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The Adventures of Regular Cat - Family

By tomfonder
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The Adventures of Regular Cat - Family 2018/07/20
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godzillaisawesome's avatar
Que in a superhero theme done by Danny Elfman or Hans Zimmer
Wow, I haven't even noticed until now, that he didn't wear his old suit after prison.
Graeystone's avatar
Be funny if his blue tie was green.(Cats can't see the difference between red and green)
I thought that were dogs who can't.
Taking care of business, everyday!~
GalCantHelpIt's avatar
Business Cat is back, baby!     Yeah 
SeekerDestroy's avatar
monument2allyoursins's avatar
The Return of the King
JuMiKu's avatar
I would love if the little girl hated the new cat.
NATO555's avatar
That expression says it all: "Let's do this."
Palatin's avatar
If there isn't a tuna can under the suit, Janet messed up.
AsFoxger's avatar
Spoiler alert: he throws the suit away.
mistercrab8539's avatar
aw, bitch knows what it takes for a cat to suit up
Eggo-in-Ohio's avatar
Gary is already comfortable as the replacement.

...nevermind. Go, BC. Your business needs you.
mandy-kun's avatar
Time to get back to businesses!
mrm64's avatar
Ooooooooh here it goes! 
GenevieveMeuniere's avatar
I see they got a second cat? :D
EillaThePortalMaker's avatar
He knows what he's gotta do...
curtsibling's avatar
That logo needs to go back to the original!
Senaneone's avatar
time to suit up
CidYoshi's avatar
He already has the suit.
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