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Fabrice the Rat Puppet (Original Character)

(He wants to overrun this world with he own kind, so he insisted I make the video "free")

Watch Fabrice's Origins right here:…

Fabrice the Rat is one of my oldest OC's ever, created by me and my brother. He has so much sentimental meaning to me!
He is like the brother I don't have anymore.

This puppet features:
-Moving jaw and head
-Movable arms
-Flexible tail
-Glowing red eyes and purple tail
-Changeable clothing
-A lot of Rattitude

Fabrice the Rat
Gender: Male
Origin: Octoberland (Original character)
Alignment: True Neutral (antihero)
Likes: Tommy, lab work, mousetraps, cheese, alchemy, archery, randomness.
Dislikes: Randolph and Willy (not seen), anyone who steals his cheese, bullies
Bio: Fabrice is one of the oldest characters of Tommy's. Fabrice was named after
"Fabrice the Rat" from Microsoft 3D Movie Maker. Fabrice is an anthropomorphic rat who
wears clothing. Fabrice is a mutant rat enchanted with mental powers. He has a very high
intelligence as well as sorcery/wizardry. He moves by teleporting, sometimes at
inappropriate times. He has two purple eyes, but they glow red in the dark. His tail glows
purple. Did I mention he also wears clothing? He spends a lot of time in his lab, extracting rare
ingredients from plants and uses them for potions and spells.  He is a very good shot with
archery and can fire a bow and arrow with only 1 hand and his teeth. He also stole an
ambulance and fixed it up as his "potable laboratory" or "lab on wheels". Fabrice prefers
driving the ambulance with the sirens ON, which stirs up a lot of trouble. Fabrice can also
be very random too. He is also very good at changing his voice, and loves using famous quotes 
from people, games, books and movies in the appropriate voice.
Quotes: "Those bullies won't bother me now!"
Completion time: 2 months

Here are some old versions of Fabrice!

Commission 85 by Snook-8 Feral Fabrice by Snook-8 by TommyGK Fabrice by Toby512 by TommyGK Fabrice's Ambulance by astramasq by TommyGK
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haha amazing! He reminds me of Remi from Ratatuie lol

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Thank you!! Good film!

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Awesome work! :)!!!
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Thank you Linda :hug: