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180 Piratemon Charity Cruise

Here it is!! 180 Piratemon set for sailing!!! Arrr!! This is the Continuing Pokemon collab series! Last time was Fancy dressed Pokemon:

Gentlemon Charity Ball 270 by TommyGK

This took me WAY too long, but it's done and wasn't as brutal hellish as the 270 Gentlemon, it got so crowded some water Pokemon were forced to walk the plank!! Remember, this is the FIRST version, if you do NOT see your submission, Panic like hell I threw you overboard roflz please let me know ASAP because chances are your submission got buried behind all the other Pokemen! :noes:

Proof of donation receipt by TommyGK
Your proof of donation

HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY DEVIANTART!! And this is my 5th Mass Collab!!!! :la:

(How come so much?? We REALLY raised $102.25 but this wild Charmander was hiding a TRIPLIZER COUPON up his sleeve!! A first aid company called Elastoplast will match the $102.25 doubled! It's SUPER EFFECTIVE!!)
Tax receipt will not be posted for 2-3 weeks since it takes that long but the money has already been donated!

For every submission, I add 25 cents to the pool. All proceeds go to the Canadian Red Cross!

SEE the submissions HERE!!…


:iconuchuubranko: Dewgong and Marshtomp (volunteer BG artists are allowed 2 entries, both count for money)


