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The Adventures of Business Cat - Business

By tomfonder
The Adventures of Business Cat - Business 2018/08/31
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TheWilderCat's avatar
This is honestly so wholesome and heartwarming.
Grisluka's avatar
Lol, oh my God, poor Steve. How can we save him?
TheWolfDutchess's avatar
mandy-kun's avatar
Back is business!! It is so nice to see him happy again.
GalCantHelpIt's avatar
Those last two panels must be the happiest I've ever seen Business Cat.

But...this has the feeling of the final few scenes of a movie. Does this mean that the Adventures of Business Cat are coming to a close?
megamage1's avatar
the only one who gets the short end of the stick is Steve, still it's a happy ending for everyone else.
Eeveegirl13's avatar
What happened to his human face cat though?
AztecCroc's avatar
I think Janet still has it.
AmyxMiaPlay's avatar
Aawwww!!!!! He's back!! :'D
K-Zlovetch's avatar
Finally, everything is fine again !
NightFury-Studios's avatar
Wow that is a large one. I love it. But it sadly looks like he is about to make the same mistakes again
mrm64's avatar
Poor Steve smh ^^;
What means smh?
mrm64's avatar
"scratch my head"
truva9870's avatar
haha smh  means shaking my head XD
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home sweet home
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