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Pokemon Charity Orchestra 159

By TommyGK
Please consider joining my guild to stay up to date with future projects!:heart:

If you don't see your submission, please inform me ASAP and I will fix it. Chances are PaintStorm deleted it due to it's heavy bugs :stare:
Please let me know if you see yours! By the way, Joltik is in this picture, can you find the tiny guy? And his tiny tux? :giggle:
Hint: He's not with his group! :noes:

I will be giving shoutouts to each participant on my YouTube channel later on. You will all be noted the link when it's done :) Let me know ASAP if you don't want to be mentioned on my channel!


This project is for the Make-a-Wish Foundation and SPCA Animal Shelter.
Each submission is worth 1 dollar!
I also received a $15.00 donation

$158.00 + $15.00 =  $173.00 for charity divided evenly! ($86.50 to each) I also donated $50 to the Hurricane Harvey Appeal!
Thank you so much for a huge success! I hope to see you in the next project! :heart:

Proof of donation:

Hurricane by TommyGK  Makewish by TommyGK  Spca by TommyGK


See all the submissions here!…


Guildmaster: :icontommygk:

Background: :iconuchuubranko:
Advertising: :iconandorada:

neshirys Pikachu

Grand Pianist:
SenpaiTurboblaze Aegislash

confusedkangaroo Snorunt

katagro Snorlax

Andorada Arceus

Flavia-Elric Braixen

Flavia-Elric Shuckle

MudSaw Deoxys

Singing Saw: 
KuroSuitopi Bewear
mikarose14 Mega Ampharos

Shiimosa Vaporeon
pika4tran Decidueye
Anipzis Farfetchd
WindySilver Gardevior
Myssi98765 garchomp
kplop020 Melloeta
Digiko-Kagami Meowstic
Nagaia Ninetails
LuckyKitzy Kirlia

Bluuberwolf Dragonite
toadeu Lopunny
Clefficia Meloetta
Inukibi Primarina
Jellymii Treecko
ParadoxSketchbook Pancham
Artfox34 Furfrou
Oceanshell123 Skyform Shayman
uchuubranko Decidueye
PastelRemarks Skitty
yingyingkirby Snivy
ThaIssing Bidoof
GuardianofLightAura Mega gardevior
WanderSong Sylveon

ThaaDogg Lycanrock
nuclear-smash Lugia
SaichaRiolu Eevee
Eveningshadow1022 Joltik

ProfessorBroomhead Gengar
TeeterGlance Magmar
Kineil-Wicks Blaziken
Jaeger-the-Great Spearow
PianoWolf45 Riolu
WanderSong Litten

ParadoxSketchbook Cyndaquil
TheWarriorArtist Axew
TheGalleryOfEve Beedrill
KiriRokudo Wobuffet
admiraljanina Ambipom
Anipzis Meowth

Accoustic Guitar:
Absbor Jolteon
AestheticMage Azelf
Yakurow Raichu
WanderSong Purrlion
Phyizzcon Mega Banette
CHEMAX3X Exploud

Drums and Percussion:
dragonfire53511 Hariyama
vvampire1234 Cubone
Gator-The-Greater Zorua
neon-izumi Venusaur
Feralita Simipour
Dance4life628 Pacharisu

JA-punkster Haxorus
Cornelischmidt1527 Garchomp
CHEMAX3X Ryhperior
rainbow000pegasus Charizard (double)
DentedBrain Dodrio

music229luv Plusle and Minun
troksnains Gallade
LostOasis Mawile

dragonfire53511 Chandelure
Pippylup52 Chimecho (herself)

littlerain999 Tsareena

Windchimes and Pipes:
danishangel Mimikyu
TheGalleryOfEve Butterfree

Hikarisoul2 Mega Charizard X
uminei Plusle
nikkikirkland Torracat
TogeticIsa Diancie
dragonfire53511 Mimikyu
MrsVolv Spearow

Hawksfeathers97 Heliosk

13lackout Golurk

13lackout Drifloon
Hawksfeathers97 Salazzle

may10216 Alolan Raichu

ToxicSnakeSkull Tentacruel
katie0423 Poochyena
ConstantSoliloquy Mareep
neon-izumi Cyndaquil