FIRST SUBMISSION: :iconmisfit-outcasts-o-0: Shiny Politoed

MINI COLLAB: :iconcjizzlelette: Lines :icontommygk: Color and shading = Piplup

:iconastadyl: Litwick
:iconcandycart: Sneasel
:iconredroronoa: Charmander
:iconpiranhartist: Cradilly
:iconpetpatrol1: Houndoom
:iconserenityame: Squirtle
:iconelicoronel16: Cubchoo
:icondizzy-little-spinda: Torchic
:iconpika-rue: Sandshrew
:iconkage-niji: Chatot
:iconemete: Shuppet
:iconedgarcia: Jigglypuff
:iconfearsome-jabberwock: Lampent
:iconarime19: Braviary
:iconpiratemutiny: Honedge
:iconaunjuli: Oddish
:iconcookie-and-her-foxes: Pansear
:iconfluffballchikorita: Skitty
:iconzeekishly: Chingling
:iconclockworkviper: Leavanny
:iconumishaii: Petilil
:iconevanteuteberg: Azumarrill
:iconjinxedtarotcard: Chandelure
:iconnihon-no-sakura: Ralts
:iconthealienbanana: Trubbish
:iconaonik: Swellow
:iconbunnai: Growlithe
:iconaliciayggdrasill: Taillow
:iconwh1t3-t19lightning: Poochyena
:iconsim-pie: Mawile
:iconcolorbond: Wingull
:iconrakadishu: Snorunt
:iconstellarbuck: Buneary
:iconshawnnl: Gengar
:icondunethezangoose: Zangoose
:icontwitchywitchygirl: Meloetta
:iconaldruthebrovahkiin: Grovyle
:iconbeholderr: Spinda
:iconrainismysunshine: Togepi
:iconligos-dedalius-kris: Giliscor
:iconvividvapor: Espeon
:icongentlewillow: Oshawott
:iconkazbob: Kyogre
:iconthaissing: Quagsire
:iconsircassie: Drowzee
:iconlittlerain999: Tyrantum
:iconamidasu: Mightyena
:iconbluuberwolf: Jynx
:iconscilk: Wigglytuff
:iconkorukikonaru: Crawdaunt
:icon0nedividedbyzer0: Charizard
:iconhayfa8: Butterfree
:iconandorada: Ninetails
:iconnuclear-smash: Togekiss
:iconmay10216: Mareep
:iconnuttyjigs: Blaziken
:iconja-punkster: Herdier
:iconisagonj: Bisharp
:iconkokonose: Plusle
:iconmersiefloof: Espurr
:iconmokka-quill: Duskull
:iconacrowscollection: Haunter
:iconfenori: Whimsicott
:iconjacquelinebarkla: Xerneas
:icongamerstories: Machamp
:iconwolvzycatz: Latios
:icongpzero: Bibarel
:iconxxcandywater-fallsxx: Stunky
:iconlittlemads: Aipom
:iconvee4valentine: Loudred
:iconmangatiger: Raichu
:iconnanapupu: Dragonite
:iconconfusedkangaroo: Mismagius
:iconandmyshadow: Furfrou
:iconimpydoo: Sliggoo
:iconchai-leaf: Lopunny
:icontheoneandonlyraptor: Spearow
:iconkahlium: Quilava
:iconkineil-wicks: Darkrai
:icontheberserkergj: Armaldo
:icongingermidgetgnomie: Chimchar
:iconcharizardtamer12: Swampert
:iconvoxrobotics: Dusknoir
:iconheroinemarielys: Pichu
:iconleodynasty82: Simisage
:iconwaterftw: Samurott
:iconevyuni: Dedenne
:icondrahonlover: Persian
:iconvicstars: Victini
:iconmidnightst0rm: Girafirig
:iconthe-great-bananna: Helioptile
:iconmillenium-lint: Dewott
:iconroryrochelle: Abra
:iconairanke: Gallade
:iconmrowgi: Ampharos
:iconphasianinja: Wooper
:iconrosbelle: Chespin
:iconrabbitheichou: Meinfoo
:iconcyborg-ninja2007: Scyther
:iconkwopcom: Sandslash
:iconspashai: Riolu
:iconchangelingbutterfly: Deerling
:iconangelpik: Buizel
:iconpeachy-anime-cat: Vulpix
:icontoastedtoast15: Snivy
:iconkensie300: Infernape
:iconweatherdragon: Amaura
:iconghoultamer: Chestnaught
:iconalkraas: Seviper
:iconautumns-adopts: Shaymin
:iconvelvet-rainbow: Archen
:iconferncraft: Mega Typhlosion
:iconveryaliona: Shinx
:iconlionkingwarriors561: Jolteon
:iconhuman-toaster: Mega Banette
:icondifixini: Greninja
:iconjinsuke04: Teddiursa
:iconspottedwaterlord: Krookodile
:icontommybinh: Charmeleon
:iconsjibbi: Pancham
:iconuszatyarbuz: Psyduck
:iconjmilkyway: Jirachi
:iconarchaebacteria: Slowpoke
:iconcolors-of-summer: Marowak
:iconstarhavenstudios: Lucario
:iconpatchez-shemeji: Kecleon
:icontraud: Koffing
:iconneshirys: Lugia
:iconmrsvolv: Shiny Luxray
:iconcamelopardalis9: Farfetch'd
:iconemmythek: Axew
:icon1-084: Feraligator
:icontamarinfrog: Honchkrow
:iconxviolette16: Minccino
:iconfadedpaper: Umbreon
:icondarkness-rules-all: Meowth
:iconry-spirit: Pikachu
:iconkirrinthekirlia: Zorua
:iconrydi1689: Leafeon
:iconthegalleryofeve: Eevee
:iconwhitecrestwaves: Frosslass
:iconamlita: Volcarona
:iconsaizai: Celebi
:iconthebsayraduka: Scraggy
:iconkiquegr: Meowstic (m)
:iconicytail: Corphish
:iconwindysilver: Diglett
:iconsadie234: Fennekin
:iconbatphoenix: Staraptor
:iconeve-of-halloween: Dialga
:icongrace-the-firefox: Sylveon
:iconkatagaro: Cubone
:iconspacesmilodon: Zebstrika
:iconsavagefrog: Wobuffet
:iconmikeyopossum: Rattata
:iconnikkikirkland: Goomy
:iconbubblymaika: Drifloon
:icontogekisser: Klefki
:iconluckykitzy: Meowstic (f)
:icondanicky: Ivysaur
:iconvarious-aliter: Blastoise
:iconeveningshadow1022: Vaporeon
:iconheroncewhitewings: Clefairy
:icontwinvampire: Mew
:iconrenkindle: Braixen
:iconkitsune-genetica: Gardevoir
:iconguardianoflightaura: Shiny Mega Gardevior

Vessilmons (Pokemon drawn as a ship or with one)

:iconteepy-teep: Wailord
:iconfishypaste: Torterra
:iconshinytheblossom: Altaria
:iconjinzal93: Giratina (Origin)
:icondevibrigard: Lapras

Most unusual collab medium:
:iconchemax3x: Mewtwo (actually a photograph of a sculpture!)

