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Midgard - A Fantasy World Map by tomme23 Midgard - A Fantasy World Map by tomme23
HD VERSION 2.0 IN PROGRESS! CLICK FOR TEASER! ANOTHER TEASER! But in the meantime, here's version 1.

So a while ago I saw this:… and, while I enjoyed the concept, I was quite miffed that the lands were all out of scale with each other. So I made my own. Sorry about the Mercator projection, the original maps would have to have been warped to fit in a better one.

This didn't start out as anything serious but while I was making this first map I really got into it (probably too much) so it grew and grew into the Midgard Project.

I've decided to publish the timeline. If you want to add or correct something, feel free to add to the document or send me a note!

Edits 29/11/17: Updated some names to those in version 2.0; Canada is no longer glorious and eternal. Press 'F' to pay respects.

Main Legendariums + Changes from Source Material

The plot-lines, characters, and recent histories (within a few thousand years) of these three have been left mostly intact. The year this map is based is 4E 204 (Tamriel), TA 3019 (Western Ennor), and 301 AC (Westeros).

Tolkien Mythology

  • Rhûn is much smaller than the Gondorians believe, only referring specifically to the lands around the Sea of Rhûn, or rather between Rhovanion and the Mongolian Empire.
  • Beleriand sank due to rising sea levels after Arceus' Eden ended (see the pokémon section), leaving only the British Isles and Lindon above the waves.
  • The British Isles are not on Gondorian maps because they don't know about them, since the elves of Lindon and the ainur don't talk about them as it was part of the land that Morgoth made his base and did evil things from. To them, the islands are accursed. It doesn't help that the Norse took over Britain and wiped out the 'forsaken'/mortal elves.
  • The creation stories from The Silmarillion are myths spread by the ainur who have long forgotten their own history.
  • Hobbits are a subspecies of humans that evolved on the island of Balar around 40,000 years ago.
  • Dwarves are basically neanderthals. That's not exactly a big change.
  • Elves aren't naturally immortal. Eru Ilúvatar gave them that.
  • The elves of Ennor are also 20-40% human, due to interbreeding. Dwarves are similarly around 10-20% human.
  • The original elves were most reminiscent of the altmer of Tamriel.
  • Forodwaith is divided into several kingdoms of the Norse, who would definitely be able to kick Mordor's arse.
  • Valinor was never the home of elves, it was first settled by humans and the population is still almost entirely human. It is known locally as Terra.
  • No one is really sure where or when the ents came from. They are certainly daedric though and predate the ainur. Older still are the nameless things that gnaw upon the roots of the world.

The Elder Scrolls
For an updated Tamriel click here
  • Most of the lore about the Dawn and Merethic Eras are complete myths.
  • The stars are really huge balls of plasma that undergo nuclear fusion to produce light and heat.
  • There is no cosmological distinction between Aetherius and Oblivion.
  • The hist are daedric.
  • Neither khajiit nor saxhleel are from Tamriel; khajiit are Chinese and saxhleel are from Izz.
  • Akavir is contained within the Divines' plane of Oblivion, which is known as Aetherius.
  • Khajiit of Ennor do not have separate morphs that are determined by the moons, that was Azura's doing.
  • Likewise saxhleel that have had no contact with the hist, like those of Izzpi and Siam, are still sapient but resemble their monitor lizard relatives.
  • The et'Ada are only around seven thousand years old.

A Song of Ice and Fire

  • The rest of the world (Essos, Solthoryos, Ulthos, etc) are actually a plane of Oblivion that was created by R'hllor (the 'Lord of Light') in a bizarre experiment to see how long it would take the Westerosi to figure it out (because R'hllor is 12,000 years old and has achieved a level of senility that you mere mortals could not possibly comprehend). Here's why from a behind the scenes perspective.
  • The First Men did not come from Essos, rather they came from Atmora.
  • The children of the forest were descended from the now extinct sloths.
  • The Seven and the Drowned God are actually figures from the Olympian pantheon.
  • Westeros' 'seasons' are actually climatic shifts (the rest of the world has ordinary seasons) caused by the end of Arceus' Eden and the fluctuations in the thermal output/input from the ridiculously enormous portal to Oblivion just off the coast.
  • The dragons used by the Targaryens were originally created by R'hllor and were based off those created by Morgoth (the two daedric lords knew each other quite well and fought alongside each other against the pokémon) and the æsir, which in turn were modelled after dinosaur fossils and modern reptiles.

