Easter Pokemon For the Animal Shelter!

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A project announcement from Charity-Guild

Charity Pokemon collaboration by Guildmaster TommyGK

Everyone is welcome to join! Members and non-members welcome!


I am pleased to announce the launching of a new charity project!!

Here is the last Pokemon collab we did!

Octoberland Charity Festival by TommyGK

Some submissions from the last project:

The Pleaser Of Crowds by TamarinFrog Count Psydcula by UszatyArbuz Jack-o-Chou by DentedBrain Octoberland Charity Collab - Kanga n baby by Oranguin
Octoberland - Giratina the Pumpkin Worm by neshirys Kirbet by DannyWade 'C'mon, follow me!' - for charity by WindySilver Chandelure Jack-o'-lantern by JA-punkster

This time we are making Easter themed Pokemon!


Eggkans by our sponsor MrsVolv (1st submission)

Digital/traditional artists welcome!
Happy Easter by rebenke Oh look! An Easter basket! by Tanukky waiting for spring by jirachicute28
Easter Egg Togepi by Dolcisprinkles Nesting Charmander by mjoyart

Real Painted Eggs
Pokemon Easter Eggs by lanini Pokemon Eggs by Red-Flare Rowlet / Mokuroh Easter Egg by KaiGRT
You may paint real or fake eggs!

You may draw two submissions! For every submission I receive, I will donate $3.00 to the SPCA Animal Shelter! MrsVolv Is also sponsoring this project and will donate an eggstra $1.00 per submission! $4.00 per submission! I will even donate eggstra pet supplies and volunteer time! If we reach 160 submissions, I will waive 1 pet's adoption fee!

**UPDATE** 8th Generation was just announced! 8th gen Pokemon are most welcome in this project!

  •  All deviantART submission rules apply
  •  In order to enter, please comment below what species you wish to draw/paint!  First come first serve, and reservations will be held for 2 weeks. After that, anyone can claim that character again.
  •  You are allowed to draw 2 Pokemon! I aim for variety so I will only allow 2 of of the same species! (due to our limited selection of 8th gen Pokemon, I will raise the limit on some species) You can put both Pokemon in one picture which will count as 2 submissions.
  •  Your Pokemon must be Easter or Spring themed! I will accept all generations and mega evolutions/ultra beasts are accepted! Shiny Pokemon are definitely allowed!
  •   Do not add a background to your submission. I prefer transparent backgrounds, no big deal if you don't know how, just submit it on plain white background.
  •  No Gijinkas/fakemons/pokefusions please. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon characters are welcome!
  •  Pokemon can not be/have anything seggsual or suggestive. 
  •  Anyone can enter regardless of skill. I will judge your art by your effort however. 
  •  If drawing on paper, please use UNLINED paper or it will be turned down!
  •  Stock is allowed on the condition that all the stock artist's criteria has been followed. Credit where necessary. Egg line art/templates and tracing over animal stocks into a form of a Pokemon are permitted. I cannot permit photomanipulations however as complications with stock use can arise.
  •  Pokemon may be posed however you want or doing whatever you want! 
  •  Recommended canvas size is 900x700 or 700x900
  •  Two submissions per person please! To submit, comment here, note me or tag me VIA mentions with your submission. Also please submit your Pokemon to my group Charity-Guild! PLEASE mention this journal as well! Scraps is fine. 
  •  No work older than February 26, 2019
  •  Deadline is April 2, 2019

:star:Please submit your entries here!:star:

See the list of claimed Pokemon here!
Spring Pokemon Collab ParticipantsFinished
UszatyArbuz Psyduck 
MrsVolv Ekans
neshirys Chansey
Andorada Vulpix and alolan Vulpix
TamarinFrog Sableye and Kecleon
toadeu Tapu Lele and Lapras
HeavenBunny95 Shiny Eevee
GhostFalcon642 Meditite and Oranguru
EdGarcia Mewtwo and Charmander
XRed-moon Absol and Arcanine
Gartendrache Espeon and Chansey
confusedkangaroo Whimsicott and Floette
hinawashi Scorbunny
WindySilver Treecko and Grovyle
Shadow--Flareon Gardevior and Sylveon
dourdan Chimecho and Smoochum
dragonfire53511 Togepi and Shaymin land form
Kekekekekekekk Swablu and Altaria
Angel47093 Buneary and Bunnelby
matchabuns Sunkern and Bellossom
Little-Papership Alolan Vulpix and Electrode
neon-izumi Snorlax and Spheal
MellowSunPanther Chespin and Ledyba
Malla123 Scorbunny and Torchic
Lilsnookie Arcanine and Cubone
Charizardtamer12 Sawsbuck and Deerling
Eveningshadow1022 Togepi and Mew

| Charmander cursor ~ www.cursors-4u.com
| Header ~ whitecrestwaves
| Footer ~ neshirys
| Hearts ~ Gasara
| Skin Code ~ rydi1689

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Rowlet sleeping (WIP) by Deevins
This should be finished soon-
Dr-Kineil-Wicks's avatar
Aaaand done! :faint:
PKMN--Easter Butterfree by Kineil-Wicks PKMN--Easter Beautifly by Kineil-Wicks
Thanks for the opportunity! :D
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These two are beautiful! :)
nikkikirkland's avatar
Just gonna place these cuties here~!

scorbunny gettin some eggs~! by nikkikirkland sobble collecting Easter eggs~! by nikkikirkland
PMBO8's avatar
May im stupid, but I'm honest, weres the background for this one?
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:o Huh why do you say that? You should never type those words!
That background isn't finished yet. I'm going to start on the poster tomorrow after I close the project
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Sorry me Pal, but I'm new in this group Sweating a little... 
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rawrdoodles's avatar
Here's Quilava! Looking forward to seeing all of the great Pokemon!!
Easter Themed Quilava for Charity Guild Project by rawrdoodles
Fabi-kun's avatar
Done! Sorry for taking so long! But thank you Tommy for another successful Collab!! ^v^

No shame for Easter~ by Fabi-kun
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Finally... done,, *gasp*
Passover meets Easter, finished by UmbreonStorm  
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Spoink by JennyBunte  
Here is my Entry! :) (Smile) 
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Well, I’m cutting it REALLY close, but I’m halfway done with my drawing!
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It's last minute, but my Roggenrola is FINALLY done! I'll be posting it shortly. 
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Can I traditionally Diglett, please? :star:
TommyGK's avatar
You love little Diglett don't ya? :giggle:
katagro's avatar
Diglett shows me special power of creativity x'D
I never thought in that this pokemon
could have so many faces! haha ;D
TommyGK's avatar
Of course Kat! :D Thank you for your help dear! :glomp:
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the pleasure is all mine!!!! :heart:
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