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More that 10 year old now this 3D image... my new stuff on Tom Isaksen

The Knight is almost entirely modeled in Max, and rendered with Mental Ray. With some post work done in Photoshop, like the cape effect and background.
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Cylon knight... Isn't that a Christmas carol?
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Just like a statue in the museum
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I legit thought this was a photo at first. Crazy good 3D modeling skills, yo!
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Beastly Breastplate
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Love the helmet! It's like a steel-age hopelite helmet.
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It's called a barbute
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Sweet. He what a think of when I think of a bad*ss knight.
Fantastic, great job.
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Simple, awesome, epic.
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I love the angle/viewpoint and the amazing armor! awesome knight!
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Is it me, or does the Face of the Helmet look like the visor of the Mandorlorians in Star Wars? Intentional or not?
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I suppose you can say the is a hint of Boba Fett's helmet in there, but think it was more or less unintentional.
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Ah, I see. Looks great regardless, well done.
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ahhhh very awesome, i love fantasy armors that look practical and believable.
not a fan of Warcraft thing on armors.
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I am an avid fan of knights and you're work is phenomenal. A beautiful rendition of an armored knight. The intricate details on the breastplate, tuille, and fauld are outstanding to say the least. Very impressive work! :trophy:
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Thanks a lot :) So happy you like it and you took the time to tell me,.
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wooow, nice :D somuch detail! it could be a photo! :D
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Thanks for all the great comments. :)
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Good materials, and good composition.
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