Other Legendariums

Elements have been taken from these, though little remains of the original stories or characters. What I hope is a full list of credits can be found here.

Pokémon - The pokémon were the earliest known daedric beings to be created. Japan (their homeland) was populated solely by khajiit. Arceus dominated the world for around 90,000 years (~100,000 - ~10,000 years ago) in what is called Arceus' Eden. It(?) made the world more homogeneous in climate and lowered sea levels (though not evenly), allowing animals from Ennor to spread into Tamriel and Westeros. When Arceus' strength gave out, nature took over again.. And so the khajiit of the first Chinese Empire declared war on the pokémon. After years of fighting and several more regions joining in, the pokémon were driven into their plane of Oblivion (the world from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon). Arceus was banished atop Mount Coronet using an elder scroll by Olghis Khan, the first great general of Mongolia. The climate still hasn't fully recovered, especially in Westeros and Tamriel. The pokémon are Arvalis' versions, because they're cooler.

Greek/Roman Mythology + Camp Half-Blood - Greece and Italy are moved to southern Terra under one nation state, Olympia. The Olympian pantheon (and the associated others) come from here. Eventually they took favour of Panem and Camp Half-Blood was set up on it's eastern coast. Olympian = a resident of Olympus (a plane of Oblivion), Olympean = a resident of Olympia. When Gaia rose again around 3,500 years ago, seven demigods banished her with an elder scroll.

Norse Mythology + How to Train Your Dragon - The dragons are daedric beings. Berk is one of the Faroe Islands. The other realms of Yggdrasill are planes of Oblivion. Asgard and Vanaheim are friendly towards Midgard, the others not so much... at least until the crushing defeats suffered by Jötunheim and Svártalfheim in their respective conflicts with the Midgardian Collective. The Norse range covers Scandinavia, Forodwaith, the British Isles, the Faroe Islands, and Iceland.

The Chronicles of Narnia - Aslan and Jadis (the White Witch) are daedric lords who were given Narnia as a gift for their help in the war against the pokémon. The talking animals are animals that were uplifted (given daedric souls) by Aslan and the other inhabitants (fawns, centaurs and the like) are Olympian species.

The Lion King - Aslan once visited a wild savannah in Far Harad and uplifted many of the mammals and archosaurs there. A lion pride declared themselves to be the rulers of their new society. Most of the Pridelands' inhabitants are sapient; though regular animals, such as the wildebeest who trampled Mufasa, can also be found due to their migratory habits. The sapient carnivores tend to avoid eating their intelligent fellows, unless out of utter desperation. Most of the uplifted animals live within 100 kilometres of Pride Rock. Beyond that lies the unspoken border with the human bush-tribes and mûmakil herders, who believe the animals to be evil spirits and would kill them indiscriminately. There have been several conflicts in the Pridelands before Ahadi, Mufusa's father, negotiated the current uneasy truce. The hyenas, who lived on the fringes of the Pridelands because lions and hyenas hate each other, broke that truce and attacked livestock,  causing tensions between the humans and the newly 'crowned' Mufasa. During Scar's reign the humans offered sanctuary for the herbivorous refugees, though they did not make contact with the lions until Kiara became queen, which was also about the hyenas. Mufasa never got to tell Simba about the humans.

Hunger Games - Panem, it's 13 districts, and the Capitol, exist in name and location only (though Terra and Kamchatka are more advanced than anyone else - seeing as the series was based in the future). The events of the series would never happen in this universe. 'Panem' (coming from a Latin phrase) is a more fitting name than America since both it and the Terran/Olympean Empire that preceded it has/had Latin has its official language. Terra and Kamchatka are at WW1 levels of technology with some steampunk and magical elements (think Bioshock Infinite) and have isolated themselves from the rest of the world, like Japan did in real life before 1854, because they see the other civilisations as so primitive that they may as well be gods in comparison. Also those civilisations haven't invented indoor plumbing yet and so are stinky.

Moana - It happened because why not? Te Fiti has origins that are far spookier than you could imagine.


Any organisms that did not evolve naturally or cannot be classified taxonomically are known as daedra, as it is a fitting term - Aldmeric for not our ancestors. On the other hand, many in academia now refer to natural organisms as aedra - ancestors.

Every multicellular organism has a soul. They produce magical energy, magicka, in their cells as a leftover byproduct of their early evolution. This creates a magical imprint of the organism which is released upon death. Several daedric lords recreate the organisms in their respective realms from these imprints. Sapience on Midgard is defined as possessing the ability to consciously wield magicka. Some species, such as the thunderbugsshalks, and wamasu , can also utilise the magical energy they produce in the most basic of destruction spells, but this is instinctual. Sapient aedric beings have no inborn knowledge of their own abilities and must be taught, much like human swimming.

