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**This project is closed! Thanks so much for participating!!**

Collabs - CLOSED by iSnowFairy Collabs - CLOSED by iSnowFairy Collabs - CLOSED by iSnowFairy

A project announcement from Charity-Guild

Charity Pokemon collaboration by Guildmaster TommyGK

Everyone is welcome to join! Members and non-members welcome!


I am pleased to announce the launching of a new charity project!!

Here is the last Pokemon collab we did!

Pokemon Snowmon for Charity 138 by TommyGK

Some submissions from the last project:

G#13: Let's build snowpokes by poolvosje Snowmon Entei by CHEMAX3X Happy Holidays Mimikyu! by LuckyKitzy
Psyduck snowman for Charity-Guild by UszatyArbuz Snowmon by MikeyOpossum Pikaaaahhh CHU! by Ry-Spirit

This time we are making a Medieval themed Pokemon collaboration!


Some examples of what I will accept:
PKMNC - WR - Medieval Duke by tritn PKMNC White Rose Archer by BuizelCream Chespin the knight by Poketix Dragon Knight by LazyAmphy

You may draw two submissions! For every submission I receive, I will donate $3.00 to Make-A-Wish Foundation! If we receive more than 200 submissions, I'll take the 30 hour famine  to raise awareness and help end world hunger! :happybounce:

  •  All deviantART submission rules apply
  •  In order to enter, please comment below what species you wish to draw! Your Pokemon must be dressed in Medieval attire! Weapons and armour are allowed! This includes fantasy medieval attire (sorcerers, clerics, dragons, etc) First come first serve, and reservations will be held for 2 weeks. After that, anyone can claim that character again.
  •  You are allowed to draw 1 or 2 Pokemon! I aim for variety so I will only allow 2 of of the same species (exceptions can be made, note me)! You can put both Pokemon in one picture which will count as 2 submissions.
  •  Your Pokemon must be Medieval themed! Historical and Fantasy themes are both accepted! I will accept all generations and mega evolutions/ultra beasts are accepted! Shiny Pokemon are definitely allowed!
  •   Do not add a background to your submission. I prefer transparent backgrounds, no big deal if you don't know how, just submit it on plain white background.
  •  No Gijinkas/fakemons/pokefusions please. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon characters are welcome!
  •  Pokemon can not be/have anything sexual or suggestive. 
  •  Anyone can enter regardless of skill. I will judge your art by your effort however. 
  •  If drawing on paper, please use UNLINED paper or it will be turned down!
  •  Stock is allowed on the condition that all the stock artist's criteria has been followed. Credit where necessary. Tracing over animal stocks into a form of a Pokemon are permitted. I cannot permit photomanipulations however. NO LINEART STOCK OR OFFICIAL ART PLEASE. 
  •  Pokemon may be posed however you want or doing whatever you want! 
  •  Recommended canvas size is 900x700 or 700x900
  •  Two submissions per person please! To submit, comment here, note me or tag me VIA mentions with your submission. Also please submit your Pokemon to my group Charity-Guild! PLEASE mention this journal as well! Scraps is fine. 
  •  No work older than May 7, 2018
  •  Deadline is June 20th, 2018

I have Discord!

Sun Apr 15, 2018, 9:21 PM

Feel free to add me

TommyGK #7107

Art Feature: Snook-8

Fri Apr 13, 2018, 7:22 PM

This is a journal feature for one of my favourite artists! Her style is really awesome and she knows how to make them look so lifelike!

Please take a look at this piece, it is a contest submission for the Gwent Witcher Card Game Contest! Please, vote for her submission if you think her art is amazing like I do!

Alzur-Gwent art contest by Snook-8
Vote here:…

Also, please do go look at some other art submissions on that website and vote for your favourites!
(you get 5 votes) WARNING: Some submissions contain gore.…

Here are some more works from this artist.

The Mothman Prophecy by Snook-8 Chandelure by Snook-8
Cubone by Snook-8 tender by Snook-8
The Last Singed [LoL] by Snook-8 Unleashed-Enviroment concept art-Mountains by Snook-8
He is searching for you (remake) by Snook-8 Veigar, The tiny master of evil REDESIGN [LoL] by Snook-8

Also, she drew my awesome poster for my group! :love:

Charity Guild Poster by Snook-8 by TommyGK

Okay, I am so excited

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 10, 2018, 7:04 PM

Mew Marionette Puppet (tutorial available) by TommyGK

I'm so proud of the result! He's so much fun to play with!
I've never added this many strings to a puppet before! And to my surprise, it doesn't tangle easily! He's soooo much fun! :'D

That's all. I now begin working on my next, Charmander! I can't wait to see him finished!

