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165 Pokenom Charity Buffet

Video compilation wrap-up here:

EDIT: Receipt posted
Receipt by TommyGK


Guildmaster/Head Chef: :icontommygk:
Background: :iconlordorenamus:
Transparency: :iconkatagro:
Shoeboxes raised: 11 plus 1 for the background = 12 shoeboxes with ART supplies!! We also raised $84.00

Thank you to everyone who took the time to advertise this project!


All desserts cost $150,000. About $7.50 for the food, and the other $149,993.50 for the Pokèmon.
Please order and wait for the Slowpoke server to deliver.

Cymric-C - - Chocolate Pikachu Lemon Bars *First submission
UszatyArbuz - Psyduck Ice Cream
PIKMANZ-Forever - Ampharos Ice Cream Bowl
KiwiBeagle - Chocolate Eevee Banana Split and Shaymin Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte
Feralita - Noibat Mont-blanc au Potiron
darkmageofeyes - Oven Chef Rotom with Fresh Muffins
Jakham002 - Dugtrio Chocolate Eclair
vvampire1234 - Deluxe Vanilluxe Milkshake
TheLazyDreamy - Charmander Peach Flambe
LostOasis - Emolga Fruit Tart and Pumpkaboo Muffin
GeorgeXVII - Jigglypuff Electrifying Strawberry Cupcake
SonicBionicle - Caramel Covered Gulpin
AlekidThunder - Rapidash Panela "Rapadura"
Pinkpony4 - Mareep Ice Cream
Fuzzyspirit: Trubbish Treat Bag
fIuffyscoops - Marill Cupcake and Sentret Sundae
Eveningshadow1022 - Lunatone and Minionor Black Astro Cake
LoulabeIIe - Cubone Jaffa Cake and Eggsecute Eggies
Crixaliszt - Darkrai Cookies and Cream Flurry and Grape Alolan Meowth Cake
CutieAnimals - Goodra Goodie Ice Cream
Monstrocker - Cherrim Cupcake Cherry Surprise and Cubchoo Dessert Wine
Dance4life628 - Hiding Teddi Ice Cream
uminei - Pikachu flan cake
confusedkangaroo - Apple Cater-Pie and Snover Caramel Creme
VeryaLiona -  Minccino Black and White Mousse and Cinccino Raspberry Pie
Pinkienight7 - Red Fennekin Velvet Milkshake
GuardianofLightAura -  Gardevior and Gallade Ice Cream Party
ToxicSnakeSkull - Ferroseed Berry Pie and M&M Koffing Cookie
Andorada - Sugar Sweet Vulpix
LordOrenamus - Gengar Melting Ice Scream
may10216 - Trapinch Parfait 
rinrin243 - Hoothoot Macaroon
Candy-waterfalls - Raspberry Chocolate Skuntank and Aromatiss Strawberry Mousse
Hime--Nyan - Audino with Petit Fours and Buneary Peanut Butter Brownies 
Kwon-Ji - Rockruff Chocolate and Cream
Ry-Spirit - Ditto Jelly Dessert
rainbow000pegasus - Altaria Cupcakes
BaraKingSam - Blueberry Squirtle Pie 
Anipzis -  Spinda Spinning Milkshake
Fuzzyspirit - Minccino Dirt Cake
Unibat - Moltres Leche Cake
KirrinTheKirlia - Riolu Float
ArtWeazel - Bounsweet Berry Blast and Glameow & Misdreavus 3 tier cake
brzozod526 - Maractus Sweet and Edible and Wailmer Cupcake
S-q-t-v-a-l-9 - Mime Jr. Chocolate Illusion
pinkandorangesunset - Charmander Cream Flambe and Psyduck Jello Cube
Artfox34 - Furfrou Sno Cone
WindySilver - Rattata Gingerbread Invasion and Waffled Ditto Waffle eating Waffle
Forepaws1 - Ninetails Shiny Oreo Mint Cake and Vulpix Magma Cake
Crazypencilplays - Raichu Creampuff
Vittarius -  Oddish Grassy Cupcake
CartoonSilverFox - Eevee Profiterole-Triple-Trouble
CosmicCasino - Skitty Ice Cream Surprise
chronic-sleep - Metapod Strawberry Chocolate Taster
katagro - Bulbasaur Sugar Thief and Chocolate Diglett Dirt Cupcake (real)
Sokiawolf - Chandleure Grape Flambe
SenpaiTurboblaze -  Alolan Sandslash Jelloslash Spikes
Hawksfeathers97 - Sweet Taillow Peep
hinawashi - Umbreon Filled Donut
HornedMiriael - Lucario Licorice Chocolate Jelly Cake 
Nari19 - Kakuna Ice Cream Split and Caterpie Canoli
ninicee - Litwick Cupcake 
ColorBond - Eeveelution Rainbow Jelly and Meowstic Strawberry Choco-Vanilla Explosion Cake
cardenus - Dragonair Blueberry Cupcake
Limeworking - Odd Oddish Cake Dish
SaichaRiolu - Candy Floss Whimsicott
JasperTheSpirit - Pichu Popup Surprise Cupcake
quila111 - Mantine Snowball-Cocopuff Martini
anime-fan-girl88 - Totodile Rainbow Ice Cream Mountain
CHEMAX3X - Charizard Y Wedding Surprise
Spirit-Of-Cat - Voltorb Chocolate Dangerous Surprise Ball
elicoronel16 - Phanapy Sweet Muffin
CaninePrince - Meowstic Meowe Fuielle and Raichu Tiraimichuu
mt8flw - Lotad Rain Dish Brulee
ChibiRoseArt - Mudkip Cake Pops
NahCity - Rowlet Mint Chocolate Cake Bar
MurderousDemon - Wurmple Invaded Cake
Sh0ckwavve - Clefairy Cheesecake
Teepy-teep - Dragonite Triamisu
Myssi98765 - Zorua Trick-or-Treat Goodies and Leafeon Evolution Mint Ice Cream
KirrinTheKirlia - Meowth Tirameowth 
JA-punkster - Heavy Glazed Mega Steelix
Vaporeonsflame - Flareon Chai Tea
danishangel - Cubchoo Sno-cone and Ryhorn Sweet Cupcake
cardenus - Alolan Vulpix Meringue Pie
ChangelingButterfly - Umbreon Licorice Edibles
lumalyssa - Petilil and Steenee Mint Green Pancakes and Goomy Jello
MurphyTDuck - Pansear Flambe
Moltenkitty - Jigglypuff Banana Split with Wigglytuff Banana Split
AmyUchihaCat - Vanillish Rainbow 
neshirys - Alolan Exeggutor Coconut Ice Cream
ddalgi-cheesecake - Plusle and Minun Pudding
bubblymaika - Pumpkaboo Spooky Cupcake and Ultra Beast Beauty Wedding Cake
Anipzis - Castform Cold Forecast Ice Cream
Hikarisoul2 - Sylveon Dreamy Macaroon and Pikachu Chocolate Drizzled Pudding
2CatSoldier - Lurantis Choco-mint Drizzle
Winterstray - Staryu Spun Ice Cream
Cubone4000 - Cubone Chocolate Fossil
Umbrella-Dreams - Golem Rock Coconut Candy
Biohazardous-Goo - Bidoof Cocoa Bliss
SleepySharks - Growlithe Guard Cake
Chizulfizulbokun - Snorlax Party Crasher Cake
DJKeala - Electabuzz Shocking Sour Lemon Pie
Digiko-Kagami - Meowstic Black Forest Cake
Scale-Fang - Mawile Cherry Splash and Mimikyu Banana and Cake Balancer
robotanlst - Rainbow Vanillite Cone
SpoonNib - Whismur Strawberry Cake
genny03 - Raichu Ice Cream Shocker
Ferretp - Joltix Sour Candy Cane Shocker
yingyingkirby - Popplio and Brionne Ocean Dessert
Plucky-Nova - Lampent's Strawberry Shortcake and Bellossom Sapin-Sapin
tobyteddy22 - Chandlure Spooky Cookie and Crepe Cake Spoink
Oceanshell123 - Braixen S'mores
Hedgey - Primarina Ice Cream
LuckyKitzy - Snorlax and Munchlax Mega PokePuffs
MikeyOpossum - Rattata Purple Sundae
Feralita - Gothic foret Niore
CuteLittleVixen - Slurpuff Cupcake
Kyflpa - Honedge Cookie Sheath
MariahMireles - Minior Galaxy Shake
MrsVolv - Teddiursa Mazurek and Ponyta Pinata Mew Candy Explosion
EdGarcia - Marowak Pastry Chef
jamsbunnies - Charizard Cheesecake
TheEvilHadrosaur - Aeryodactyl Flyer Gummy Bear Prey
Plucky-Nova - Bellossom Sweetness and Lampent Strawberry Shortcake
KYR22 - Furret Mint and Spinarak Cake
brodoyouevenfondue - Whirlipede Sprinkled Donut
w1ldxr0b0t - Custard Dedenne
CJizzlelette and TommyGK - Gengar Pumpkaboo and Mismagious Wagashi Treats

