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Apartment 2

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Architects are really crazy these days.

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high quality man, bloody hell
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Randomly came across your art today, pretty awesome stuff! ^^
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totally normal.
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Gorgeous concept & execution :heart:
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Some odd goings-on at one of the buildings...she just walks by, music going, not a care in the world.  :lol:

So cool!
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Woah, I did not expect to see a colourful object stick through an apartment building there. 0.o
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Your backgrounds are just what I'm looking for.  There cell shaded not blended:love:
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reminds me of bakemonogatari or something like that..
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Wow! It looks like someone dropped something from a sort of digitized, futuristic battle and it was just left there, untended and unmended while the rest of the world went on with their lives. COOL!!!

And neat use of shadows, especially with the girl walking by with the cell-phone!
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I really love this
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sweet wallpaper.. any chance you have a 1920x1080 version?
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Great perspective!!!
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I FOUND IT! This is the background for the computer I use at work! I've been looking for the person who made it for ages! xD
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You have really inspired me to try more epic scenic works like this.
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AWESOME, How you made it? Could you make a tutorial on video? :)
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like it it
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i like the details
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this reminds me of Bakemonogatori anime ( i think i spelled that right XD)

anyway its amazing!
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