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Animalmon Crossing Charity Village 176

A Charity-Guild event!

Nook's Leaf by TheStaticStalker Background drawn by TamarinFrog 

Nook's Leaf by TheStaticStalker See all current submissions here:…

We have 176 submissions in this poster! Thank you everyone! :'D
116 Pokemon + Sponsorship ($10) = $232 for SPCA + 116 trees to plant
59 Digimon + background ($30) + Sponsorship ($10) = $158 for Make-A-Wish Foundation + 59 trees to plant
Sponsorship donation of $20.00, courtesy of JA-punkster

Each Pokemon gave $2.00 plus sponsorship ($10) to the SPCA Animal Shelter
Spca by TommyGK

Each Digimon gave $2.00 to Make-A-Wish Foundation Plus background ($30) and sponsorship ($10)
MAW Donation by TommyGK
Each submission planted 1 tree at #TeamTrees
Team Trees by TommyGK


Background, Sableye and Palmon - TamarinFrog
Psyduck - UszatyArbuz
Drizzile and Bibarel - dawgs9
Arctovish - dourdan
Midday Lycanroc XRed-moon
Day Lycanroc - Tanukky
Milcery and DemiDevimon - Absbor-J
Keledo and Biyomon Oranguin
Emolga - Kekekekekekekk
Alcremie and Calumon - dragonfire53511
Eevee - Starry-Storm
Lunamon and Slowpoke - Leonidas23
Squirtle - SaltyChipsAhoy
Leafeon - Lushies-Art
Guilmon and Espeon- Little-Papership
Gomamon - ajunkersgamble
Lotad and Woobat - Latonay 
Gatomon and Gogoat - WanderSong
Nidoking and Betamon- DragonTamer411
Morgrem and Whimscott - CloudSleepy
Maractus and Minccino - jfireninja1
Mew - Pinkpony4
Scrafty and Dorumon - SpiritedAway-ForDays
Charmander, Koromon, Gatomon and Butterfree - TommyGK
Swirlix and Gazimon - digimonsprites
Vulpix - Felizias
Buneary - MrscroreA113
Seedot - SophiaDaSofa
Jigglypuff and Hattrem - RoseJigglypuff76
Minccino - plantstronaut
Antylamon and Ranamon - Sakura-of-Zendikar
Terriermon and Froakie - Ken-Dolly
Etemon - DentedBrain
Skitty and Garurumon - CrystalFossil
Shiinotic and Patamon - GhostFalcon642
Grookey - Sarahdawolf
Quilava and Shuppet - CutyAries
Arcanine and Typhosion - Lilsnookie
Banette and Veemon - DreamerAwaken
Goomy - vicerne
Bewear and Vaporeon - Warped-Dragonfly
Braviary and Biyomon - JA-punkster
Myotismon - DerFeldwebel
Gatomon and Sylveon - jlj16
Eevee and Glaceon - angelthewingedcat
Grumpig and Holydramon - confusedkangaroo
Nickit - Flippedyfrogs
Zigzagoon and Venonat - neon-izumi
Alolan Vulpix - Sakura-Ange
Gastly and Gatomon - envandrare
Mismagius VirtualSketcher
Elecmon and Togepi - Pitafish
Tyrantum and Greymon- OcioProduction
Meowth and Patamon - MetaLatias5
Snom - poker10403
Beedrill - ToxicSnakeSkull
Snorlax and Koromon- EdGarcia
Turuiemon - LunarPikaa
Voltorb - Kim-cat3120
Treecko - WindySilver
Scraggy and Breloom - UIJess
Oshawott and Lopmon - Angel47093
Nidorina - Trojan-Pony
Mew and Gatomon - Faekier
Shaymin and Waynamon - LibraryDragon8
Greedent and Gabumon - music229luv
SaberLeomon and Wormmon - GoldenEmotions
Shinx and Pachirisu - hinawashi
Guildmaster Wigglytuff and Agumon - CJizzlelette and TommyGK
Commandramon and Liollmon - JaymiSaeki
Jolteon and Flareon - CraftyEevee
Mareep and Labramon - Dapperferret
Magikarp - HeavenBunny95
Candlemon and Sandygast - PMBO8
Charmander and Squirtle - rainbow000pegasus
Mimikyu and Bakemon - Shadowboy77
Patamon and Coalossal - neshirys
Piplup and Matadormon - shippyshipper
Popplio and Gomamon - toadeu
Chespin and Hawkmon - CozyKomala
Tsunomon and Meinfoo- EdgyCat-Wolf
Archen and Dracomon - wutshiii
Alolan Raichu - PauliinaP
Girafarig - RelativeEquinox
Skiploom and Stunky - beastythedragonofart
Alolan Vulpix - Sakura-Ange
Charizard and Pidgeot - poolvosje
Sangloupmon - ethanoI
Azurill - Mouselemur
Impidimp and Zoroark - Roosterheads
Totodile and Applin - Wibr
Meicoomon - team-shiny-pokemon
Kimeramon - DentedBrain
Puppetmon - ToxicSnakeSkull
Meinshao - Thalateya
XVeemon - Alliedforce35
Buneary - VeryaLiona
Raichu and Sobble - genny03
Cramorant and Dracomon - Rika35
Pacharisu - TarriPup
Meinshao - Thalateya
Pikachu and Agumon - katamariluv
Persian - WolfsharkCC
Incineroar  and Gazimon - nikkikirkland
Kyupimon - PenWingStar
Azurill - Anipzis
Offmon and Buneary - AClockworkKitten
Ivysaur and Vaporeon - that-hippie-kittie
Marshtomp and Blaziken - Charizardtamer12
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AquatheAnimator2's avatar

