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Pokemon Medieval Charity Fair

A project by: :iconcharity-guild: (please join my guild to stay up to date with future projects!)

This project, everyone had to draw Pokemon wearing Medieval attire! Historic or fantasy! This fun project had a total of 150 Pokemon! All from generations 1 - 7! Each Pokemon had a donation value of $3.00 each (donated on behalf of Tommy's Puppet Lab)! We've raised a lot of money!

Tommy's Puppet Lab is the name of my YouTube channel, with tons of Fan Art puppets! Be sure to subscribe to it if you support my work! Click here to visit my channel!

:iconkatagro: made a super awesome background for this project, and it is filled with life! 
Background Collaboration By Katagro-dcbvk1e by katagro

And a special thank you to a sponsor who made a kind donation to this project!! :love:

See all submissions here:…

Participants (in no particular order) Please make sure I have you down here, and make sure your submission is on the poster! If not, let me know ASAP!

:icontommygk: Guildmaster
:iconkatagro: Background Artist + transparency
:iconandorada: Advertising

UszatyArbuz Psyduck
neshirys Reshiram and Zekrom
Absbor-K Chikorita
dragonfire53511 Alolan Marowak and Pancham (first submission)
hinawashi Sky Shaymin
dourdan Golisopod and Musharna
XRed-moon Leafeon and Bulbasaur
Little-Papership Mime Jr. and Machoke
Officer-Luke Totodile
neon-izumi Butterfree and Grovyle
Flippedyfrogs Ponyta
katie0423 Lycanroc and Eevee
DeskLampNinja Omastar and Kommo-o
DreamingDaysAway Delphox
SgtCicada Sylveon
Lilsnookie Arcanine
penguinpyro Psyduck and Rapidash
kaus-quietis Lucario and Infernape
GloriGlitch Zororok and Gengar
The-Mystical-Kay Mew and Mewtwo
Vixie08 Gallade
JA-punkster Purrloin and Leavanny
Plucky-Nova Mismagious and Gardevior
music229luv Snorlax and Altaria
confusedkangaroo Dewott and Chatot
Eveningshadow1022 Mega Gallade (shiny)
OcioProduction Cubone
CJizzlelette and TommyGK Guildmaster (Wigglytuff) and Chatot
juanmaxter36 Lopunny and Scrafty
PsychicDuelistRBD Primarina and Mega Lopunny
ToxicSnakeSkull Dugtrio
Reyna174 Jolteon
AkiraNekochan Espeon and Jigglypuff
Strayhowl Mawile
Fuzzyspirit Abra and Alolan Raichu
myrnnecromanson Eevee and Espeon
Shadow--Flareon Meowstic (f)
Gartendrache Lucario and glaceon
rainbow000pegasus Rapidash
toadeu Teddiursa and Skitty
Neko---Cat Sneasel
Ry-Spirit Pikachu
Kineil-Wicks Torchic
Kyflpa Crobat
ThePIOGamer Litwick and lampent
That-Random-Banana Deinio
ArchaosTeryx Meowth and Bellsprout
Pinkpony4 Lilligant
DentedBrain Omastar
Hikarisoul2 Greninja
WanderSong Glameow and Meowstic
KatelynCantDraw Snivy
GlitzerKirby Phione
Phyizzcon Froslass
mikarose14 Cyndaquil and Furret
Warped-Dragonfly Keldeo
WindySilver Oshawott and Rowlet
Cloudy-Eevee Luxray
Monstrocker Darkrai
Ithieldaer Vulpix and Pacharisu
Yukari-Kaenbyou Manaphy
kiki5576 Typhosion
nasexsavkifs Togepi
Khallandra Gyarados
BlazingFire909 Kirlia weilding Honedge
VoiDdraig Garchomp and Haxorus
Peppertwizt Snivy and Zorora
Inukki Dragonite and Lucario
Anipzis Drowzee and Munchlax
pokemonbuizel Buizel and Zigzagoon
LoulabeIIe Mamoswine
Ken-Dolly Froakie
JestForFun Ampharos
vvampire1234 Mega Gallade
EdGarcia Primeape and Squirtle
LostOasis Mimikyu and Liligant
Dedalo-el-Hispano Arcanine and Meinfoo
Angel47093 Floette and Sylveon
danishangel Beedrill
nikkikirkland litleo and Meowstic (m)
katagro Diglett
shadowsirenmoon Weavle and Delphox
ViolaVerse Crustle
Fabi-kun Decidueye and Charizard Y
Slycloudfox Flareon and Vaporeon
yingyingkirby Latios and Latias
CaninePrince Fennekin
actomicronexter Charizard Y
Exxvus Absol and Ampharos
13lackout Krookodile
JimmyT1996 Pikachu and Mightyena
stevishvanguard Mudkip

