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I reckon there’d be a photo here more often than not. It’ll eventually go up on Instagram too, but because I love you folks more you get it first.

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Mrs Tweedy! The chickens are revolting!

Finally, something we agree on.
Just a quick journal today. In the brief moments between dissertation writing where I've not been losing the will to live, I've briefly re-visited the flag of the Midgardian Collective and have come up with two alternatives.

Option 1
Flag of the Midgardian Collective by tomme23
The original that I made ages ago. Blue represents the planet, brown is Masser, grey is Secunda, white is Oblivion, and the black is outer space. The others both follow this basic theme.

Option 2
Midgardian Collective 2 by tomme23
Here I've switched out the colours to those of real life flags, shrank the white around the blue and added it around the moons. The blue comes from the United Nations flag, the red of Masser is that of the Union Jack, and the grey of Secunda is that of the flag of Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile (the only flag I found with grey in it). The moons' circles are also true to their relative sizes.

Option 3
Midgardian Collective 3 by tomme23
Same as Option 2, but also includes 30 7-pointed blue stars that represent the thirty Oblivial planes that originally joined the collective (colour represents 'extensions' of Midgard).

Pick your favourite and let me know any suggestions you may have in the comments!
So I should have spent Saturday evening (if 2 am still counts as the evening) working on my dissertation, getting some sleep, or generally having a life... but instead I’ve been measuring fictional landmasses! Yay! Sadness!

But anyways, after carefully restoring the WIP HD map into an almost accurate equirectangular projection I imported it into Google Earth and “carefully” measured out all the major landmasses. Turns out Midgard has about 6.64 million square kilometres less land area than Earth.

That may not seem like much, but that’s most of an Australia.

Luckily there’s already an extra continent that’s sort-of on the world, Akavir. If I remove a few of its larger islands, it’s about 6.61 million km2 in area.

So basically... Akavir’s back baby!

So basically... I now have what could be a super fun spec-evo project on my hands. I suppose I shouldn’t focus on that before I finish my degree, but in the meantime I am open to ideas. I am thinking marsupials, I am thinking giant insects, I am thinking terrestrial crocodilians, I am even thinking non-avian dinosaurs!

You know you want to.

Edit: On-shitter inspiration
  • Prehistoric khajiit could have made it to an old Akavir
  • The Ka Po Tun are ‘tiger-people’
  • The Ka Po Tun could be khajiit all along!
That it? Not quite!
  • New World monkeys previously never evolved on Midgard since Westeros too far from Harad for rafting
  • But Akavir is much closer to Harad
  • An old Akavir could have New World monkeys!
But wait! There’s more!
  • The Tang Mo are ‘monkey-people’
  • Tang Mo could have evolved from New World monkeys, therefore...
Haven’t added one of those since 2013!
Since it’s Christmas and I’m just sitting around, I’ve had plenty of time to work on Midgard 2.0 again. Finally going to get Tamriel finished and it’s looking lush! But I’ve been thinking about the timelines; specifically where in Tolkien’s timeline the Great War should begin (my 0 date).

Currently I have the war beginning during the Battle of the Pelennor Fields in Third Age 3019, cutting the Lord of the Rings short. However both the Elder Scrolls V and A Song of Ice and Fire (hopefully) get to finish shortly before this. That just ain’t fair. The intention behind that cut off point for LotR was so we could have all the factions in it at full strength united against demon hordes, because if that doesn’t give you a stiffy then something is clearly wrong with you, but now with 2.0’s new Kamchatkan Empire and it’s westernmost provinces there are some glaring ‘historical’ plotholes.

Therefore I propose that LotR is shifted back a couple of centuries and the Great War begins in Fourth Age 218. This is somewhat after Tolkien’s appendices and the deaths of all your favourite characters. It also puts the third year of the war, and Sauron’s glorious return, in the year FoA 220 which is the start of Tolkien’s abandoned sequel The New Shadow. And that would be just grand.

What we gain
  • Frodo and co get to be heroes again! Yay!
  • Your favourite LotR characters get their happy endings, rather than being torn apart by demons! Double yay!
  • More consistency with the surrounding areas - no gun-toting Kamchatkan Empire to the east during LotR, no dragon-riding Norsic invaders to the north either
  • A fun story of Sauron’s GLORIOUS RETURN involving a Time Lord and her ‘TARDIS’, a soul gem, a skyshard, two chicken burritos, and a cactus.
  • Reunited Kingdom (end result is the same - everyone gets torn apart by demons then the Norse, Sauron, and the æsir save the day)
  • Norsic Lindon during the Great War

What we lose
  • Norse invasion of Angmar now significantly less fun, since it’ll be against humans rather than orcs
  • No Nazgul shenanigans during Great War
  • No Durin’s Bane shenanigans during Great War (RIP to shenanigan-filled Alduin+Balrog Hell team-up)
  • Saruman dies like a lil’ bitch in the Shire rather than in glorious and exciting combat with the archangel Gabriel
  • RIP to yet more elves who tried to cross the Belegaer
Lemme know what you think in the comments, and have a good Christmas!


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