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Eddie Time Trooper by Tom Kelly by TomKellyART Eddie Time Trooper by Tom Kelly by TomKellyART
Hey all here is another cool illustration I did for the Sketch Lottery blog, this time the theme was "Eddie". This theme refers to the main Mascot/character from the British Heavy Metal Band Iron Maiden,Eddie is a recurring character on the bands Album covers and gets changed/updated for each new album theme. So this Illustration/sketch is patterned after and a Homage to the Album covers/posters for the "wasted years" and "somewhere in time". Ok now a little back story about why this version, so when I was just beginning my teenage years (mid 1980's)  I started putting up posters up in my room. All the usual teenage stuff from the 80s movies,bands,and sexy girls and now my Mom didn't like the sexy girl posters so as a compromise monsters,superheroes, and sci fi stuff was allowed. At that time there was not a lot of superhero/comic book posters so it was usually movies or bands. I first was introduced to Iron maiden when I saw the poster for "Somewhere in Time" at the Mall, and was like this is super cool!!!!

Why I liked the Somewhere in Time Poster and Album cover:
1st this version of Eddie is clearly patterned off the marvel character Deathlok a time traveling killer cyborg ( who just is a rip off of the Terminator), which was super cool cause it was like an in joke to me.
2nd Being a British band and this album's time travel theme they made Dr who references in the album cover and in the posters so being a sci fi nerd I thought that was double cool cause in 1985 almost no one in the USA watched Dr who.
3rd. MY mall like twice a year would get a poster vendor who would sell the giant British Subway Posters, These are posters that are like as big as a standard bedroom wall, way bigger than a movie poster. So I would get the super giant posters to put on the walls of my bedroom.
4th. The poster also referenced the movies Back to the future and Blade Runner so that was awesome too.

It's also funny while I love 80's Heavy Metal music, Iron maiden is not my most favorite band. I mean I like a lot of their songs but I love other bands waaaay more. Still for just cool album and poster art I will always Love Iron Maiden till the day I die.....all because my mom didn't want me hanging up sexy posters of woman.

Please head on over to sketch lottery and look at all the other cool versions of this theme here is the link.

I created this using pen and ink for the main figure of Eddie with my micron pens and my sable brush with black Speedball ink. Then I used my Wacom tablet with adobe illustrator and photoshop to render the other elements.





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