Bees and Butterflies Charity Collab! *CLOSED*

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A @Charity-Guild Project!


Our last collaboration (Halloween) project had reached 163 submissions!

We drew Pokemon and Digimon as Witches!

We had raised:

SPCA: Sponsored 6 pets $53 each! ($353.10 total)

Calcutta Rescue: $183.50

This time, we are drawing Pokemon and Digimon as Pollinators (Bees, Butterflies, Hummingbirds, etc...) and Flowers to celebrate Spring!!


Some sample submissions:

Meowth (bumble bee) wip
Beemon-- Lalamon and Sunflora
Bees n butterflies charity collab
(Collab) Planting flowers
Butterfly Snubbull
Charity butterfly dreams

We'll be contributing to World Wildlife Fund and The Nature Conservancy!

Each Pokemon will contribute $2.50 to the World Wildlife Fund!

Each Digimon will contribute $2.50 to The Nature Conservancy!

At the end, a fundraiser wrap-up video will be made with a cute puppet show!

All donations come from Tommy's Puppet Lab, my YouTube channel!

All contributors will be entered in a draw to win this beautiful Bee Heart Pendant!

Bee Pendant

This beautiful necklace features a tiny golden bee perched on a heart-shaped gold & silver honeycomb charm and hung on a golden chain.

Material: Zinc Alloy

Includes a black box to store your pendant!


Submission rules:

The beest friends - Snorlax and Tokomon

Draw Pokemon/Digimon cosplaying as bees, butterflies, hummingbirds or flowers. You may draw flowers with your submission if you want. In a bouquet or planting flowers, making honey or anything related to the theme.

-You may choose to draw a Pokemon (any gen, no Gmax or Wailord please :lol: ) and/or Digimon! 2 submissions per person please!

-In order to enter, please comment below what species you wish to draw/paint! First come first serve!

-Please submit your entry to the group folder! Also include the link to this journal when you do submit to your gallery!

- Do not add a background to your submission. I prefer transparent backgrounds, no big deal

Spring walk (Charity Collab)

if you don't know how, just submit it on plain white background.

- No Gijinkas/fakemons/pokefusions please.

- If drawing on paper, please use UNLINED paper or it will be turned down! Pencil shading/ink shading is acceptable.

- Stock is allowed on the condition that all the stock artist's criteria has been followed. Credit where necessary. Tracing over animal stocks into a form of a Pokemon/Digimon are permitted. I cannot permit photomanipulations however as complications with stock use can arise.

- Pokemon and Digimon may be posed however you want or doing whatever you want!


- Recommended canvas size is 1000x800 or 800x1000

NO WORK OLDER THAN MARCH 20th! (Early birds March 1st)

Deadline is May 1st!

Looking forward to having you back!! :D NEW PARTICIPANTS WELCOME!

Entries to be submitted to this folder please!

Your contribution will be added to this blissful background drawn by @TamarinFrog

Pollinatormon Charity Swarm 138 *OPEN*
© 2021 TommyGK
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terriermon! as a weird abstract bird

(i know you put my name under completed but i thought i'd post it : )

plantstronaut's avatar

tadaaaa! a little simple, but hopefully it's okay!

there's a ver with just one cutiefly in the description!

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S-k-u-l-l-s's avatar

Here is my submission!

Pollinator Collab - Torchic and Biyomon

I'm happy to have been able to participate (:

yamaingn1's avatar

Here's my second!

yamaingn1's avatar

Here's my first one!

yamaingn1's avatar

I would like to join! Are chansey or a ditto available?

TommyGK's avatar

Yes they are! I would need them on May 1st! I hope that's enough time! :noes:

yamaingn1's avatar

I got this I have plenty of time! 4 days!

mondscheinsonate's avatar

Such a lovely collab! I'd love to participate - are Chespin and Pancham still available by chance? :dummy:

TommyGK's avatar

I'd love to have you! I will add you, I hope that the deadline (May 1st) will be enough time! :noes:

mondscheinsonate's avatar

I'm working hard to get both done on time! Here's my first one :dummy: Thanks again for hosting this, it's lovely!

Charity Chespin
TommyGK's avatar

Are you able to get the other one done? o:

mondscheinsonate's avatar

Sorry, life happened and I wasn't able to get it done on time. :(

redbaronmaster's avatar

oh i'd like to join, with Jolteon and Tsunomon! :yay:

TommyGK's avatar

I'd love to have you! I hope you can have it done on May 1st? :noes: I can add you for those two!

Lushies-Art's avatar

All done! Thank you for hosting again Tommy ^^

Leafeon Bee | Charity Collab!
Kekekekekekekk's avatar
Faekier's avatar

Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] Aaa the darlings are done and ready! It's been added to the charity-guild folder as well, feel free to put them wherever!

Pollinatormon Charity Swarm: Tanemon, Grimer
alliedforce36's avatar

I've made my submission:

Spring Petals

I just have a small recomendation to do; could this be put in the middle of purple flowers (so that the petals in my artwork combine with the landscape)?

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Is this event still open??


TommyGK's avatar

Yes it is! :3

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