Offsite participants: Volcanrona, Golduck

Bonus unlockables were unlocked, additional $9.25 to the pool


:iconkonradocirilo: Totodile
:iconkyokochibi: Treecko

Special Thank yous

:iconwhitecrestwaves: She converted everyone's picture to transparent. Thank her please, especially if you drew on LINED paper meowstare by ncfwhitetigress
:iconrydi1689: Special support :heart:
:iconkatagro: - Extensive advertising :heart:
:iconthegalleryofeve: Extensive adervitisng :heart:
:iconmoonbeam13: and :icondeevelliott: who kindly advertised this collab along with katagro's Cubone

Very Special Thank you:

Satoru Iwata, I've grown up with your games, I remember playing it the first time like yesterday with my brother on christmas morning. I grew up with Kirby like you and never missed a game to this day, also Donkey Kong Country 123 and then Pokemon. The collaboration will be made in memory of you. Thar ships have taken a big hit mate, but thar ships must sail!!

:icontklovesyouplz: Rest in peace.

Kirby 166 by TommyGK

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Arturo50's avatar

y'know, now i wonder how a caribbean pokemon region would look like exactly?

TommyGK's avatar

It must be made!!

Arturo50's avatar

yeah! plus, i have already thought of an idea for a villain team for said region!

TommyGK's avatar

I'm curious what kind of villain team that region would have

Arturo50's avatar

well... i imagined a villain team based around Pirates, of course... but i gave them a twist... a "sinester" twist that is...

I based them on the crew of Davy Jones (the one from PotC), as well from ghost pirates.

Basically they got THAT form during a fight with one of the legendary pokemon of said region, but they "lost" their life after a huge fight, taking them to the afterlife... but after a long time, they returned back to cause "mischief" as well to try to re-take the same legendary that cursed them... with another legendary based on the Kracken. Also, i gave a twist for the player's character to include the 2 forms (male and female) as sisblings AND related to the Main Antagonist. (the one you don't choose ends ups as the rival AND admin/first mate of the antagonist). and after a fight with the cap'n, the other character would betray the cap'n to "defeat" him, while the player must "destroy" the sources of power of said cap'n. (and since it's based on ol' Jones, y'know what that would be, right?)

YutyrannusRex's avatar
My gosh, I remember when I drew something (Captain Jack Spearow, to be exact)  for this on my old account. Still have fond memories of it! 
TommyGK's avatar
theoneandonlyraptor? Was that you?
I'm glad my projects makes good memories :hearts:
YutyrannusRex's avatar
Yup! It felt great because I got to create great art, help people, and get encouraging remarks for you! 
TommyGK's avatar
That's awesome. I hope to have one soon before spring is all goes well c:
Bogi92's avatar
The Poke sea pirates!!!!!! 😂😁😀
TechnotronInfinity's avatar
Whoooaaa! This is such an amazing collab! Wow! I am so impressed with this! :D :heart:
TechnotronInfinity's avatar
I don't know how to draw! 
TommyGK's avatar
KosmoKOYOTE's avatar
Now this what I'd refer to as a sea battle of epic proportions! The Battle of Trafalgar was
a mere skirmish in someone's bath tub compared to this!:o (Eek)
I applaud all the efforts of the participants who worked on this.  =P (Razz) 
TommyGK's avatar
It was a lot of fun, and really crazy! :faint:
okletsgoforit's avatar
pretty good. i like this sorta wierd shit. how do you even know if im catholic! your gunna blam me because im not like you? the only reason you instently hate it is because if you dont you think you'll go to hell. why doy catho;ics do that? what kind of religion makes you fear that your gunna go to hell 24/7? your not catholic! i am! your an asshole! besides! if there is a god im sure he wouldnt give a shit about a picture on deviantart! good picture dude! and i leave you with this question: how come if 1 person believes in an imaginery being, the imaginery being's not real and they're called insane but if a group of people believe in an imaginery being the imaginery being is instantly real and its called religion?
LindArtz's avatar
I was just looking at his profile. LOL I got the same message on "Sweet Comfort be Mine"  :rofl: Just block em as they come, Tommy. :rofl:
TommyGK's avatar
Where are all these people coming from? :stare:
LindArtz's avatar
Yeah I know...out of the woodwork it seems. lol
LindArtz's avatar
generalurist's avatar
AWESOME! I'm always a sucker for these kinds of massive group/crossover pics. EPIC.
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