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Octoberland Charity Festival


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A Charity-Guild Project!
Click here to watch me pack and send all the shoe boxes!

This charity project was run during the month of October! 31 Days to submit to this project! Every Pokemon must be wearing a costume or have an interesting Halloween concept!
Each submission was worth 1 item in a shoebox! 10 items fill up a shoebox completely and gets mailed to underprivileged Children for Christmas!

135 submissions! rounded up to 140!

We have raised 14 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child!
Also, an additional $140.00 was given to Samaritan's Purse!
2018-11-30 17 58 13- by TommyGK

See all the submissions here:…

♪Thank you for the wonderful party in Octoberland! It's so much more fun when EVERYONE joins!♪


Guildmaster: :icontommygk:
Background artist: :iconkatagro:

Special thanks:

All participants:

TigraPie Pikachu and Minccino (first submission)
TamarinFrog Sableye
dragonfire53511 Munchlax and Decidueye
Oranguin Togetic and Kangaskahn
dourdan Snorunt and Muk
GhostFalcon642 Flaaffy and Midnight Lycanroc 
TacoTiiger Pyukumuku 
raystar-draws Pichu and Pichu
DeskLampNinja Jangmo-o and Omanyte
WanderSong Horsea and Espeon  
neshirys Giratina Pumpkin 
UszatyArbuz Two Psyducks
PsychicDuelistRBD Delphox and Ribombee
XRed-moon Bulbasaur and Leafeon
myrnnecromanson Ninetails (alolan)
LittleMoon-Chan Flareon and Eevee
Lilsnookie Arcanine and Pidgeot
Gartendrache Eevee and Vulpix
HeavenBunny95 Dragonite
DannyWade Rowlet
confusedkangaroo Simipour and Pheromosa
GoodAsGold123 Krookodile
Angel47093 Pikachu and Raichu
CJizzlelette Guildmaster and Chatot (lines) and TommyGK (colour)
Flippedyfrogs Fennekin
music229luv Purrloin and Gallade
Yukari-Kaenbyou Celebi and Jirachi
NeonGraveyardz Alolan Ninetails
Lushies-Art Leafeon
ThePIOGamer Litwick and Phantump
gingerale71777 Eevee and glaceon
hinawashi Vulpix (alolan) and Sky Shaymin
neon-izumi Cyndaquil and Dewgong
toadeu Nidorina and Floatzel
shadowsirenmoon Purrlion and Espurr
RubyFireLilly Remoraid and Jumpluff
Slycloudfox Meowstic (both genders)
DentedBrain Chinchou
WindySilver Eevee and Totodile
SavageFrog Mimikyu
Shadow--Flareon Marshadow and Gardevior
Inukki Ponyta and Umbreon
YesImEnt Garchomp
GloriGlitch Weavile and Gengar
Absbor-K Sneasel
Warped-Dragonfly Popplio and Lycanrock (midday)
JavierE64 Petilil
tanyuliang Buizel
ParadoxSketchbook Pancham and Dratini
Neko---Cat Lopunny
BlazingFire909 Braixen and Nuzleaf
penguinpyro Psyduck and Snorlax
GlitzerKirby Timburr
EdGarcia Mewtwo
Ry-Spirit Pikachu
Plucky-Nova Roserade
Strayhowl Mawile
13lackout Hariyama
VoiDdraig Garchomp
nikkikirkland Typhlosion and Braixen
MrsVolv Slowbro
Exxvus Ampharos and Gourgeist
That-Random-Banana littenrenunculus
TarriPup Pacharisu
CaninePrince Espeon, Umbreon and Sylveon
destiny-doodles Mimikyu and Pichu
JimmyT1996 Pikachu and Raichu
DasGnomo Lucario
Pinkpony4 Ribombee and Leavanny
Kineil-Wicks Charizard and Smeargle
TommyGK Charmander, Mawile, Grovyle and Piplup
plantstronaut Mega Sableye
yingyingkirby Latias and Snivy
LoulabeIIe Woobat
danishangel Alolan Persian
Glacie-the-Glaceon Glaceon
TommyGK Charmander, Piplup, Mawile, Grovyle

JA-punkster Chandleure
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I apologize for the late response, what ANOTHER wonderful collab you set up!! ^w^

It's a spooky good sight to see all these people draw Pokemanz for Operation Christmas Child! :w00t: