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Hey guys! Only one week until my new book - Business Cat: Money, Power, Treats - will be hitting shelves in North America. To celebrate, I’m going to be giving some copies away!

For your chance to win a copy of the new book, simply send me an email via or comment below this Facebook post with a photo of your cat doing its best Business Cat impression (bonus points for creativity). I’ll select my three favourite entries and announce the winners in a weeks time on Tuesday, September 27.

The winners will receive the following:

1st Place: A copy of ‘Business Cat: Money, Power Treats’ + a Business Cat 2017 wall calendar
2nd Place: A copy of ‘Business Cat: Money, Power, Treats’
3rd Place: A Business Cat 2017 wall calendar

In addition, I’ll be randomly selecting five of my Patreon supporters (three $10 a month subscribers and two $5 a month subscribers) to receive a free copy of the book.

All contest winner’s books/calendars will be shipped free of charge to anywhere in the world and may come defaced or un-defaced by my signature (your choice).

Until then, here’s one last reminder that ‘Money, Power, Treats’ is still available for pre-order at a limited-time price over at Amazon, so if you were thinking of grabbing a copy now's the time!

Thanks again to everyone who’s supported the comic over the years and helped make all of this happen!

Hey guys, just letting you know that I'll be away in Slovenia for two weeks as of tomorrow.

Comics will update as normal, though deviantART/social media updates could be erratic depending on what I'm up to. Your best bet will be to check the site directly on Fridays. Likewise, I probably won't be answering too many messages/emails while I'm away.

The good news for my Patreon subscribers? Me being ahead for once means you'll be getting the comics at least a day earlier than everyone else. Because I love you all more.

Finally, some last-minute shilling: There are 27 days left to get a discounted price when you pre-order my first book, Business Cat: Money, Power, Treats. You can find it on the site store, Amazon, and just generally places where books are sold.

See you all again in two weeks when I'll be back to missing my update schedules. ;D
Hey guys. It's only now that I'm a little way into my trip to Australia that I realise I forgot to let me deviantART followers know I'll be gone. So... there's that. I will return in a couple of weeks for more comic updates.

The other bit of news is that I was asked to participate in LINE Webtoon's 'Challenge League' recently, which can be found over at They'll be uploading my strips every week alongside other people's between now and January 25, at the end of which winners will be decided. Not to put too fine a point on it, I could stand to win anywhere between $5,000 - $30,000 here if I make the top 4, which is not small potatoes.

However, it seems as though things have become a bit of a down-voting war over at the Challenge League unfortunately (with strips I know to be very good sitting at around 2-3 star ratings out of 10). I don't want you guys to participate in that, but what you could do to help me out would be to head on over to Business Cat's page and give me a rating you feel is fair or like/favourite the strips that are currently uploaded. All it takes is having a Facebook/Twitter account (or you could sign up for a webtoon account) and it could be what keeps Business Cat visible.

You can find The Adventures of Business Cat page…

Thanks, guys!

I sometimes forget that not everyone who reads this comic also follows me on Facebook or Twitter. So for those of you who have been left in the dark on this, here’s where we’re at right now.

Last Monday my computer up and died on me. It was functioning perfectly the night before and the next morning I go to turn it on and the LCD screen is a garbled mess. A new screen had to be ordered in for me and on Friday evening it was replaced. The screen looks perfect and I was ready and willing to get started on some new comics for Monday when it soon became apparent that the LCD screen was not the full extent of the problem.

Long story short, my computer is still entirely unusable and at this rate it looks like I may not even be able to get it seen by the appropriate parties until Nov 20. I’ve no idea how long it may take to resolve the problem after that. Until that day, however, I have no way of creating and uploading new comics. And if you think you’re bummed about that, I can tell you that I’m about ten times more bummed than you are.

From bad to worse, I will be in Australia for a few weeks from Dec 5. If I can’t get it fixed soon I may not have time to sort out some comics in advance of my trip. These are dark times. But rest assured, I will be back up and running eventually. Watch my social media for any updates.

Finally, here are the long boring details of my current problem for anyone who may be able to help. If so, shoot me an e-mail:

Fan is extremely loud upon booting up and the computer slows to a crawl making it almost impossible to do anything. Activity Monitor shows that CPU usage is around 80-90% even when zero apps are open. Process called ‘kernel_task’ is reading at 600-800% CPU usage. Multiple SMC and PRAM resets have yielded no results. Running 27″ iMac w/ SSD and upgraded to Yosemite about two-three weeks ago.

For those wondering about the lack of strips, my computer has burned out its graphics card among other things. The repair folks are having to order in the necessary bits and pieces, but the consensus is that I won't have my comp back online until Friday (at the earliest).

Until then there'll be no updates unfortunately, folks.
Hey guys,

My content is and always will remain free, but if you'd like to help support what I do (and get some extra content and behind the scenes updates in return), then please consider taking a look at my new Patreon:

So a little while back I posted a set of rules on Happy Jar for 'Drunken Warriors', a drinking card game I made up with some friends four years ago. It's a game we've always had a lot of fun with since then and I thought it might be a good way to bridge the gap between comic strip updates with something a little different for novelties sake.

