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Elves by tomme23 Elves by tomme23
The elves, Homo venustus, are one of the more widespread sapient species; found across Tamriel, northwestern Endor, and the Pyandoneac Ocean.

The ancestors of all elves first evolved from Homo ehlnofex in the region now known as Rhovanion around 300,000 years ago. Around the same time, the dwarves arose in Eriador. The original elves were most reminiscent of the modern altmer, and are referred to as aldmer by those in Tamriel. While humans evolved for pursuit predation and dwarves for big game hunting, the elves specialised in ambushing their prey. As such the elves are much more light footed than their relatives, and were the first species to develop archery (since the khajiits' shoulder joints prevented the use of such a weapon). Around 200,000 years ago, having colonised much of northern Endor, the aldmer spread south along Harad's western coastline and entered Tamriel around 100,000 years later when Arceus' Eden began. However, unlike their human relatives, the elves were driven off the continent by the ancient beastfolk (khajiit and saxhleel) civilisation and forced to retreat to the Summerset Isles. Meanwhile the elves in Harad were outcompeted by the rapidly expanding human race, separating the two populations entirely.

For tens of thousands of years the aldmer remained isolated in the Summerset Isles, becoming the taller altmer in the meantime. When Arceus' Eden ended and the beastfolk civilisation fell, the elves began to colonise Tamriel once more, diversifying into the bosmer and falmer races. Others spread into the low-lying archipelago of Pyandonea, but the landmass was almost completely submerged once more only a few thousand years later. The elves there took to the sea, eventually evolving into the maormer.

Meanwhile in Endor, the elven homeland, they were losing badly to the encroaching westerners. However the species mingled for thousands of years and eventually the pure-blooded aldmer were replaced by the manmer race, named as such because they are up to 40% human. The manmer share much of their physical features with the Westerners, including skin colour and skull shape, and lack any form of terminal body hair. They retain the pointed ears of their aldmer ancestors.

During the Merethic Era (~7,000 - ~4,500 years ago) the Tamrielic elves developed their first civilisations, laying the foundations of the modern elvish societies. The greatest of these belonged to the underground dwelling altmer (known as the dwemer) that ranged from Morrowind to Hammerfell. The technologies of the dwemer, based on steam power and soul gems, were the most advanced the world had ever seen and have only been surpassed by the Valinorese in the last century. Their cities still stand pristine and their automations still guard them after 4,000 years without maintenance. The disappearance of the dwemer occurred sometime around 1E 700 at the Battle of Red Mountain, the climax of their war with their surface dwelling relatives (the chimer - also not technically a separate race) in Morrowind. It is still unknown what caused it, but the involvement of an elder scroll is considerably likely.

At the same time three chimer (Almalexia, Sotha Sil, and Vivec) used the sundered heart of the daedric lord Lorkhan to become living gods, the Tribunal. And so the daedric lord Azura cursed them, along with all chimer, turning their skin grey and their eyes red. Thus the dunmer race was born, the changes fixed in the genetic code. Likewise some of the altmer in High Rock were transformed into the orsimer by the daedric lord Malacath. The history of the elves is riddled with daedric interventions, which is often considered to be a reason why humanity was a much more successful species. The manmer of mainland Endor were granted immortality by the Ainur, daedric lords from Valinor, which lasted until the end of the Great War (4E 210). Galadriel was over 7,000 years old before finally dying of old age.

The saddest story of elven history is that of the falmer. The race descended from the altmer of Cyrodiil who migrated to Skyrim during the early Merethic Era. There they built a great civilisation, the only remnants of which can be found in a secluded vale within the Druadach Mountains, and prospered until Atmora began to become uninhabitable and its human population returned en masse to Tamriel. For a time the two species lived together peacefully, but then the falmer sacked the human city of Saarthal and started a war. They lost, and were facing extinction when the dwemer offered them sanctuary for a terrible price. The dwemer forced the falmer to consume only a toxic fungi, rendering them blind, and enslaved them. After the dwemers' disappearance the falmer continued to inhabit their underground cities and spread into other cave systems throughout Skyrim, eventually evolving into the wretched beings they are today.

These examples of elves were rendered in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
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But you should add Ayleid, Left Handed Elves also Dwemer.
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