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Tom Hiddleston (gray paper) by Quelchii
Laing by LindaMarieAnson
Loki - Trapped by LadyMintLeaf
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Loki - King of Asgard by Artist-AlyonaKopnina
Loki portrait by EveZTWD
Loki Side profile portrait by EveZTWD
Loki: Endgame by RoseGoldRomantic
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Hiddles, Loki or art exposure, they're all good!
I'd like to update our icon! Don't get me wrong, I think the one we have is gorgeous but we've been around for five years and always had the same one.
I'd like the new one to show off what our fandom is capable of. I want you to comment with a (that means one) link to your best Hiddles fanart. During the Thanksgiving break, when I have time off work, I will select our winners. The artist's work will be featured on our group's home page for the life of the new icon.
Remember, we're one of the larger groups. We have over a 1,000 members and over 35,000 page views. I'd love to plaster your Hiddles work right in people's faces so bring me your best work and let's show everyone why Hiddlestoners are so voracious.
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How this group rolls...

:bulletblue:The Rule:bulletblue:
Add your art. That is all. How else do you expect to spread the word about the loveliness that is Hiddles?

:bulletpink:General Information:bulletpink:
-Nonmembers can still submit art.

-If there is an issue, like join requests are closed or something (which they should not be because I thought I fixed that a thousand times) I'd prefer you let me know on my dA page, m'kay?

-Join requests are automagically accepted.

-For submissions, we use the we use the Art Submissions folder. I know you love me for that. I love you more. I delete it once in a while people. That way, people can resubmit their art if they want. This is also to avoid gallery over flow.

-Don't watch us, join us. Even if you don't plan on submitting any art. We want the world to understand the extent of the Hiddles fanbase.

-There's no limit on the amount of deviations that can be posted, so submit away.





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Just wanted to let you know, since it is not Tom Hiddleston related, and I did not put in there on purpose.

My apologies.
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