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Pinkie Pie Looking At Us or You

Pinkie Pie is looking at you.  Can you tell?  Did you break the 4th wall?  Again you say?  No wonder she's smiling at you. =D


You may use this if you credit me properly.
(Please leave a link in comments if you use this anywhere!)

Thanks in advance for all the faves and kind comments.  It's appreciated!

My Little Pony Characters are Copyright (© 2014) by Hasbro & Created by Lauren Faust.
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Hey pinkie wanna be pinkie pool ?
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Pinkie looks cute while she's looking at us fans:) (Smile) ! Hello to you PinkieGiggle ! Excellent job.:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
Oh! Pinkie Pie? Awesome! Hi! I wonder if she is looking at me. :hmm: 
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I'm still waiting on the day she pops out of my monitor screen. ;P
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(If its not like in… what she will do, I'll remain calmed)
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She is watching you.

She is waiting for you.
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"What? No, I'm just trying to watch the tv in that one guy's house in Poetland. Really funny cartoon on there!"
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Lol :lol: (Wait, Poetland? Where's that?)
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A hellish land of pain and suffering where everyone is forced to speak in excruciatingly bad limericks.

(I actually meant to type Portland as in Portland, Oregon, but once again I mistyped it.)
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