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Fester's World O' Wonders

By tomimt
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World O' Wonders is a small souvenir store located in an unusual tourist trap in the vast, purple desert of Pleebhut.  The clerk behind the desk is Fester Blatz.

Yet another Space Quest 3 piece, original here:…
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>show gem
>buy underwear
>buy orat
(I forgot what else you buy to complete the game)
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I absoloutley love this work. It looks so much like the original truely well done.  I would love to make a pepakura paper statue of Fester was wondering if you could if you had an .obj of fester?
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Sure, I could. Though I need to point, that while he has legs, I didn't model feet for him. Would that be an issue?
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no that wouldnt be an issue at all
and any chance i may also see the obj for the employee of the month at Monolith Burger?
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Knock yourself out:…
Fester has a basic armature, so he can be re-posed, the clerk is boneless.
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Thankyou so much.  Just downloaded the zip and they look stunning. 
I still can't get over how much they really do look like the originals out of SQ3.
It must have taken you a while.
Once I have finished my statue idea i will post so you can take a look.

One last thing it looks as though a couple of the texture files are missing.
One for the employee called vest_stitch.jpg and the other for fester called
eye.jpg.  Is there any chance I could grab them also.

Thankyou so much.
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I like it. :D

"My, my, that certainly is one fine hunk o' orium!"
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