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Myself, Today
Verse 1
I've looked into myself.
Your - way,
Will always make me better.
I - know,
You are the one for me.
What - can,
I do to make you see?
Burned the house down
with a match called lies.
On an adventure to see
beyond the skies.
But girl, believe me,
I must look deeper in myself to-day!
Verse 2
I pulled the trigger
on the gun - you - hold.
All my excuses
were just get-ing o-ld.
Verse 3
But no more blame,
head's hung in shame.
I can't con-trol---- it!
Verse 4
I - vow,
To make you mine once more.
But - how?
When your foot's halfway out the door?
Trust - me.
I know it's hard to earn.
Just - try,
Revive your heart, a lesson learned,
Save ourselves before we both get bu------rned!
But girl believe me,
I must look deeper in my self to-day!
But girl believe me,
I'm just not okay.
I must look deeper in myself today..
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Worth Your While
Verse 1
The fear covered up
had been plaguing me for ages.
My limited heart
kept us locked away in cages!
I can't explain how much I love you.
No matter how loud I shout.
But I know that I need you.
You're what this song is all about!
Baby, don't leave!
Stay here with me!
I'll make it worth your while!
Stay here with me,
and baby you'll see.
I'll be, the one to make you smile.
Verse 2
Forced to sit back and watch
Memories covered in dust.
Follow me once again,
and I'll gain back your trust! (I know I will!)
You've heard all these words before.
But now they mean so much more.
I'm miserable, take me back!
Before I suffer a heart attack!
Chorus 2
Baby, don't leave! (Cute face)
Stay here with me! (Great taste)
I'll make it worth your while! (In what you're wearing)
Stay here with me, (Your heart)
and baby you'll see. (Is some...)
I'll be, the one to make you smile. (...thing I'm not sharing!)
And if I took a fall...
And if I lost it all...
I'd still b
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Going to Waste
Run away in fear,
leave me far behind.
Your makeup runs from your eyes,
but it isn't the first time.
You love me but you can't;
and I'm supposed to understand?
At least have the common courtesy,
to alert me when you can.
I know that I have problems,
and it forces stress and sleepless nights.
So tie my knot a little tighter,
and I'll be gone before the morning light.
I miss you dearly, and you know it!
When we're together we blatantly show it.
So when love comes to you,
and it's all in your face,
and you just want space?
Well it's going to waste.
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Mature content
Edge :icontommyboy1334:tommyboy1334 1 0
Photobooth is a Terrible Tool by tommyboy1334 Photobooth is a Terrible Tool :icontommyboy1334:tommyboy1334 1 0
The Key to her Heart
A possession so coveted,
by a particular boy.
A boy hurt in the past,
now a man,
had a reason to go on.
Word spread of a treasure.
A treasure of words,
only to be passed to to one
another by words.
It was fate that led to him.
Fate that made Fridays
a day to look out for.
Fate that made parties
not a waste of time.
A slur and a smile
traveled thousands of miles,
and somehow reached the
gate to her heart.
As he found his way through,
stunned more than he knew,
he saw the true beauty,
the true image of all that is good,
locked away in this fenced paradise.
As he went further in,
and got closer and closer,
he found the treasure he's been
waiting for.
As he approached the treasure,
he realized that it was only
but a place mark
for what he had the whole time.
Entering the gates entered her spirit,
entering paradise is the key to her heart.
The walls are high,
the journey is tough.
I'm fit to climb these walls.
I'm fit to break them down.
I hold the key, and I will find the lock.
The treasur
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Counting syllables like days
I thought the last day would be yesterday,
And I thought that I would never come back.
But here I am, sitting in this chair.
Can't get enough of what's gone forever.
The class is getting smaller now.
The days are getting shorter, how?
To come back to class, and sit on
my ass, because I can't let go.
I don't want to leave yet.
The time passed too quickly.
I can't help but wonder,
Will anyone miss me?
Up on the stage,
I'm scared as hell.
Goodbye high school.
My time has come.
:icontommyboy1334:tommyboy1334 1 1
Limits Are Laws
I feel the ripple
effect on the tile.
I want to jump in.
leave this class
room of restirctions.
leave this free world
and enter a free life.
A life of no limits.
But limits itself.
Swimming up and flying down
Dreaming awake and thinking silently.
But silence is loud in
a life that is free.
Euphoria, impossibility.
That's why dreams are only dreams.
Done sleeping, and thought up consciously.
Swimming down and flying up
Tile is tough and limits are laws
A life of science without reason, just fact.