I've since received e-mails from people who've taken to successfully running some games of their own with friends and others who are curious to see more. One of my favourite aspects of the game is that all the cards you use are created by the players themselves, resulting in a lot of laughs and diversity of content in every session.

Some folks have noted that it would be nice to have a place to share everyone's in-game creations and to be able to draw inspiration from them for their own games. I thought that was a great idea and, frankly, I have a whole bunch of old cards lying around that I'd love to archive somewhere for sweet, sweet memories.

So as of today I'll be launching I'll have no set update schedule for adding new content to the archives, however if I had to hazard I guess, I think I could manage to get a new card up every weekday for those who would enjoy such a thing. You'll also find a form available for sending me some of your own submissions which I'll either illustrate for the site or leave as is, depending.

For those of you who find no part of this news appealing whatsoever (and I'm aware that's the majority of you), fear not. This is the last you'll hear from me on this page about it.

Hey guys, just letting you all know that as of today, I will have left for a two week holiday in Iceland.

What does this mean for the vast majority of you? Absolutely nothing. The comics will continue to update as normal while I’m away. What I can do is reveal the following; you’ll be getting two regular Happy Jar strips, two Business Cat strips, and a little something that is completely different from anything else on the site.

I probably won’t be responding to any e-mails while I’m away and prints will not be available on any of the new comics until I get back. Approval of Disqus comments may prove very slow depending on where I am.

Google+ users are likely to be the most affected by this as I can’t for the life of me find a way to automatically update posts there through Wordpress. Happy Jar / Business Cat updates on Google+ will therefore either be late or non existent.

Thanks for the support from all who’ve donated recently or bought merchandise through the store. I really appreciate it.

I’ll be sifting through your comments, posts, and opinions again come June 14. Unless of course I fall off a waterfall and die or something, in which case somebody please look after my cat.

- Tom
Love Business Cat? Hate everything else I do? You're in luck.

To celebrate 2,000 Facebook page likes for Happy Jar, I am today launching a Business Cat exclusive satellite site which can be found at Business Cat strips will still run alongside others at, however this site will serve to collect them in one, easily accessible place. There will not be any set update schedule for Business Cat strips, they will simply run here at the same time as they hit the Happy Jar main page. Be sure to like The Adventures of Business Cat on Facebook and Twitter if you'd like to keep up to date with Business Cat exclusively.

In addition, shipping on all merchandise handled by society6 in the Happy Jar store will be free until March 9, 2014 at midnight Pacific Time. This includes Business Cat / Happy Jar logo t-shirts, phone cases and more.* You must use this link for the promotion to take effect.

*Offer excludes prints and throw pillows with insert.
Business Cat t-shirts and other such swag are now available at the newly opened Happy Jar store. If there's anything you'd like to see available in the future, feel free to drop me a line and let me know.

For those who messaged me regarding Business Cat prints, you will now find that comic and others available for purchase at

Within the next few weeks I aim to make the entire back catalogue available for purchase. In the meantime, a complete list of available prints can be found here.

All prints are based on high resolution originals and come in your choice of finish; matte ($5.99 USD), glossy ($5.99 USD), or lustre ($6.99 USD).

Hey guys,

Just letting you know that Happy Jar updates on deviantART will no longer be two weeks behind the website now that everything's up and established.

I'd also be interested to know how people are feeling about the new comics since most of my watcher's are here from Happy Jar's original run.

- Tom

Yes, as the title suggests, Happy Jar is indeed returning.

Having recently found myself in a position that allows me to pursue more creative endeavours, I now have time to revive the comic for what is the second - and hopefully final - time.

When will this revival be taking place? Sooner than you might think.

The first of the new wave will go live on October 1st through my newly designed website at and will update every Tuesday and Friday. Whilst some elements of the site still remain buggy and AdSense approval is pending, I hope to have all of the kinks ironed out within the first few weeks of launch.

In the meantime I invite you to check out the new site and existing archives, share your favourite posts, and help spread the love by liking the Facebook page.

To my deviantART readers:

On October 1st I will be posting the first strip to my deviantART account at the same time as it hits the website. For all subsequent posts, however, deviantART will be remaining two weeks behind the website schedule.

To keep up with all the new comics, please use either, or stay updated through the Facebook, Twitter, Google PlusRSSand Tumblr accounts.

As those who have not yet dropped me from their watch list may have noticed, there has been a sizable decrease in the number of Happy Jar updates over the last few months. More precisely, there has been no Happy Jar updates.

The future of Happy Jar is unknown at this point due to something of a falling out between myself and it's co-creator. Whether the strip will be picked back up remains to be seen, however feel free to continue enjoying the whopping fifty-odd comics in the archives.

In the meantime, I have recently finished my degree and will hopefully be looking to get into some more artwork over the coming months. If you're only here for Happy Jar and don't appreciate a good dick drawing now and then, this will assuredly be a dark time for you.