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The Adventures of Business Cat - Peace Times

By tomfonder
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The Adventures of Business Cat - Peace Times 2018/08/17
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ceruleetheblue's avatar
I take back what I said about Howard. He's a good boy.
Pug look like jake
NATO555's avatar
I love their little bonding moments, when they show their forbidden friendship. You rarely see it, but it's almost heart warming to see them connecting with each other
Tangiwai5's avatar
ze meatly 
Plumcicle's avatar
All I can think of is Jake the Dog.
Plumcicle's avatar
Bacon pancakes.
Rathernotbenamed's avatar
I like this. It's really funny. I'd stick with milk too... no toilet water for me
VjeolPsyckis's avatar
Wait a minute, adult Cat's can't digest milk like humans do; they lose the ability to digest lactose shortly after they cease being kittens.
They'll drink it easily enough but it just goes right through them and gives them diarrhoea 
Soldier667's avatar
People are willing to endure that for their favorite food.
Sleabedybarb's avatar
That actually applies to every mammal that isn't a human from a population that relied on milk-producing animals for centuries (e.g. Europeans).
Newworlds117's avatar
Well... he does have a human body. Maybe he has a human digestive system?
AntigoneBlack's avatar
Lactose-free milk, what's it called? Lucerne, I believe.
VjeolPsyckis's avatar
I s'pose that's possible.
I should stop overthinking comedy strips
SeekerDestroy's avatar
loved this moment between them 

I'm with Business Pug though..simpler life is for me 
diskfire's avatar
Not so different after all. :XD:
arusch's avatar
The last panel cracks me up😆
The-Artsid3r's avatar
Toilet water... finally some good f*cking drink
DannyAndYoko's avatar
I'll stick to milk... =P
MegaChibisX's avatar
I'll drink to that.
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