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screenshot of ninja wallpaper

screenshot from my new ninja wallpaper.
Still waiting for approval of hosting the wallpaper itself from little-gamers because its their ninja I used.
I like it to have a non cluttered desktop.
Self modified dock
grey textfields are the snow leopards stacks but smaller, I displayed them using geektool

place a comment if you want the wallpaper...
wallpaper will be coming soon I suppose
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hey how do i get the wireless strength code?
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i've done it with geektool and used 3 images to display them.
But other then that you need some code to get and calculate signal strength
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Your scripts are real cool man! :)
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thank you,

I've looking at yours aswell man I love your theme ;-)

but how did you change the dock? with just 4 buttons??
(it's the black one, (menu bar, itunes is all black)
could you give me some info about it, pls?

Thank you
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dragthing and Silent Night.