old computer either.

Tommy I have a quick question about the woodland mansion How much blocks long is the enterance side thanks

Ultimate Woodland Mansion V1.3

Here's a map of a woodland mansion containing every room. The entrance room is depicted on the bottom of the pic to the left, depicting a map of the first floor. Each pixel is equal to one block in Minecraft. Hope this helps.

Where have you been? I miss your art!

Ah yeah, sorry about that. I just needed a break pretty much. I've been working on lots of stuff in the background, but none of it is really postable, being either incomplete or filled with spoilers for upcoming story projects (which are also unfinished).

I do have some things planned in the future, such as a reboot of  Petrov's and a reboot of both of my FNAF AU's, and eventually I'll be getting into some anime fan-fic/AU stuff too, since I'm kinda weeb. Expect a HUGE increase in writing quality, far beyond the scope of anything I've EVER written previously in this account. I've polished off my writing skills and have learned MANY new tips and tricks. Expect more elaborate, planned out stories with more impressive concepts and commentary. It's all a build-up for my eventual original works and ideas I plan on making a future out of, things that can actually be used potentially for financial gain.

I'll admit I kinda went into a brief downward depressive spiral after getting oral surgery last October. Post-surgical depression is apparently a thing and life stuff happened too, so I was miserable. It's all resolved now but I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things. The Coronavirus stuff hasn't helped either.

Rest assured, I HAVE been working on things. Constantly. It's basically my life. I've just taken a break from FNAF pixel art, and the human body index has been going through so many revisions I don't think there's ever going to be a good time to post any teasers. I'm thinking of making a drawing though, a comparison of my design for William Afton compared to the one in the Silver Eyes Graphic Novel (which I recently obtained months ago, read, and enjoyed).

What do you think?

I think seeing you come back when you're ready will be worth the wait! I know the feeling of post-surgical depression... just before Christmas I had my last two wisdom teeth removed and boy I felt it. Excited to see what you've been working on!