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Loved the perspective on this one as well! xD

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lol Come on We have to go!!
"Hold on I have to make sure my hair is just right."
"Your hair looks fine now come on before you make us late."
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This is awesome! : )
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Ah, the background looks excellent.
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*O* (speechless)
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Hello! Please read this, it is important:
:icontomiokajiro: this guy called Zavilla Márk stole your artwork, completely copied it in detail in paint and won a drawing contest with it as if it was his own idea and creation!!! He was also published in a newspaper and he is praised for something he never did!…
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rossz az ikon :"D és am már le lett közölve a mondoban? Ő.Ő
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milyen ikon? xD nekem látszódik xD Mondó aztán csinált vele egyáltalán valamit?
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nem a thiefet linkelted be quq hanem Tomiot xd
nemtom elv benne lesz az újságban  :3
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pedig azt a mondos linket raktam bele :D a csávó ikonját azért raktam bele,h felhigyeljen rá vagymi xD 
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I like the POV
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Love it, sweet := 
well done
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I like a lot you sense of perspective and the dark light. It gives a so realistic sense!
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I can't stop staring at the kitty!
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The depth of detail makes it excellent!!
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A story told in a single glance
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Wow, so creative :love:
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Love the angles!
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