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Giving art more meaning!
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Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
TommyGK has been an active and supportive member of DeviantArt for nearly 7 years, and in this time, he’s made an incredible mark on the community as a whole. From the moment he joined, Tommy has been a whirlwind of positivity and inspiration, creating a devious atmosphere of support with his thoughtful comments and sincere relationships. Two years later, he became a part of the DeviantArt volunteer team as the Fan Art volunteer, where he worked tirelessly to improve other deviants’ experiences on the site, providing Fan Art creators the visibility they deserved. He was a part of the team from 2011 to 2013, and later rejoined as the Chat & Forums Volunteer for part of 2013.

While he's no longer a volunteer, TommyGK has found a new way to support the community in recent years: through his giant art collaborations! Bringing up to 270 artists together per project, he's brought artistic inspiration to charity, donating to groups such as the Humanitarian Coalition, Samaritan’s Purse, and the Canadian Red Cross.

As thanks for all the time spent as a passionate and successful Community Volunteer, his massive charitable projects, and his overall supportive and cheerful demeanor towards his fellow artists, we’re proud to award the July Deviousness Award to TommyGK!
-awarded July 2016

Angel Without Wings Award

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda

Awarded on May 2018 nominated by Andorada

"TommyGK, an honored receiver of the Deviousness Award, has a strong, positive and inspiring impact in his corner of the Deviant World, bridging a large range of ages. His work with charity collaborations is just sweet and shows his kindness towards others."


TommyGK's response

♪ Thank you friendly friends! I shall continue to make my smiles go for miles! I am very happy to receive this award! ♪

My YouTube channel

♪ Please subscribe if you like my puppets! Many tutorials on my channel! ♪

YouTube Silver Play Button Award! (100,000 subs) by TommyGK

Puppet Youtube Channels

Also, you can find my art at my website:

Welcome to Octoberland!

And welcome to another charity Pokemon project by Charity-Guild


Charity Pokemon collaboration by TommyGK

Everyone is welcome in this project! Members and non-members allowed!

Amateur and professional artists wanted!


I am pleased to announce the launching of a new project!

Here is the last Charity collaboration we did for Make-A-Wish Foundation!

150 Pokemon Medieval Charity Fair by TommyGK

Some awesome submissions from the last project:

Psyduck as a knight by UszatyArbuz Medieval Dragon Mega Charizard Y by Fabi-kun Medieval Shiny Kyurem by CHEMAX3X Kingchu by Ry-Spirit
Medieval Collab: Jousting Gyarados by Khallandra Herbalist and Sorcerer by JA-punkster Pokemon Medival Fair Entry 2 by WanderSong 'We'll Dig first, and then have Tea and Biscuits' by ToxicSnakeSkull Charity Group Contest - Magical herbs by Absbor-K

This time we are making a Pokemon Costume Collab!

Spooky? Autumn themed? Superhero? Fursona? Disney? Jack-o-lanterns?


All Pokemon are to be dressed in a costume for Halloween! 

Or alternatively, you may carve a Pokemon on a pumpkin, photograph it, and submit it to this project!

Jack-o-lanterns most welcome and wanted!

Some current submissions to this project!
You Shall Be Purified (Collab thing 1/2) by Shadow--Flareon Abigail the Fennekin Witch by Flippedyfrogs A Pichu Brothers Halloween - Octoberland 2018 by raystar-draws Sonicumuku by TacoTiiger
Hound of Doom by Little-Papership Octoberland Charity Collab - Kanga n baby by Oranguin The Pleaser Of Crowds by TamarinFrog Kirbet by DannyWade

Current Jack-o-Lanterns!
Chandelure Jack-o'-lantern by JA-punkster

(when submitting a Jack-o-lantern, please photograph an unlit version as well as a lit version if possible)

You may draw two submissions! For every 10 submissions I receive, I will pack a shoebox and send it to underprivileged children for Operation Christmas Child! I will even donate money to the Samaritan's Purse!


Thar be rules! :iconmahboiplz:

:pokeball: All deviantART submission rules apply
:pokeball: In order to enter, please comment below what species you wish to draw! Your Pokemon must be dressed in a COSTUME! First come first serve, and reservations will be held for 2 weeks. After that, anyone can claim that character again.
:pokeball: Submissions may be coloured or inked! (Although colour is preferred)
:pokeball: You are allowed to draw 1 or 2 Pokemon! I aim for variety so I will only allow 5 of of the same species (exceptions can be made, note me)! You can put both Pokemon in one picture which will count as 2 submissions.
:pokeball: If submitting a Jack-o-lantern, stencils are allowed as long as the stencil artist is okay with it. Stencil stocks are permitted. Please photograph an unlit lantern with the pumpkin clearly showing! You may also submit a lit version if you wish!
:pokeball: Your Pokemon must be in COSTUME! It can be based off something Halloween themed, superhero, movies, games, etc... No political figures! Please just... no. 
:pokeball: I will accept all generations and mega evolutions/ultra beasts are accepted! Shiny Pokemon are definitely allowed!
:pokeball:  Do not add a background to your submission. I prefer transparent backgrounds, no big deal if you don't know how, just submit it on plain white background.
No Gijinkas/fakemons/pokefusions please. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon characters are welcome!
:pokeball: Pokemon can not be/have anything sexual or suggestive. 
:pokeball: Anyone can enter regardless of skill. I will judge your art by your effort however.
:pokeball: If drawing on paper, please use UNLINED paper or it will be turned down!
:pokeball: Stock is allowed on the condition that all the stock artist's criteria has been followed. Credit where necessary. Tracing over animal stocks into a form of a Pokemon are permitted. I cannot permit photomanipulations however. NO LINEART STOCK (except if using it for a carving stencil) OR OFFICIAL ART PLEASE. 
:pokeball: Pokemon may be posed however you want or doing whatever you want! 
:pokeball: Recommended canvas size is 900x700 or 700x900
:pokeball: Two submissions per person please! To submit, comment here, note me or tag me VIA mentions with your submission. Also please submit your Pokemon to my group Charity-Guild! PLEASE mention this journal on your submission! Scraps is fine. submissions are difficult to organize, so please submit them to this site!
:pokeball: No work older than October 1st, 2018
:pokeball: Deadline is November 1st, 2018

:star:Please submit your entries here!:star:

See the list of claimed Pokemon here
Octoberland Charityneshirys Giratina
katagro Diglet
UszatyArbuz Psyduck
GlitzerKirby Timburr
plantstronaut Torchic and Sableye
toadeu Nidorina and Floatzel
rainbow000pegasus Squirtle
DentedBrain Chinchou
DarkWillRemain Treecko
WindySilver Eevee and Totodile
Flippedyfrogs Fennekin

And after the poster is assembled, it will be made into a YouTube video on my channel! Watch the last one here!



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


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