There are 11 extant aedric sapient species, which are ordered here by time of first appearance...

The children of the forest are widely thought to be extinct and are called 'wohdaks' by the rest of the world for brevity's sake. Sadly the species slides into extinction within the decade after this map is based, and the daedric lord R'hllor killed himself shortly afterwards.


The world was not created by anyone. The major daedric groups were created by mortal peoples.

Valar morghulis. Like the elves of Ennor, some of the more powerful daedra (unique daedric lords - basically gods) are functionally immortal but they can be killed with the liberal application of overwhelming firepower.

A somewhat comprehensive list of daedric groups/pantheons can be found here.

Before You Ask...

Yes, I am totally aware that this is an utterly ridiculous premise. Those glorious bastards on /r/TrueSTL once had a field day with it, but I enjoy doing it and I get to parody stuff. The original 'goal' was "there's the UK, and there's Mordor! Yay!". Oh who am I kidding? There was no goal, just an insanity that kinda works.

Ennor really is an alternate canonical name for Middle-Earth. I figured it suited the name of a continent better.

There are two moons; Masser and Secunda.

Yes Tamriel and Westeros are "upside down" because Skyrim is a cold place and Black Marsh is a warm place, and it tends to get colder as you get closer to a pole. Also both franchises feature ice-covered land to the 'north'. The subject of north vs south can cause quite furious arguments in-universe (especially down the pub). Those in Ennor and Terra would place the North Pole in the Arctic, and the South Pole in Atmora. Those in Westeros and Tamriel would reverse that. Some soft saps would declare both poles to be north, and the equator as a southern rim. West and east similarly have opposing definitions, but we're going with the Terran way because they figured out how magnets work.

I've already mentioned Essos. See above for that.

On the other hand the sun rises in the Terran west and sets in the east, as shown ingame in TES V: Skyrim; from Morrowind to High Rock. For some strange reason the Lion King also has the sun rising from the west. In the "everything the light touches" scene, they are looking towards the rising sun and the Elephant Graveyard, which Scar says is beyond the northern border, is to the right.

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  Midgard - 'But Skyrim is in the north!' by tomme23
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Dwarfman0 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2017
Interesting that Australia is itself in this fantasy setting. Is that out of respect for the Aboriginal Dreamtime mythology? Or are we just that scary and strange to you?
tomme23 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Originally, back in early 2014 when this was a fun little thing that hadn't consumed my DeviantArt life (please send help), Australia was kept because it has neat wildlife, was a cool country that I admired (same with Canada - and Canada is eternal), increased total land area for that 70:30 ratio, and served as a decent setting for the land of Oz since it is surrounded by desert on all sides.

Later in 2014-2015 I removed the Wizard of Oz (as I started to go down a realistic route and the franchise didn't fit into that) so Australia then served as the original evolutionary homeland of the saxhleel from the Elder Scrolls, which here are a naturally sapient species of monitor lizards, and the Redguards who then migrated into Yokuda and later Hammerfell. The saxhleel make up the vast majority of Australia's people here.

2016 came around and I've been revamping the world a bit. Along with a higher resolution map (which I've uploaded a few teasers for) I've been fleshing out the history and cultures of Terra (labelled Valinor on this rather outdated original map) and renaming things (sorry Canada, you are no longer eternal). Australia has similarly been renamed Izz, meaning 'home' in a native saxhleel language (and as a sort-of nod to Oz), and I've altered the coastline somewhat to add more distance between it and Tamriel. Once I'm done with Terra (which has become my baby) I'll be fleshing Izz out a lot more. Aboriginal mythology will be featured, though spiced up with the saxhleel, and the wildlife is much more like that of the Pleistocene. The bunyip, yowie (here a close relative to Tamriel's trolls), and drop bears (because why not?) are so far included as natural parts of Izz's fauna, will probably add more as time goes on.

But in the meantime, here's Izz.
Midgard 2.0 Preview - Izz by tomme23  
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tomme23 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
In terms of climate Harondor (South Gondor) matches with mainland Spain pretty well and I used Spain's textures for it in my larger WIP reboot (teaser for that here). In terms of people, the Dornishmen are a decent approximation but their culture and languages are completely different. The Canary Islands are not visible here but will be featured in that reboot.
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I seriously enjoy this and look forward to more of your stuff. 
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