Buried Treasure for Charity! CLOSED!

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Collabs - CLOSED by iSnowFairy Collabs - CLOSED by iSnowFairy

This collab is currently CLOSED! Thank you very much people!! The ship WILL sail!

**An update regarding rules**

** Shiny Pokemon and Anthro are perfectly fine!! No gijinkas please tho

** To submit your entry, please link this journal to it  in the comments so we can get more Piratemon on board! Then simply comment on this journal with the link, tag me via mentions or note me!

** I require your Pokemon drawing to be FULLBODY please!

** I may consider duplicate species if there is a significant difference between two genders in appearance (ie, Meowstic, Jellicent, etc)


Arrr! Hey people, after many trail and errors I am launching the next Charity Collab! And because the Pokemon collab was a smash, I am going to launch another Pokemon collab! This time, the theme will be Piratemon!! All Pokemon are required to look pirate like, so dress them in hooks, peglegs, swords, telescopes, maps, whatever pirate things you like!!

Then we shall set sail and deliver thar golden dubloons to the needy, not fer the greedy! Aye!

Remember this smashing hit collab??

Some nifty submission  examples from the previous collab!

These 270 people helped raise money to buy a shelter for the homeless Filipinos when the typhoon hit. Now let's raise money for the Canadian Red Cross (who happens to be working full force in Nepal right now!)
 Catch a piratemon, and I'll add $.25 to the pool. If I receive 200 submissions, I will double the pot and add an additional $25 to it at the end!!

Anyone can enter no matter your skill level! Effort is what matters!

Thar rules!

:pokeball: All deviantART submission rules apply
:pokeball: In order to enter, please comment below which Pokemon you wish to draw and pirateize! However, no duplicates this time! First come first serve, and reservations will be held for 2 weeks. After that, anyone can claim that character again.
:pokeball: Pokemon must be drawn in digital format or traditional format with a pirate like concept. They may be posed however you want or doing whatever you want! Keep it tasteful please :stare:
:pokeball: No stock is allowed with exception of brushes, textures, pallets, etc... The work must be 100% yours at the end! No lazy work please!
:pokeball: Minimum canvas size 900x700 or 700x900
:pokeball: One submission per person please!
:pokeball: No work older than May 18, 2015!
:pokeball: Deadline is July 15, 2015

Click for list of participants and claimed Pokemon!

Please submit on a transparent background! It's not necessary, but people who do end up getting free peanut butter squares!
P.S. You're all my friends now!

Special thank you to KonradoCirilo for the theme idea!

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Sorry for my late entry. I hope his is still acceptable: (mrowgi.deviantart.com/art/Buri…)

I also realized that mine is smaller than the minimun size, so I would understand it being cut out. I still had fun trying to do this, if nothing else. XD
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Many hugs for putting up with a beginner like me :heart:
NinetailsPirate for Charity by Andorada
Ry-Spirit's avatar
Very nicely drawn and colored
Andorada's avatar
Thank you! :la: I never did something like this before :D ;P
Astadyl's avatar
Here comes the ghostly lookout! sta.sh/021wxkbkyulp
nikkikirkland's avatar
All done! 

little Goomy is ready for the seven seas!

candycart's avatar
I finished drawing Sneasel, I hope it's not too late though.
I had to go to school so I was trying to draw it when I had free time in classes, I ended up colouring it when I got home. Sorry I couldn't make the background transparent, you can remove the signature when you make it into the collab. Thanks for letting me join in! 
Cronoan's avatar
Annnnnd... DONE! Whoever splices these together for the final image has permission to take out my signature if it's in the way. :XD:
 Firepeg the Reckless by Cronoan
Ry-Spirit's avatar
Thats really cool
Cronoan's avatar
TommyGK's avatar
That would be me :3
Cronoan's avatar
:O So talented! Putting everything together in the project and in the art! Well let me know if you want a sig-free version. :D
TommyGK's avatar
Haha thank you :'D
It is a LOT of work tho, especially the gentlemon collab!
HeroineMarielys's avatar
Here is my piece. Just in time too XD

Pirate Pichu by HeroineMarielys
Ry-Spirit's avatar
Renkindle's avatar
Ry-Spirit's avatar
DoctorSiggy's avatar
Something has arisen and I sadly cannot complete my end of the deal with Mega Lucario, sadly. 
candycart's avatar
Is Chatot taken?
TommyGK's avatar
Yes he is :( Anyone else in mind?
candycart's avatar
Damn, the dealine is today. I only just realized that. I think I could draw one in about an hour. 

Here's a few: Infernape/Monferno, Palkia, Sneasel, Snover, Driftblim,  Marill, Umbreon, Flareon, Pachirisu
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