150 x 3 = 450
Sponsor donation = 12.50 CAD
Background = 15

Grand total = $477.50

Collab Receipt by TommyGK
Tax Receipt, under my YouTube channel name "Tommy's Puppet Lab".
♪ Donated on behalf of my business! ♪
♪ You can thank my business by visiting my channel and maybe give it a subscribe! ♪


Thank you everyone for participating!:glitterglomp: 

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Peppertwizt's avatar
stars emoji It looks amazing!! stars emoji
I find it so cool that you are able to do something like this with such great art! Sorry I'm a little late to comment tho! ^^;
You can definitely count me in the next one! ^w^
Happy Hop Rin okumura (Thumbs up) Happy Hop 
TommyGK's avatar
Awesome! Looking forward to your next contribution! :glomp:
Anipzis's avatar
Awww people are sooo amazing like seriously. I love how this turned out! Squirtle Want
I'm kinda late for a celebration, but congratulations everyone!!! We are all the winner here! pokemon gif squirtle 
TommyGK's avatar
Thank you so much for being in the guild! :glomp:
Hope you can join the next project!
Anipzis's avatar
No problem!!!
Ahh, you bet! OshaPip hug plz 
That-Random-Banana's avatar
The result is incredibly stunning! I'm sad that I wasn't around to witness this right after its release. And my tiny contribution pales in comparison to all the other amazing artworks that were featured in this masterpiece. 
TommyGK's avatar
Thank you for joining! :happybounce: Glad you like the picture!
Dedalo-el-Hispano's avatar
Stunningly awesome!
Mixing various styles always makes it seem a bit bizarre, but I must say that you put all this together very well! I love the picture and I am glad I had the chance to participate.
Thanks a lot for this, Tommy!
TommyGK's avatar
You're most welcome, hope to see you again in future projects!
pokemonbuizel's avatar
i'm so glad to see that this project turned out so amazingly good. :D
I love the whole picture, it's really nice put together. 
I'm very happy that I was in time with participating. We all did a good deed for charity. w00t! 

Thanks Tommy
TommyGK's avatar
Thank you again! I hope you join the next one! :glomp:
CJizzlelette's avatar
Ahhhhhhhhhh I apologize for the late comment, but this is absolutely amazing, Tommy!!!! :dummy: :dance: :meow:

It never fails to warm my heart to see all of these draw attwork that will help those in need qnd its for a good cause~ ;w; :heart:

And for that I'm always glad to collaborate with you and it's such a big honor to do so. :)
TommyGK's avatar
I had a lot of fun making it, thanks for joining! :glomp: I always do my best to help artist give to a good cause! I hope to collaborate with you again! Sorry it took so long tho :(
CJizzlelette's avatar
You're welcome! :glomp: Your best effort shows, and it's amazkng you've hosted so many collab events! *w* And same, I wanna collaborate with yoh again, too!! ^w^ But daww, that's okay!! / (`w`)/ It's good to take your time~
TommyGK's avatar
I would love to collab with you again :heart:
Fabi-kun's avatar
Oh my! Such a big project!! I think it-s bigger than the older ones. I love it to bits!!
That Dugtrio kinda scares me a bit.
TommyGK's avatar
I had a lot of fun making it, thanks for joining! :glomp:
VoiDdraig's avatar
AbsborTheCat's avatar
This Dugtrio tho. xD
TommyGK's avatar
I know right? :P
music229luv's avatar
Let's give a round of applause to all of the participants who made this possible!
Pikachu Clapping (Emoticon) Pikachu Clapping (Emoticon) Pikachu Clapping (Emoticon) 
TommyGK's avatar
Thank you so much for joining! :glomp: Hope to see you in the next project!
Everyone did awesome!
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