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Midgard: A Fantasy World Map - [OLD VERSION]


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Izzpi? Indonesia and Borneo is called Izzpi? And where is Malaysia?
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Yup! You try getting a lizard to say the 'O' sound. Can't be done. Trust me I'm a zoologist.

For more lizard-given names I present a larger map of the region.
Midgard 2.0 Preview - Izz and Izzpi by tomme23  

Think I accidentally brushed over the peninsula when trying to remove a dot, and then failed to notice. My bad.
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Remove the british isles, thet's what the shire is supposed to represent, it's too close to Lindon anyway, and it's where tol fuin goes.
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Where's Akavir
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Used to be a complex story about how Akavir was in another dimension, but Midgard V2 does now include an Akavir. Soon™️(ish)
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By the way, beleriand was where the british isles are on the map, not to mention that the north at one point led straight to Aman, although it seems you made the map based on the Third Era state of Arda where Aman is already taken to heavens and impossible to get to by foot.
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Beleriand was where the british isles are on the map
I know, and I accounted for that. Back when I had much more free time than I do now I made another map showing this world as it was 10000 years prior (see Arceus’ Eden) and lampshaded it as an “embarrassingly large archipelago” in On the Norse. Beleriand itself would’ve been a low-lying Doggerland-like region. For Midgard V2 though I’ve shifted the British Isles further out into the Belegaer and added Tol Fuin.

As for Aman I’ve applied the “history as mythology” approach that you’re really supposed to when interpreting Tolkien, TES, and ASOIAF canon in that nothing can be set in stone. In Aman’s case it was never on-world but rather inside a plane of Oblivion, which my own interpretation can be seen here in The Other Local Neighbourhood. For a while there was a giant portal to this realm (same situation as Essos, for reasons explained in Where is Essos?) just off Middle-Earth’s coast, and when Aman was “taken” the Ainur simply closed it.

This map was originally based in TA 3019, but for Midgard V2 I’ve shifted the timeline back so it’ll be based in FoA 218 (I made a journal entry with that info at Huge Timeline Shake-Up).

Oh how I miss having free time...
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I do similar stuff from time to time, looks cool and its a ton of fun.
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A nice tamriel you got there, bro
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Btw Skyrim is supposed to be on the northern end of Tamriel.
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It’s supposed to be on the polar end of Tamriel. Whether that pole is the north or south pole from the perspective of the map-maker (not that I included a compass) doesn’t matter at all.

On second thoughts.
  Midgard - 'But Skyrim is in the north!' by tomme23
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What a crazy idea
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Well at least We Aussies will be overran by Lizardmen 
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Australia remains as Australia because it's already close enough to a fantasy world with all the dangerous creatures like crocodiles, sharks, spiders, jellyfish, snakes, and feral koalas.
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Why would you name Eurasia "Endor"?! Is it from Star Wars!?!
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At this point though I reckon I should have used the Sindarin 'Ennor' instead.
Thank you for THAT flaw.
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what are the other continents like during the 4th era?
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what about the white walkers
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Still exist, still doing dead-ly things, still unresolved what happens to them. I've left the plot of A Song of Ice and Fire untouched (and added a lot of cosmic portally bullshit to do so).
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I see why Nerevarine didnt return. He is chilling in westeros :D
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