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New Zelda Charms

This is a collaborative effort with my lovely fiance *xuza

These are the new version of the Zelda charms we made a little while ago. We got some new equipment and process to make them. It took a little longer then anticipated, but we are very pleased with the result!

The three at the top are the Ocarina of time spiritual stones, and the bottom one is the new Heart container design from Skyward sword.
We took some artistic interpretation with the stones as there are a few different official art designs for the game that are all different.

Please support us by sharing this with friends : )

If you are interested in purchasing such an item from us please visit our Etsy page for info: [link]
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I LOVE the heart container
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aah these are amazing :D...are you still doing them?
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Thanks! We have actually made an even better looking version of them that we are planning on revealing soon. We'll be posting the news on our facebook page soon : ) [link]
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You two are just awesome! Such wonderful work! It's so great to see the Spiritual stones and the SS-Heart container in reality :happycry:
You and your fiance are amazing. Kudos!! That definitely should be chosen as a Daily Deviation :nod:
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Thanks! A DD would be amazing, but probably unlikely : P
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Sorry for the late reply.
You're welcome. You definitely deserve a DD with those amazing masterpieces.
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AWESOME!!!! :love:
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are they limited?
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Not really, but they aren't unlimited : P
I'll just make them till I'm tired of doing it.
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what about the heart?
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Wow :ohnoes: These are really well made! The craftsmanship is so neat too :ohnoes: What exactly did you make this out of, if you don't mind my asking?
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Thanks! They are made of resin and painted with gold leaf.
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Nice to see you got the resin to not have bubbles :) Great job :)
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Thanks! I'm happy with how they turned out.
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very well done! :la:
The heart is absolutely perfect.
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Thanks! I was really happy with the heart. Looking forward to making the Heart piece version.
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Very Pretty. I'd love them, but I can never afford anything.. but good job <3
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You're welcome~ ^^
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