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Pokemon Snowmon for Charity 138

138 x 2 = $276.00 for Make-A-Wish Foundation!
Thank you so much for being a part of this project!

Charity Proof by TommyGK

Guildmaster: :icontommygk:
Background: :iconkatagro:
Advertising: :iconandorada:

Participants: (in no specific order)
Slycloudfox Flareon
Exxvus Jirachi
Xarti Litten
XRed-moon Squirtle and Meowstic (male)
NayanMori Goomy 
poolvosje Charmander and Emolga
hinawashi Starly
dourdan Chandelure and Metagross
Hikarisoul2 Rowlett
WindySilver Diglett
dragonfire53511 Gliscor and Phanapy
OcioProduction Voltorb
JA-punkster Chestnaught
Eveningshadow1022 Unown
confusedkangaroo Kedeo and seel
ToxicSnakeSkull Xernias
IKrines Dugtrio
juanmaxter36 Scrafty
Shadow--Flareon Sylveon
Jolin-chan Chikorita
WCwriter53227 Growlithe and Arcanine
Absbor Plusle and Minun
CHEMAX3X Giratina and Entei
Shanglong87 Raikou
SayonaraMisse Umbreon and sawsbuck
toadeu Mineshao and Meloetta
Femaledragonknight Cacturine
Feralita Espurr
music229luv Togepi and Pallosand
Little-Papership Zubat and bellsprout
UszatyArbuz Psyduck:
neshirys Ninetails (alolan)
Andorada Vulpix
neon-izumi Spheal and Milotic
katagro Flurret (first submission) and suicune
Ry-Spirit Pikachu and Missingno
Kombonation Greninja
katie0423 Houndour 
Pinkpony4 Cubchoo
VaurienVixen Zangoose
TheGalleryOfEve Bewear
MikeyOpossum Rattata
katie0423 Sawsbuck
Phyizzcon Diglett (alolan) and Litwick
EdGarcia Mewtwo
Grassstrand Grovyle
shadowsirenmoon Litten and Skitty
Pinkpony4 Cubchoo
Jolin-chan Clefable
Flippedyfrogs Mareep
DannyWade Absol
Crixaliszt Ambipom
MrsVolv Slowpoke
mikarose14 Lilligant
NaoFaria Torchic
SpacePuffin Alolan Exeggutor
Stanoveno Politoad
Cloudy-Eevee Treecko
HarmonytRocketEeveon Mew and Cacnea
Lilsnookie Arcanine
danishangel Crabominable
Fabi-kun Electrode
Kineil-Wicks Cutifly
Cupric Fennekin
admiraljanina Altaria
GuardianofLightAura Gardevior
juanmaxter36 Wyanut
vvampire1234 Mincinno and Swinub
ConstantSoliloquy Archen
Inukibi Buneary and Natu
SenpaiTurboblaze Solgaleo
yingyingkirby UB Poipole
2rustywing2 Jolteon
Kyflpa Ralts
WanderSong Stufful and Pacharisu
AkiraNekochan Rapidash
Lop-Bunny and NorthernBuffalo Whimsicott
KuroSuitopi Bonsly
DeskLampNinja Kommo-o
Kirbypuff326 Jigglypuff
kplop020 Vanillite and Sneasel
PositivePatience Budew and Hoothoot
sparkythunde Ditto
AdjustedBerry Eevee
LuckyKitzy Delibird and Mimikyu
BlazingFire909 Kirlia and Altaria
Morshute Cosmog
Plucky-Nova Wigglytuff
D3mzu Shuppet and Sableye
nikkikirkland Bulbasaur and Jolteon
13lackout Weezing and Diance
LostOasis Cubchoo
Vaporeonsflame Ampharos
Scale-Fang Porygon
Monstrocker Darkrai
Oceanshell123 Weavil
LostOasis Cubchoo and Glaceon
Palkachu Elecktross
Anipzis Smeargle
AltoPikachu Mudkip
CosmicCasino Ditto
YukiHana25 Shaymin (both forms)
Shiriaru Farfetch'd
LordOrenamus Giratina
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Jolin-chan's avatar
TommyGK's avatar
Glad you like it :heart:
Splashed-Canvas's avatar
This looks so good!
TommyGK's avatar
Glad you like it! Hope to see you in the next one :heart:
Splashed-Canvas's avatar
GiraffeSalad's avatar
This is wonderful, all of them are so cool! <3
Thanks for holding such a great Fundraiser : )
TommyGK's avatar
It's a pleasure :heart: Hope to see you again!
HarmonyTRE's avatar
Everyone did such an amazing job! It looks awesome and I'm glad we were able to make so much money for my favorite charity! :D
TommyGK's avatar
Thank you for joining :hug: I hope to see you in the next project <3
HarmonyTRE's avatar
Thanks! And I hope so too. :)
Hikarisoul2's avatar
Aaaahhhhh!! my snowlett is at the corner <3 cabin everyone did a great job!
TommyGK's avatar
They did, thanks for joining!!
13lackout's avatar
Found mine! Love all the 'mons rocking the Christmas lights!
TommyGK's avatar
It turned out great!! <3
DannyWade's avatar
Found mine immediately! :D
This is soooo awesome! :D Thank you for hosting this collab =)
TommyGK's avatar
And thank you for joining! :love:
Femaledragonknight's avatar
This absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for hosting this and I'll make sure to try to join more of these
collabs in the future:D

(Also, when I look at mine (the Cacturne) surrounded by those other ones, it kinda looks like a meme. I just keep imagining
it zooming closer and closer to his face and when it's close enough, there's a caption like "Everything is fine" or "I'm ok with this" xD)
TommyGK's avatar
You're welcome, thank you for joining!!
LOL :P It does
SenpaiTurboblaze's avatar
TommyGK's avatar
Thanks for joining, and hope to see you in the next project!
Shiriaru's avatar
OMG Tommy thank you so much for putting this together!!
TommyGK's avatar
You're welcome :heart: Hope to see you in the next project!
Shiriaru's avatar
Yep, Looking forward to it!!
Anipzis's avatar
Awww, such awesome works we have here. It looks so cool and chilly i like it! :happybounce:
Btw i spotted a squirrel in left, is that part of DLC or something? :giggle:
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