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Boba Fett Mixer

I asked for a Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas, I pointed my wife toward a broken one on eBay so that I could refurbish it, as I was taking it apart I got some inspiration for the paint job and this is what came out of it, still needs a phase board for speed control and two decals to be applied to the sides but I couldn't wait to share.
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This is amazing. My bf and I are very jelly. You did an amazing job omg!!
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Awesome Sauce!  Going to have to try and duplicate it on my own one of these days. :)
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That is awesome!!!!!!! I love it! This has inspired me to do something cool and geeky with my mixer :)
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This is amazing.. I want to paint mine too :)

What paints did you use?
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all the color is spray paint from Lowes, then it is top coated with engine paint for the clear.
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I am a culinary student who has been begging for a Kitchen Aid for YEARS. Now nobody has an excuse NOT TO GET ME ONE.
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Hey Tommy, this is wonderful!  Great work man!
That is AWESOME!! I want to do the same thing for my friend's wedding gift, they are huge Boba Fett fans! I need to know though what Valspar spray paints did you use.. if you don't mind me asking do you know what the names were.. I would really appreciate it! I don't want to screw up the colors they are HUGE fans and you got them PERFECT!!!!!
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also from their website it looks like Leafy Rise is the light green.
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I don't know offhand, I'll look and see if I still have left over and I can tell you their names, they don't have much of a selection I would think if you took a picture into Lowes you could match them up pretty easy, Hunter Green just came to mind. But I think they only have one dark green anyway. I do know the grey lines were rustoleum grey auto primer. everything else Valspar.
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oh, wow. WANT! :o
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so cool, can't wait to see how it turns out.
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This is one of the best things I have seen! What a beautiful job you've done! You make me want to buy one the next time I see one at a thrift store!
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Love it! Showed it to my sister who's a professional cook and a huge fan of Boba Fett - she's extremely jealous! :D
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I sooooo want to do this. Can you share with me how you did the distressing/battle marks? This is AWESOME, can't believe how cool it looks. My wife has given me permission to do this to her Kitchen Aide, so hopefully you'll give me some tips!
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The distressing marks are actual chips and gouges, I used a rotary tool mostly.
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That is the most glorious food-related device I have ever seen in my life.
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I saw this on facebook- Amazing!!! What a Great idea! what did you use- car paint? or some type of acrylic?
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