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The Book Of Magic

Spell book.
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Hello! I see a lot of folks also want to use your artwork with something like I do.  It would pair perfectly with a music concept i'm working called "Tome of exile".  Would that be okay as well? 
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Of course! Its my old stuff and its free so use it as you wish. :)
Send me where you use it if you want, i will be glad to see it. 
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Hi Tom, 

This image is perfect for a business concept I have in mind, may I use your image?
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of course! everything there is free. Dont forget to send me link to your work i would like to see it. :)
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Thank you! I will!
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Gran trabajo! gracias!
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Hello there :D 

I would like to use this image in my site post regarding books and audiobooks. Can I have your permission to use it? 
The site is and covers several topics along side Top Tens and movies we make.

Thank you for your time. :)
I would love to use this as a picture above my enchanting table in a home I am building in a game world (skyrim) with your permission and will credit for sure .... :)
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Hello tom!
This would suit absolutely perfect for my guild's logo. May I have your permission to do a little editing to it and use it for the community? I'll make sure to give you credit!
Hey :-)
I'm writing a (german) story on Wattpad and I would like to ask you if you agree to me using your picture on the cover. Please let me know :D
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Awesome picture :)
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Wow! Love it!
Thanks Tom, I will send you a link to the site when it is finished, and also give you a mention on Twitter. Love the picture!

Best regards,
I would like to use your Book of Magic image on my website (writing showcase, not selling anything). Please let me know how I can get permission. Thanks
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I am glad someone want to use my work. :D
You can use it on your site. And I would like to see that
if you allow me it.

Sorry for my terrible English.
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