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Kirby 166

And now, these people have submitted: 166 people! NEW RECORD!

The project was to pick a Kirby and put a cap on him! The cap can be from any Fandom they desired to copy and mock. Caps were optional but most of them wanted to cap them anyways! So here you can see Kirby copying many many Fandoms as well as the original abilities.

Rules are found here!

I chose to draw Rick the Hamster because hamsters are awesome end of story.

And what a tight squeeze! :faint: This took me 12 hours to put together! :faint: 

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Here is who made who!

:icontommygk: Rick the Hamster/Leader/Organizer

:iconrydi1689: Background artist

And here are the wonderful people who contributed! :heart:

:iconstevekda: Cherry Kirby
:iconsillyewe: Kirby and Chuchu
:iconbluefootednewt: Metaknight
:iconblackash: Sword
:icontrixiemegatoon: Umbreon
:iconpixelenergie: Minecraft Creeper
:iconcmdrtekk: Cowboy
:iconlinkieoftermina: Fierce Deity Link
:iconthedahliadoll: Bunny Hood
:iconpouchnoubout: Smash Bros. Kirby
:iconsitar-hero: Ragetti Kirby
:iconglen-i: Lucas
:iconjkittycat: Luigi
:icon1illa: Cute Kirby? :lol:
:iconsebiechu: Link
:iconwingza: sleeping:
:iconvincentmrl: Crash Bandicoot
:icondrindrence: Rayman
:iconstarlipop: Ice
:iconnovemberwishes: Rainbow Dash
:iconkemmeru: Magician
:iconbrittanytucker: Wing
:iconcatluvr2: Klaymen
:iconvenappo: Yuyuko Saigyouji
:iconsbg6: Paint
:icondenbo68: Yoyo
:iconleaf890: Chell
:iconeeveelution-lover: ANIMAL (rawr)
:icontempasta: Yoshika Miyako
:iconlazulelle: Scout
:iconmemiz: Mad Hatter
:iconblackemeraldx: Fighter
:iconmedalis: Ganku
:iconbluemoonjellyfish: Leaf
:iconlunashadow: Tom Nook
:iconalexandrasalas: Pikachu
:iconmarraphy: Terezi
:iconellyism: Charizard
:iconnunkinz1000: Iris
:iconuvia456: Voodoo Doll Kirby
:iconkrissi001: Her emote :giggle:
:iconnan-ee: Mario
:iconbubblymaika: Beam
:iconchanceofclouds: Nova
:iconlazysamurai00: Shao Khan
:iconcyber567: :trollface: PROBLEM DEDEDE?
:iconshinrah: Saiyan
:iconkirbyhugsquishy57: Len
:iconshymi: Triple Star
:iconanocra: Marx
:iconchibibrugarou: Bowser
:iconflashthewolf: Fire
:iconkiichiii: Flandre
:iconzippingmeteor: From Dust
:iconkyutarithefox: Pichu
:iconmetasactreon: Angel
:iconemilyfius: Jet
:iconspidermimi: Mismagus
:iconvlklngen: Dinosaur
:iconnexivian: Gordon freeman
:iconthepizzafisch: Fox
:iconblueamnesiac: Grey
:iconaleanya: Princess Zelda
:iconjimighost: Portal Kirby
:iconmrotterson: Tuxedo
:iconamberrant: Spark
:iconugh-first-aid: Cupid :heart:
:iconserenitymoon9: Needle
:icondee-artist: Wario
:iconguerreroums: WaLuigi
:icontheeternalflare: Altair
:iconmarioxdaisy: Rosalina
:iconnataszsza: Ninja
:iconriodile: Kaiketsu Zorori
:iconchenanigans: Bubblun
:iconjzlobo: Galactus
:iconfeathernotes: Light
:iconhelenalevi: Dedede
:icondarretobe: Reddit Alien
:iconviogreen77: Lewa
:iconholabuhloo: Avatar
:iconsap-green: Cook
:iconzukofangirl16: Spock
:iconpala-saippua: Mirror
:iconkeartricity: Okami
:iconcheatoaj: Engineer
:iconspacerocketbunny: Rockman
:iconbled-am: Ultimate
:iconrika35: Ghost
:iconkurokosuki: Squirtle
:iconlovebobu: Water
:iconwerxzy: Cheese :chew:
:iconcuppastars: Tornado
:iconsymphonyb: Ultra Sword
:icontamama2: Prof. Layton
:iconhattako: Kite
:iconpikaripeaches: Raffaello
:iconalyflamer: Crash
:iconhappywhite: Peashooter
:iconkeke74100: Lapin
:iconfunferno: Soldier from TF2
:iconduskspark: Uboa
:icondemoncherry: Tsubaki
:iconjocelynshi: Joltik
:iconmisakitakichi: fluttershy
:iconpotatokoko: Ice Bomb
:icongerugeon: Clean
:iconperfectpinkwater: Yoshi
:iconredblueiscool: Elecman
:iconditto9: Chick suit
:iconuzumakikitai: Ezio
:iconchirpy-chi: Lucario
:icondakukabi: Galacta
:icontheultione: MG Solid Snake
:iconbrushtrail: :zombie:
:icontrifle-confusion: Stone
:iconnintendo-freakxd: King Boo
:icondetrimentality: :iconmegustaplz:
:iconbloodred-orchid: Capt. Falcon
:iconkirbyemma: Spring
:iconjessiebelle93: witch
:icongoldentendo: Star rod
:iconjessysketches: Plasma
:iconmikoto-tsuki: Drawcia
:iconcrazy-foxie: Midna
:iconagentdrago: Kine the Fish
:iconhanshumon: Zero 2
:iconblopa1987: Throw
:iconmariosimpson1::iconsamsterboy: Suplex Tag Team Champions
:iconartivox: Squashini
:iconagenthisui: Wheelie rider
:iconevanatt: Coo the Owl
:iconbowser2queen: Bubble
:iconbluesoulcookiee: Mini (Look under the magnifying glass! So clever)
:iconcolorspectrums: Luna
:iconravyre: Monkey D
:icondavidscript: Munchlax
:iconsuper-jess: Scraggy
:iconfroglitta: Batman
:iconlunardragon24: Japan Culture
:iconbrotherlyfluff: Mewtwo
:icondeshrubber: Beer hat/creepy (sorry Tim but he's just creepy XD)
:iconfluffmarsh: Olimar
:iconswycoonmtk: Eggman
:icontomboy-girl: Parasol
:iconquasar-mouse: Otto
:icondeekirbydeel: Puffball
:iconlpsamuelm: flying raccoon
:iconkirbmaster: Union
:iconsirodango: Musketeer
:iconkusamochi: Love love stick

