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Web Woods



Ok, this is a level from Donkey Kong Country 2 in Gloomy Gulch called "web Woods" and honestly, I could play that level forever! It features the cute, lovable and wickedly cool spider Squitter! I love Squitter, besides Pokemon, he is next to my favorite Copyright Characters of all time!

*Note to deviantART* may God bless your soul for saving this deviation, my computer crashed and had no backup, I freaked out over losing 2 MONTHS work and I find it still on my file selector. Rock on, thanks, you saved me from losing my proudest work and from starting ALL over again! :crying:


Squitter's texture is found here:

Moon texture is found here:

Completion time: 2 MONTHS! (of course I procrastinated a lot, otherwise this would have been done a hell lot sooner!)

Copyright (c): Rareware/Nintendo

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Darn. Now I remember this and the bramble bush race. To think we beat such difficult levels as kids