And will be planning a new charity project for this Spring!


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Get a free puppet (taking requests)

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 1, 2018, 7:27 AM

Read below for details









understand I don't work for free. Sorry folks :P I gotta make a living.

(P.S. April fools)

Please don't hate me

Also, HAPPY EASTER :heart:

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Upcoming projects

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 31, 2018, 12:31 PM

I have finished my latest puppet, he turned out amazing! <3
PMD Ventriloquist Dummies (tutorials available) by TommyGK

I will be working on a Mewionette puppet next! (Mew Marionette)
And I'm also starting Charmander as well! I gotta have him in my puppet lab! He'll be a ventriloquist dummy like his partner!

I am running out of space too! So I will be selling some of my FNAF masks and my Cuphead puppet to free up some of my room. I never wear the masks anyways, I made them only for educational purposes for my channel.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a FNAF mask, please send me a note for a quote (it rhymes lol)

I will donate 15% profits to Make-A-Wish Foundation, and I will provide proof as well.

Am really happy to be back here, and to be filling my gallery and life with Pokemons again. I love making Pokemon!

If you've not seen my YouTube channel, please feel free to do so! (SFW)

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I just need to show this so badly

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 30, 2018, 11:30 AM

PMD Ventriloquist Dummies (tutorials available) by TommyGK

Isn't he beautiful? 
Ika Musume (Sparkle Eyes) [V1] 

Just too proud of myself not to show this off.
Please give him some love! He's so sentimental to me :heart:

Now to finish the Charity Wrapup Video!

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I just finished Piplup puppet! SO HAPPY!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 29, 2018, 9:02 PM

Squee! Squee! Squee! 
Meowth Love Meowth Love Meowth Love 

AM SO EXCITED, I HATE TO SOUND LIKE IM BRAGGING BUT THIS MAY BE MY BEST CREATION EVER!!! He's sooo sentimental to me :happycry: and now he's right in my room, beside my Charizard. I EVEN MADE HIS BOWTIE!

Am so very proud of myself for this. Stay tuned for the next upload! I JUST HAD TO TELL SOMEONE HOW HAPPY I AM!

He will be in the Charity Wrapup video, expect him to say a few words to all of you!

Here is the WIP

PMD Ventriloquist Dummies (tutorials available) by TommyGK

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Working on video Charity wrapup

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 27, 2018, 6:42 PM

I have made myself a goal, to finish the collab wrapup video this weekend. Will post it likely on Easter, and all participants will be noted with the video link and poster link individually. 

Am very sorry this took a long time. I aim to improve the waiting times.

This years collab will likely be for Make-A-Wish Foundation and will be a Pokemon based project since they are most well received.

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Discontinuing FNAF Artwork + Updates

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 23, 2018, 10:49 AM

Hello everyone, I'm back here tho I'm mostly busy on my YouTube channel these days. (I'm at if you didn't know)

So anyways, I've been quite well known for making Five Nights at Freddy's puppets, and they honestly were my very first paper mache puppets I've ever made, and they have been very well received. I'm thankful for that.

However, I've reached the point where I can no longer keep up with this franchise and am exhausted from making these characters. So I've decided to officially RETIRE making FNAF puppets. I will still make puppet shows and horror skits and parodies with the FNAF puppets, tho there will no longer be any new characters made in my lab. I cannot tell you how many bears I've made, it's just tired me out, and no longer feel challenged. I need to start making the things I really am into, like Pokemon. I love Pokemon to no end and I've started 2 Pokemon puppets and am actually enjoying crafting again. I like to make art for myself again, and not just to please my viewers.

So there will be no more FNAF content uploaded here. Don't worry, nothing is getting deleted. And as I said, the puppet shows will continue with the current puppets I have. I just need to challenge myself, and grow better by not making the same stuff over and over again. Pokemon are always different and have great challenges. At some point, I want to my my own characters and some of my OCs.

I just wanted to get that out right now. So that means requests are now indefinitely closed.

