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The Adventures of Business Cat - Full Circle

The Adventures of Business Cat - Full Circle 2018/09/07
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Four years ago I uploaded the first Business Cat strip and was awoken in the dead of the night to find my phone going crazy with an endless stream of notifications. The post had gone viral and was finding it’s way to seemingly every nook and cranny of the internet.

I had never intended it to be anything more than a simple one-off gag, but with the bevy of such positive responses flooding in, I began to realise that I had ideas for another one. And another one. Until eventually I find myself here realising I’ve been doing ‘another one’ every week now for four years.

In that time the comic has grown to help support me financially and even made me a published artist/author - something I never thought I’d be able to say about myself - with a second book on the way.

But all good things must eventually come to pass (boy, am I learning that the hard way these days) and so too must it be with Business Cat. I had been toying with the idea of ending the series for a while now, as I was beginning to feel there wasn’t enough new ground left to cover, and I’d rather end the series while I can still be proud of it than run the premise into the ground.

From as early as the IRS investigation storyline I knew where this story arc was headed, and I have to say that I really enjoyed taking the series in new and unexpected directions for the readers. It was a decision that certainly divided a few opinions, but at the end of the day I’m happy with the results and I can only hope that most of you were too.

I had written these last few strips to serve as a series finale, if need be, but with room to go forward in case I decided continue. Up until as early as last week I wasn’t quite sure which it would be. But I can say with certainty now, for the foreseeable future, this is in fact the end.

I don’t often put much of myself out there for you all to read, but the last five or so months have been hell. Between the diagnosis of a cancerous tumor in my cat’s mouth (don’t worry, a few stressful operations later, he’s now fine), and the extremely sudden/unexpected ending of an eleven year relationship, a lifetime’s worth of living with depression has finally caught up with me and I’m now having to confront that.

I’m not sure what I’ll do next. It’s been a very real struggle to stay creative, and at this point, I’m just looking forward to some time away from it all for a while. But I just want to thank each and every one of you for being along for this ride with me, and for making the last four years possible. This comic would be nothing if not for all of you reading and sharing it, and it’s been incredible to see such positivity surrounding my work.

Finally, I’d like to encourage you all to keep following on the social media outlet of your choice if you’d like to keep up to date on the status of the upcoming book Business Cat: Hostile Takeovers (release date pending), and if you ever want to be made aware of any of my future projects, be they the return of Business Cat or otherwise.

For my Patreon subscribers, don’t worry, you won’t have to do anything, I will be deactivating my account for the time being and will give plenty of fair warning before it becomes active again (if ever). In the meantime, I will be filling out the remainder of the month with some never-before-seen extras and maybe another prize raffle or two.

It’s been fun guys. Until next we meet.

- Tom

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Tindyflow's avatar
You've brought much joy in the lives of many, Tom.
I wish you the best for your upcoming challenges! ^^
Kaelmn's avatar
Thank you very much for this comic. It's my girlfriend who made me discover it almost 2 years ago I think and... it really made me laughs ! We love the characters, the humor... We even bought the physical comic : it's awesome to be able to read it "physically", and we can't wait to have the next one !
I personally find this end to be a nice and well-thought one ;) And you're right, better stop when it's the right time, even if it can be a hard decision on the moment.

Hope we will see soon other stories from you !
And most important... hope things will go well for you and your beloved ones :) (cats included of course)
inisipis's avatar
Aw man. I was there from the very beginning. The strip never fails to bring me such mirth and laughter. Well, as they say, all good things must come to an end. Thank you for sharing us such a wonderful character, especially to us cat owners, who we can all identify. Best wishes to your future endeavor and hopefully Business Cat and company will visit us from time to time.
GoshiDoll's avatar
aww the journey finally comes to an end, it was a fun one though. :)
tomfonder's avatar
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed. :)
VinceAndrews's avatar
Thoroughly enjoyed it and glad you didn't ruin it by going past where it made sense too stop. Thanks for the good times and good luck with future endeavors.
tomfonder's avatar
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed and that folks seem happy with where it left off. Best of luck to you too.
Curry-24's avatar
Yeah man, your comic strips make me laugh so hard X-D
Can I ask what program you use for business cat? Looks so vector.
I wish you all the best for your future projects!
tomfonder's avatar
Happy to hear it! I use plain old Photoshop for all my stuff, nothing vector at all. I work at quite a high resolution though, so maybe that contributes to it's clean look when scaled down.
NazoShinigami's avatar
I'm one of those that happened to find Business Cat by accident while wandering those many nooks and crannies of the internet. I have no idea how I found it though, but then I started following you along here for a very long time and I will continue to do so even now. I'm not even a cat person (we have dogs!), but I cannot help but to love Business Cat. 
tomfonder's avatar
Glad to hear I could bridge the great cat person / dog person divide. Though in truth, I'm really both... come from a family of vets. :) Thank you for following!
Mech610's avatar
Thanks for the ride, Tom.  This series went rapidly from getting a simple 'heh, that's cute' reaction from me to becoming my favorite webcomic out there.  It's been an incredible adventure and I wish you all the best!
tomfonder's avatar
Hey, that's great to hear! You never want your comic to be a series of diminishing returns, so it makes me happy to know you've enjoyed the ride. All the best to you too.
MSpaint-and-mouse's avatar
Ya know coffee's hard to get out of carpets
And it leave a stench if not done quickly
tomfonder's avatar
Good thing they switched to the marble floors. ;)
Xeina-rose-of-death's avatar
Thank you for making this household laugh numerous times, take care and hopefully you'll feel better and rediscover your creative talent :)
tomfonder's avatar
Thanks for reading along with me and the well wishes! It's great to hear it could be enjoyed by the whole household. :)
ionsphere97's avatar
Business Cat was a really good comic series. I'm glad you ended it when you wanted it to end. I hope whatever you do next will be just as satisftying.
tomfonder's avatar
Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed! I feel happy with how everything wrapped up and looking toward a hopefully brighter future.
Tomecko's avatar
Thanks for all the laughs, and best of luck in your next endeavor!
tomfonder's avatar
Thanks for reading and best of luck to you too!
MrSilentSnow's avatar
Beautiful story.
I was always excited when a new site of bc released.
The fun level was always high and i was never disappointet.
Wish you best luck for the future and thanks for this beautiful comic =)
tomfonder's avatar
Thanks so much. It's easy sometimes for me to let the few negative comments outweigh the positives, so it means a lot to hear that you were consistently entertained. :) Best of luck to you too, and thank you again.
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