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By tomfonder
Hey guys, just letting you know that I'll be away in Slovenia for two weeks as of tomorrow.

Comics will update as normal, though deviantART/social media updates could be erratic depending on what I'm up to. Your best bet will be to check the site directly on Fridays. Likewise, I probably won't be answering too many messages/emails while I'm away.

The good news for my Patreon subscribers? Me being ahead for once means you'll be getting the comics at least a day earlier than everyone else. Because I love you all more.

Finally, some last-minute shilling: There are 27 days left to get a discounted price when you pre-order my first book, Business Cat: Money, Power, Treats. You can find it on the site store, Amazon, and just generally places where books are sold.

See you all again in two weeks when I'll be back to missing my update schedules. ;D
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Have a nice trip!
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Enjoy the trip; but make sure you don't start any international incidents over there.  If you gotta go, ask the gas station attendant for the keys to the rest room...  And don't forget to leave out some food (and Bitcoins) for that cat of yours.  ;-)