As for the charity wrapup video, I am so very sorry it's taking so long. I'm disappointed in myself, the winter has been harsh and been dealing with a huge backlog of projects. So now that requests are closed, I can catch up. And I will run a new charity project this year. I take pride in changing the world with Pokemons. Pokemon are just great, and will never grow old of them.

Talk to you soon :icontklovesyouplz:

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Taking a Hiatus

Wed Feb 21, 2018, 11:47 AM

I will be taking a hiatus from this site since I need a break and due to some struggles. I will still post on YouTube, but won't be here for a while until I get back. Should be back by March or late Feb. I will finish the video for the charity project. I promise.
Until then, see you later :)

Hola! Going on vacation!

Fri Jan 5, 2018, 11:24 AM

I will be in Mexico until January 14th! I will be exploring the ruins of Maya!
I won't be able to finish the poster before I leave, so just letting you know I will be unresponsive until I return!

¡Hasta luego! (see you later)


Welcome to another Pokemon themed charity collaboration!


Membership is not required! Anyone can join!

**Charity value has been increased! :la: All submissions worth $2.00 each now!**

Stamp: Collabs - Closed by czupa-czups Stamp: Collabs - Closed by czupa-czups Stamp: Collabs - Closed by czupa-czups

Last time we build an orchestra with Pokemon in tuxedos!

Some examples from the last collaboration:

Presenting... Haxorus on the Bass! by JA-punkster deci by uchuubranko Gyarados the singer by CHEMAX3X
Gonna fish you a song by MrsVolv [COLLAB] Lugia playing the Cello! by nuclear-smash C-G: Charizard on Double Bass by rainbow000pegasus

Pokemon Charity Orchestra 159 by TommyGK

This time we are making "Snowmon"!

Snowmon named Furret \ Charity by katagro

Some other acceptable Snowmon include:

(It does not need Christmas decorations, tho you're welcome to add snowman accessories! Pipes, scarves, carrot noses, etc...)
Snow Bellsprout by Little-Papership Pokemon Christmas - Snowmon Ninetales by neshirys Espurrcially frosty by Feralita

Umbreon Snow Sculpture by MizukiiMoon

(I only want the snowman please! Please no Pokemon building it! )

Although I may want a Pikachu building one since Pikachu is the mascot of Pokemon. (Pikachu is taken already;))

You can build a REAL Pokemon snowman for this project if you have snow!

Submissions are worth $1.50 $2.00 each. No more than 2 will be accepted. Proceeds will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation!

Deadline is December 30, 2017!

:bulletred: Digital/Traditional art is accepted. I will also accept snow sculptures, however, effort must be made in order to get accepted.
:bulletred: All deviantART submission rules apply
:bulletred: No more than 2 submissions per person! I aim for variety so I will only allow 1 duplicate species (exceptions can be made, note me)!
:bulletred: Your Pokemon must be made ENTIRELY of snow! Christmas decorations are optional, tho they're not required. I will accept generations 1 - 7 and mega evolutions are accepted! Alolan forms are accepted as well as legendaries and Ultra Beasts
:bulletred: In order to enter, please comment below which character you are drawing. First come first serve, and reservations will be held for 2 weeks. After that, anyone can claim that character again.
:bulletred: Do not add a background to your submission. I prefer transparent backgrounds, no big deal if you don't know how, just submit it on plain white background.
:bulletred: No Gijinkas please. Feral and Anthro are accepted. No PokeFusions please!
:bulletred: Pokemon can not be/have anything sexual or suggestive.
:bulletred: Anyone can enter regardless of skill. I will judge your art by your effort however.
Bullet; Red If drawing on paper, please use UNLINED paper or it will be turned down!
:bulletred:  I will not accept anything that looks like a traceover. Draw it yourself please! NO BASES!!
:bulletred: No stock is allowed with exception of brushes, textures, pallets, etc... The work must be 100% yours at the end! No lazy work please!
:bulletred: Minimum canvas size 900x700 or 700x900
:bulletred: To submit, comment here, note me or tag me VIA mentions. PLEASE mention this journal as well!
:bulletred: No work older December 1st, 2017!