166 right there! Thank you so much everyone who participated. And I'm sorry for those who didn't get to submit on time! :( Tommy loves you all!
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LunarDragon24's avatar

I remember this, it was a first time I made something to be put together with other artists' pictures. It was before zenes became a thing on Twitter. Of all things that I could have put into this, 18 year old me decided to make Kirby based on Japanese culture, lol.

It was a fun project while it lasted.

TommyGK's avatar

Oh wow, I'm so glad you enjoyed my first collab! ^_^ Thanks for telling me!

RosieplierAndPokemon's avatar
I like it.
I don't like the 2011 memes, tho.
My favorites are the Zelda and Pokemon ones tbh.
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
All of the Kirbys!
Club-Dreamiverse's avatar
TommyGK's avatar
Glad you like it :)
Lazulelle's avatar
Was just browsing when I suddenly came across this and man, yknowwww

This picture brings back memories. :giggle:
Cause like, back in 2011, when I joined this collab and commented on your old journal for it, some other random guy replied to my comment. (I drew the Scout from TF2 and he did the Soldier)
Little did I know that that was the start of a love story! :noes:

That was how I met my boyfriend, who as of this moment, I'm in a 4-year relationship with! :dummy:

Good times it was :heart:
TommyGK's avatar
Whuuuu are you saying it's because of me you two met??? ;_; <33
And yes this was a lot of fun, I even remember your submission! In fact I even remember you :hug:
Lazulelle's avatar
Aww, you remember! :love:
And yes haha, it's because of you we met! :la: Thanks for that actually! :dummy:
TommyGK's avatar
Aww I'm so glad to know I could influence someone like that :glomp: That makes my day!!
xMeGaLoVaNiAx's avatar
Holy crap...
TommyGK's avatar
:D Glad you like it!
Juicydeath1025's avatar
Too much Kirby, not enough King Dedede. 7.8/10 - IGN
LU-KARO's avatar
KirbyOfTheStars64's avatar
I didn't join in time, I am sad ;_;
Can I still make a picture for this?
TommyGK's avatar
This project ended 5 years ago! :lol:
There will be another chance to join, check out Charity-Guild if you wish to stay tuned for further projects.
KirbyOfTheStars64's avatar
What project are you working on right now?
I would love to join in it, especially with my bad case of art block.
TommyGK's avatar
It's right on my page c: Coloring book project
KirbyOfTheStars64's avatar
What should I draw for it?
TommyGK's avatar
How about Kirby flying on his star? It's due in 4 days tho :(
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