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Is that a Toyota MR2!?

EasterlyArt's avatar

Either or, nice pick!

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awesome lighting and story :)
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Helicopter: it seems that traffic is pack as usual

*hyper beam pushes vehicles out of the way*

Helicopter: guess i was wrong. . . . 
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Mom told me to go outside. I said okay.
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AuthorNumber2's avatar
Best use of a pokemon. EVER.
TarriPup's avatar
This is SUCH a WTF kind of thing, I just love it, you're insane! xD
P1xelManiac's avatar
Late for work? Too much traffic? Well just hyper beam it all! Problem solved...
yamiryuuzero's avatar
The car on the front is a ghost type, though... ('o_o )
RubiSafaia's avatar
:'D this is awesome
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LOL I just noticed, is she using Magneton as a generator? Huahuahua
I really like this pic, it seems so awesome, it so casual. Like she's used to it!
NihilisticWaffles's avatar
Omg I love the look on her face!
MrSaturn420's avatar
ahhh I keep coming across this drawing and I have to say,it is one of my top favorite pokemon fanart pieces of all time!!! I love this so much!!
Aquadragon13's avatar
If pokemons were real, this would be my life!
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This is amazing!
Tipico, vas tranquilo en tu moto y un metagross te bloquea el paso...xD
umm couldn't a metagross levitate over the traffic?
surfersquid's avatar
This is awesome! If I had a Metagross, this is definitely what I'd do. xD Beautiful work, I love the crisp colors and the sense of motion!
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