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Camazotz Bat god by Tom kelly

Hey all here is another cool illustration I did for a new thing I going to do for at least through the new year, ever Friday I plan to do a fun character or scene for Fantasy art Friday. So here is Camazotz the Mayan Bat God I also made this Illustration for a fantasy art book Gods and Goddess which I will give a link to here:

I created this using a pencil sketch then my wacom tablet and the programs Adobe Photoshopcs6 and Illustrastor Cs6. I used Illustrator for the major figures and shapes then used Photoshop for the coloring/rendering
Here are some other places you can follow me and see more of my work.





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Wanted to find out your copyrights for using this image (or something similiar) for a book cover??? Do you do that?

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Well with this image I don't own the copyright to the image it was made for an art/mythology book for a publisher. While I am able to sell a limited number of prints of this image it was a work for hire contract that paid me for the image that was produced. So I don't own the rights to this image. If you want I could do a commission illustration for you that would be similar but different from this image. just let me know if that is an option you might want to do.

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Is he gonna eat me?
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well if you want sure if not he prefers hot pockets!!!
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So, it's up to me?
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I don't want him to eat me!
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This is what Roger wants to be.
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glad you like it!
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Wow this looks so awesome! That glowing ribcage and that screeching face! :D just perfect!
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