*Minions for Ecuador Charity Collab! CLOSED!!*

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No longer accepting submissions!


Hello from the Guildmaster of Charity-Guild!


Hello my friends!! I am launching a new charity poster collab!!
If you haven't seen the last one, here it is!

:icontksmileplz: We sent out 15 shoeboxes to underprivileged children! 
Even raised $105 for hurting children as well as Andorada donated some of her hair to cancer! :la:

The theme for this project is:

Universal Minions!!

They can be doing and wearing anything you want!

Superpowers? Cosplay? Silly? Darker side?

Fan characters are accepted! Minions can cosplay as any character too!

I will donate $.25 per minion I receive. You may draw a MAXIMUM of two minions.
All proceeds will help the earthquake victims in Ecuador, which sadly is getting a poor donor response. Let's make our mark there!

Some submissions so far!
Minion in the Summertime by may10216 Judy Hopps: Minion Edition. by LoulabeIIe Minions for Ecuador Charity Collab by UszatyArbuz Minions for Ecuador: Subway Minion by Dance4life628

See my whole collection so far! 

Bullet; Red All deviantART submission rules apply
Bullet; Red In order to enter, please comment below what your minion will be! Your minion can be doing/wearing ANYTHING! First come first serve, and reservations will be held for 2 weeks. After that, anyone can claim that character again. (ie. vampire minions, Super Mario minions, minions floating away on balloons, etc...)
:bulletred: I aim for variety, so I will only allow 1 duplicate character! 
:bulletred: Your character must be recognized as a minion! No Kirbies this time! Kirby Oh Noes Emoticon 
:bulletred:  Do not add a background to your submission. I prefer transparent backgrounds, no big deal if you don't know how, just submit it on plain white background.
Bullet; Red No Gijinkas please
:bulletred: Minions can not be/have anything sexual or suggestive. Blood is okay, as long as it is mild and not disturbing. (vampires, zombies, or creepypasta for example)
Bullet; Red Anyone can enter regardless of skill. I will judge your art by your effort however. No quick doodles
Bullet; Red If drawing on paper, please use UNLINED paper or it will be turned down!
Bullet; Red Minion may be posed however you want or doing whatever you want! However please note I will not accept anything that looks like a traceover. Draw yourself please! NO BASES!!
Bullet; Red No stock is allowed with exception of brushes, textures, pallets, etc... The work must be 100% yours at the end! No lazy work please!
Bullet; Red Minimum canvas size 900x700 or 700x900
Bullet; Red Two submissions per person please! To submit, comment here, note me or tag me VIA mentions with your submission. PLEASE mention this journal as well! Sta.sh and scraps are fine. You can also submit here where it will be automatically accepted charity-guild.deviantart.com/g…
Bullet; Red No work older than June 8, 2016
Bullet; Red Deadline is July 25, 2016! 

Participants checklistThe following here is a checklist of all the people's submissions. If your name is on the list, I have yours. If you do not see your name please comment ASAP and I'll add you in!
The minion count is three digits long! The total will be posted with the donation receipt.
King bob - plantstronaut* and Yoshi
Link and Navi - Tanukky*
Singing - Pinkpony4*
Floating on water - MariahMireles*
Knight - Meldalverse*
Harry Potter - UszatyArbuz* First submission
Studio Ghibli - Teepy-teep*
Rodent - yingyingkirby*
Robin Hood - confusedkangaroo*
OCs - fuzzyseals344*
Ken + Ryu - ToxicSnakeSkull*
Batminion - vvampire1234*
Up wizard - Stanoveno*
Slyvari and Charr - Hawksfeathers97*
Edward and Alphonse Elric (from full metal alchemist) - Rosavirgo*
Blowing bubbles - may10216*
Lady and Gentleman - uminei*
Sun and Moon trainers - DreamDriftSprite*
One Punch Man - neshirys*
Zootopia - :devl

:pokeball: A shoebox charity Pokemon collab is to be launched shortly in September 2016 as well! Please stay tuned for that! 
I have even selected the theme already!

| Charmander cursor ~ www.cursors-4u.com
| Header ~ neshirys
| Hearts ~ Gasara
| Skin Code ~ rydi1689

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Awww I would've done one... :(