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My Entire Puppet Collection

My Puppet Family (all hand crafted) by TommyGK, visual art

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Charmander Ventriloquist Dummy by TommyGK, visual art


Piplup Ventriloquist Dummy by TommyGK, visual art

Fabrice the Rat Puppet (Original Character)

Fabrice the Rat Puppet (Original Character) by TommyGK, visual art

Wishing Star

Cassie the Wishing Star Puppet! by TommyGK, visual art

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Tommy's Puppet Lab. Professional puppet builder and ventriloquist. I am a storyteller and filmmaker on YouTube! Follow me and see what kinds of stories I tell with the puppets. Thank you for over 375,000 YT subs!

Favourite Visual Artist
Too many to list
Favourite Movies
Fox and the Hound, WALL-E, Inside Out, Wreck it Ralph, Land Before Time, Zootopia, Halloweentown
Favourite TV Shows
Digimon Adventure, Family Matters, Boy Meets World, Are You Afraid of the Dark
Favourite Books
Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, One for Sorrow Two for Joy
Favourite Writers
Stephen LaBerge
Favourite Games
PMD Sky, Secret of Evermore, Super Mario RPG, Digimon Cyber Sleuth, Kirby, Ace Attorney
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo 3DS, Steam
Tools of the Trade
Dremel 4300, Glow Paint
Other Interests
Philosophy, Oneironaut, Magic, Spirituality


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Deviousness Award

TommyGK has been an active and supportive member of DeviantArt for nearly 7 years, and in this time, he’s made an incredible mark on the community as a whole. From the moment he joined, Tommy has been a whirlwind of positivity and inspiration, creating a devious atmosphere of support with his thoughtful comments and sincere relationships. Two years later, he became a part of the DeviantArt volunteer team as the Fan Art volunteer, where he worked tirelessly to improve other deviants’ experiences on the site, providing Fan Art creators the visibility they deserved. He was a part of the team from 2011 to 2013, and later rejoined as the Chat & Forums Volunteer for part of 2013.

While he's no longer a volunteer, TommyGK has found a new way to support the community in recent years: through his giant art collaborations! Bringing up to 270 artists together per project, he's brought artistic inspiration to charity, donating to groups such as the Humanitarian Coalition, Samaritan’s Purse, and the Canadian Red Cross.

As thanks for all the time spent as a passionate and successful Community Volunteer, his massive charitable projects, and his overall supportive and cheerful demeanor towards his fellow artists, we’re proud to award the July Deviousness Award to TommyGK!
Awarded Jul 2016

Angel Without Wings Award

Angel without Wings Award

Awarded on May 2018 nominated by Andorada

"TommyGK, an honoured receiver of the Deviousness Award, has a strong, positive and inspiring impact in his corner of the Deviant World, bridging a large range of ages. His work with charity collaborations is just sweet and shows his kindness towards others."


TommyGK's response:


♪ Thank you friendly friends! I shall continue to make my smiles go for miles! I am very happy to receive this award! ♪