A free world under fire, undercover, under wraps.
:icontommyboy1334:tommyboy1334 1 0
I Really Did Love Her
For a year.
we were a picture frame bursting as it hit the ground
we were the sound of a match igniting and making your eyes water
we were the thrill of jumping off a trampoline
and landing into pricker bushes
As loud as a train approaching a tunnel, but
quiet as a squeak from a flip-flop when you lifted
your foot.
We fit together like a rusty gear in a new
We fit into a hole like a stripped screw.
The prize always waited at the top of the hill,
and we always ran out of gas
My heart grew as it shattered and hers quickly
But by a different repairman.
Mine has yet to be looked at.
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With Detail
Silky black hair and volume turned up
has small quarrels with her shoulders below.
With eyes so verdant,
they make vegetarians starve.
Scar ridden wrists,
laces freely grabbing the ground.
Her lips conform so politely,
as they can almost kiss themselves.
Her mind is an ocean,
with no visible horizon.
But her hands are a gateway to warm, sandy beaches
and I grab them to form castles and bonds.
When she can get mad,
a wildfire breaks,
and the green eyes turn to red.
Looks like I need to become a lifeguard.
:icontommyboy1334:tommyboy1334 2 1
Under Common
The floor squeaks,
the oven reeks.
The plants are dead,
once green instead.
My mom walks in,
to feed her kin.
But she can't claim a room she once left behind.
It's too late for her, I've claimed it all mine.
She stopped for her job, which I can understand I guess.
But ever since she's left, it's been nothing but a mess.
I take over in the night, still mine in the day.
I love the way my kitchen works, but I'm not here to stay.
Dying plants and disrepair, is something I can't handle.
When my mother dies, I'm going to cry, and give her kitchen back.
:icontommyboy1334:tommyboy1334 0 0
On The Rocks
I grabbed her cold hand.
It shook at first, but her soft skin calmed soon.
They reminded me of a peach.
A new peach so ripe you can bite right into it.
Her nails were fading.
The soil from being out all day showed up.
I held her hand tight, and we soon warmed.
Her hand felt so secure to me.
"How long have you been waiting?"
As her lip snarled and looked up at me,
she asked how I can ask such a thing.
"Not to be rude, or spoil your mood,
but I've been waiting since quarter to three."
I tilted my head, snapped back and said,
"I've been waiting since my heart stopped beating."
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A Flexible Comfort
How far can you take me?
I don't want you anymore.
Tears on the floor.
Anger galore.
You take me away with your selfish lies.
I just want you so badly, all mine.
Then here she comes, saving the day.
She speaks softly, but strongly,
like a key to a door not meant to be open.
Lunar eclipses with percents running low;
you save me at night.
I won't go, but I can't stay.
You make things go perfectly my way.
You brighten my nights and waken my days.
You know who you are, you you're smiling inside.
My words are like mountains.
You're the hiker and you've reached the top.
I'll never stop.
I'll be there for you.
Like you're there for me.
:icontommyboy1334:tommyboy1334 0 0
Not a Dog
Killer winds blow in the night
And clicking calms and stops
Tonight it changes
Irreversible I thought
Each time, corrected
You came back to me
Oh, how I waited for you
Under sheets, and over thoughts
Can it be true?
Another glance, as I look - it's you
My smile makes my cheeks stretch
Even more than intended.
But now, it will last forever
And forever friends we will be
Cause this time, I won't let you go
Katie, you mean the world to me
:icontommyboy1334:tommyboy1334 0 0
Slip, Slide, Footloose Hands
It's 7:31 and I shift into D,
being on time is important to me.
But only on Tuesdays, to race here on time.
Other wise school is a waste of mine.
Finding the lot, with five minutes to spare.
I can see it from here, "My spot is right there!"
I pick up my speed, and press on the gas,
but to my misfortune she was starting to pass.
I slammed on the brakes and got out of the way,
she bitched and she yelled that I ruined her day.
I get to my spot and I shift it to P,
just to find out she's still yelling at me.
Complete in a hurry, I just walk towards school.
She's still whining and moaning like a drunken fool.
Yeah, I almost hit her, that I can share.
But I got to my meeting with one minute to spare.
:icontommyboy1334:tommyboy1334 0 0
Response to Poem Two
The pain will go away soon.
The cuts will stop now.
We can overcome depression.
I'm all the help you need.
The binge will be beaten.
The scars will soon fade.
We can tear away addiction.
I'll rescue you myself.
Suicide isn't what you need.
We'll find the cure.
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