Let's make some Snowmen!
G#12 Lets build an eeveeman by poolvosje

Submission count: Make sure you're on this list!We reached 136 submissions! Another charity success!
136 x 2 = $272.00 for Make-A-Wish Foundation!
Thank you so much for being a part of this project!
Slycloudfox Flareon
Exxvus Jirachi
Xarti Litten
XRed-moon Squirtle and Meowstic (male)
NayanMori Goomy 
poolvosje Charmander and Emolga

Thank you :heart:

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 10, 2017, 10:16 AM

Thank you for your supporting responses to my last journal. :heart: I cannot thank you all enough for your support. I apologize for the lack of positivity as I usually try to keep my content to a positive level as much as possible. However, I felt like I've been unheard for a long time and didn't want to bottle up my feelings anymore. It helps to know I'm not alone and thank you all for sharing your feelings as well :heart:

On a more positive note, I did mention I'm working a full-time job I enjoy which is what has been keeping me going, if you don't know what that is, it's my YouTube channel where I make my paper mache puppets and put on puppet shows (it's a family channel). I get tons of good comments on there which is why I keep it going. It does also help me live comfortably financially. I'm thankful for that.

On the other hand, I wish to run another charity collaboration within the next couple months. It's a good way to keep involved with the community, it would mean a ton to have new participants and loyal returning participants again :heart:

I will be working on newer puppets as I mentioned, (BATIM, Undertale and Tattletail) tho I am burnt out from making foxes, bears, chickens and rabbits so many times :slow: It will be a good change of pace and will be more interesting and challenging.

I may seem inactive here, tho it's likely because I'm busy with crafting and making new puppets. However I am still going to be posting all my new creations on here and will run more community projects like I've done. I have no intention of leaving this site, ever. So feel free to note me and chat because I'm always happy to receive from friends I made here. Thank you again for your support. I've been struggling a lot and didn't want to go unheard anymore.

Thank you all for your amazing support :heart:


Journal Entry: Thu Nov 9, 2017, 12:01 PM

Been having a bad week and not a good start of the month. Working two full time jobs is exhausting and I've been struggling with my mental health.
It's quiet here, and only my birds keep me company. Working fulltime at a job I don't enjoy and working fulltime at a job I do enjoy does not mix well. It demotivates me, and wears me out. I do love the winter, with snow being pretty and the scenery is always nice. It's also the worst season for me dealing with grief and lack of motivation. Overall I feel like crap right now, and it's getting harder to keep up with bills, rent and mortgages. I feel disconnected from the world and just right out of place. I dread the Christmas season as they've only gotten worse every year. Last year was definitely the worst Christmas I've had and I dread the upcoming holidays. Family is really disconnected and I feel like I'm just sitting in this wide open space with only the wind blowing. Come January will be the WORST time as it always has been. I struggle to make friends and keep them, and developed serious trust issues as a lot of them love to f*** off from me and even stab me in the back. My job away from home, I can still see my (former) abusive boss, even tho he was fired last year. It's just something you don't get over with.

I love my business, tho I'm just lacking the motivation to run it these days. I have retired from making FNAF crafts since it's burnt me out and moving on to fresher material. It's super cold outside so I can't just go for a walk in and out anytime I'm feeling down and unmotivated. I'm doing my best to finish my projects before the end of the year because come January I know I'll be even more unmotivated than I am now. I'm trying... really.

That's about all I have for updates. Not really much positivity I'm afraid, sorry for that. 

I love you all.

Just so you know, the hard part is over :)
Now to add the vocalists and this poster is done. This is the easy part since they don't have to be grouped like the instrumentalists.
I'm gonna finish this today :stare:

My goal today, only 1 goal today. Putting puppets aside for 1 day. I'm going to finish the collab. It's been over 1 month now, and I feel very bad it's taken so long. I intend to end that wait today. The donation and video presentation will have to come a bit later :)

I just want to publish this project today :stare:

I have a FaceBook group!

Mon Aug 14, 2017, 8:41 AM

My FaceBook group is open to anyone who wants to join :)
You can join my group here!

This group focuses mostly on crafts, masks and puppets. And a lot of Fan Art. If you like any of those, be sure to join!
Also, I respond to comments and posts on Facebook!

See you there! :happybounce:

(And the charity poster is still being worked on. I'm sorting all instrumentalists in their own groups :))

I'm overjoyed. Everything I have worked for as an artist has made it to the news online AND the newspaper! :faint:
I owe so many thanks to my supporters. I love you all :cries:

(the collab poster is still being worked on! The instrumentalists are almost all in!)

I just needed to share the world the news

My Art Reception 2017

Fri Aug 4, 2017, 12:49 PM