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Kings of Leon - Wallpaper

I was flicking through deviantart when I came across these cartoon drawings of the Kings of Leon guys. It inspired me to create a new wallpaper for my desktop. I hope you enjoy.

I give all credit for the drawings to ~demolitionlove.


They are great drawings!!

Again if you want a bigger size, just leave a comment!
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thaks for wallpaper :3
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yeah, saw the cartoon too. And I like your wallpaper. :)
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thanks man. i need to tweak it a bit when I get a chance.... i did it on a crappy monitor and when I look at it on my MacBook Pro it doesn't look the same as it did. lol.

Thanks though man.
Very cool. Instant favourite
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bit late i know. but a thanks is good at anytime!

sooooo..... THANKS!!!
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Hey this is awesome. I never thought anyone would mae a wallpaper from my stuff haha. This is great..srsly.
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Im glad you like it. I was really in need of a new desktop wallpaper. haha. So I thank you!

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Haha cool.You're welcome..Yay for KOL love.
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