French Horn:
Eveningshadow1022 Eevee
AchromaticYang Squirtle
A004 Bulbasaur

confusedkangaroo Azumarill
UszatyArbuz Psyduck

LostOasis Scraggy
Crixaliszt Purugly
CosmicCasino Zubat 100

shadowsirenmoon Sneasel
uminei Minun

Vocalists (back):
Inukibi Quilava
CHEMAX3X Gyarados
Albino-Umbreon Glaceon
Bluuberwolf Mew
Myssi98765 Espeon 
S-q-t-v-a-l-9 Espurr and Luvdisc
Phyizzcon Wooper
Pinkpony4 Gardevior
KirrinTheKirlia Skitty
Plucky-Nova Lilligant
Digiko-Kagami Meloetta
PIKMANZ-Forever Espeon (first submission) and Leafeon
HarmonytRocketEeveon Mightyena
vvampire1234 Whimsicott 
MariahMireles Sunflora, Manaphy
Monstrocker Darkrai
Inukibi Poppilio
Darkclaw891 Charizard, Dragonair
ToxicSnakeSkull Malamar
Geminithegardevoir Espeon
deaxx Politoed
Ero-Haru Chikorita
Marua-chan Sylveon
genny03 Jigglypuff 30
Anipzis Whismur
Kineil-Wicks Toucannon
Absbor Dragonair
CaninePrince Brionne
katagro Ditto
EdGarcia Mewtwo
may10216 Frillish
KirrinTheKirlia Victini
toadeu Meganium
mikarose14 Primarina
UszatyArbuz Psyduck
neshirys Solgaleo
Scale-Fang Mawile
nikkikirkland Cosmog
LoulabeIIe Munchlax
MrsVolv Magikarp
LoulabeIIe Roserade
wastelander-nick Exploud
ViviWantsToBattle Floette
littlerain999 Kabutops
Phyizzcon Chansey
Gator-The-Greater Litten
music229luv Natu
Darkoshawott510 Dewott
CJizzlelette and TommyGK Wigglytuff and Chatot

I also mention poolvosje because of awesomesauce.

Thank you to everyone who signed up, submitted and promoted this project! :love: You're just amazing
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© 2017 - 2021 TommyGK
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traud's avatar
This is spectacular! Applause to all contributors! :clap:
deaxx's avatar
Thank you for this amazing project!!
TommyGK's avatar
You're welcome :hug:
PastelRemarks's avatar
Aa this looks so cool! Everyone's art is so pretty ;v; I think my favorite is the snorlax playing the tuba// It's great ~
TommyGK's avatar
Glad you like it, thanks for joining! :hug: Snorlax was well done :P
Uber-Dan's avatar
That looks so amazing.
Pippylup52's avatar
Nagaia's avatar
Wow! this looks great! so much pokemons enjoying the music I love it! Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1]  
TommyGK's avatar
Glad to hear :hug:
nikkikirkland's avatar
Ahhhhh! This looks amazing tommy!! I’m really happy you keep doing these awesome collabs! Thanks as always for doing them and thanks for the shout-out~! Look forward too my contribution in the next one~! : D
TommyGK's avatar
Awesome, I do look forward to having you once again! You're a very good participant :heart:
LunarPikaa's avatar
This looks awesome! Everyone did such a great job ;w;
TommyGK's avatar
RogueMudblood's avatar
You always hold such wonderful collab events! :happybounce: Sorry I was offline for so long and I missed this one, but everyone's Pokemon look terrific! :la: choir 
TommyGK's avatar
Thank you so much! I'm glad this poster worked out :heart:
vvampire1234's avatar
I see mine! :D

Great job everyone, and looking forward to the next collab!
TommyGK's avatar
I look forward to having you again! :D
ThaIssing's avatar
the final version turned so wonderful!!

I hope I can get to participate in the next project also!  :D
TommyGK's avatar
I hope so too! These projects are much fun :heart:
Yakurow's avatar
I'm absolutely proud and happy to be a member of this year's donation,I would totally join next one 
TommyGK's avatar
Thank you so much for joining! :huggle:
LunaticMoonshard's avatar
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