Hey uhh is ralts taken?

TommyGK's avatar

This project is closed :( However a new one is starting in a couple weeks! Consider following @Charity-Guild to stay informed on it! :D Would love to have your participation!

pokedigifan1178's avatar

It's nice to see the fandoms working together again.

Great Job

Faekier's avatar
This turned out absolutely incredible and thank you so much for letting me participate! Great job everyone!! :heart:
TommyGK's avatar
My pleasure! Always happy to have your participation again!
Sarahdawolf's avatar

What an amazing final product! Thanks for making this all possible. :]

TommyGK's avatar
My pleasure, tho most of the thanks should go to everyone who participated! This poster wouldn't be so big if it weren't for them!
confusedkangaroo's avatar
What a happy little village/island/community/all three! XD Well done everyone, a great project as always!
TommyGK's avatar
I'm very proud of this community! <3
JA-punkster's avatar

Every time I view this it just gets more and more amazing! I think that this was one of the most (if not the most) popular collab ever!! :excited:

TommyGK's avatar
The third biggest poster, so close to the Piratemon collab (180). Biggest poster since 2015! Very encouraging! I always love having you in these projects!
toadeu's avatar
Yay, a lot of Pokémon and Digimon :3 !
WindySilver's avatar
Wow, so many Pokémon and Digimon! Awesome! :happybounce:
SophiaDaSofa's avatar
This was really fun!! I feel so proud of myself ☺️☺️
Leonidas23's avatar
Wow! This looks a lot more fuller than last time I've seen it! Good to see so many people contributing to this, and glad to know I'm one of those people.
TommyGK's avatar
Yup, good to have your contribution on here! Everyone is awesome! :D
CraftyEevee's avatar

Happy to add in a new style!

LibraryDragon8's avatar
WOW so many digimon and pokemon. What a great turn out!
I love this!
TommyGK's avatar
Still a growing poster, will get even more crowded! :D
LibraryDragon8's avatar
Good luck fitting them all on.
I would think that gets a bit hard.
wutshiii's avatar
Aw cute to see them all on here <3
TommyGK's avatar
Everyone is doing a great job! :D
neshirys's avatar
Aw yeah!! Yeah The image is full of adorable and nice creatures! Great job everyone!! Yeah!  Animal Crossing Gif 50x50 
And that cute Charmander next to my adventure hat duo! Now it's a trio! x3
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