Offsite Participants:
Kari - Piplup Pokeball Surprise Cake

Untitled by TommyGK  Untitled by TommyGK

Tax receipt to be posted when it arrives!

That is all!! More to come next year!!
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This is really nice!
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awww Tommy you are da best!! :hug:<3
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Wog is huge, I will have lost patience if I had to do that! :o
Good job ! ;)
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Thank you, I hope you'll consider joining the next project in Springtime :)
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Really ? Thank you :D
I would like but what are the rules ?
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It's not posted yet, it would be posted in my group Charity-Guild c:
Around March/April is when the next Pokemon project will be. :heart:
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I want Alola Raichu pancakes!
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lol sounds yummy :P
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When will the next event be happening? Because I definately want to pitch in!
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Probably before spring or early spring :hug:
I'm looking forward to your participation!
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I'll be sure to jump on board ASAP!
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Oh wow, this is AWESOME!! :la:
Definitely joining again next projects! :happybounce:
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Me want some of that yum! :P
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How are u sorry I have been gone so long
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AHHHHHH!!! Look at all of that large gourmet buffet!Bunny Emoji-08 (Lalala~) [V1]

I feel this song would totally fit the mood: 

But congratulations to everyone who participated in this collab!  Emoji12 
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:lol: Any time you want to collab again just poke me :hug:
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This is so massive wow. Lots of awesome arts
TommyGK's avatar
It was a lot of fun!!
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I had to look a few minutes before I found Minccino, I still haven't found Cinccino yet, but this is awesome! 💖 Thanks for letting me join, I can't wait to be part of another awesome collab! :hug:
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