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The Grim Reaper

I recently painted a piece for a book called The Fantasy Illustration Library - Lands and Legends. I had a choice of a lot of different subjects, so I chose The Grim Reaper. 

If you'd like to order a copy of the book, you can find them here:

I hope you like the painting. Thanks for looking!

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High resolution on my blog:…

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I was at my knees, still deathly wounded from combat. I dropped down to my hands and closed my eyes, breathing heavily. Then, I felt a cold presence, like a blizzard storm, but only for just a second. I looked up and saw him, rugged robe and his scythe in hand. I stared into his dead eyes as I acknowledged the fact that my end was near. he offered his hand to me and said, " come now... It's time." I accepted and took his hand. after all, I had no other choice, for this... was the grim reaper.
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 this looks just like my character sins grim form so much awesomeness 
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I'm a big fan of the grimmies and this one looks like the lord of all of them. This is such a masterpiece to me. I'm going to do a "threshold" version of it with yourself as the original artist. I will not sell it as this king means much to myself. I will follow you here on DA and show when finished.
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Awesome work dude!!!

Lich king like.
I like it!!!
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Absolutely stunning.
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Who says the Bubonic Plague never gave us anything cool?

What a great depiction.  The colors are dark but strong, really emphasizing the power of unlife.  The scythe has a nice curve to it, good for harvesting wheat and souls alike.  While the skulls might be seen as overused fetishes, I think it really hammers home the point that this is Death.
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The azure aura makes quite a statement, preferable to the cliche blood red or acid green.
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You know... Everyone does say the Grim Reaper looks like this, or close. However, I dreamed of meeting the grim reaper and saw he looked nothing like this. Not saying this is a lie, but when I saw him, he was human, had a book in one hand and a crow feather in the other. And he talked pretty natural, compared from what people say he has the voice of s thousand dead souls.
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WOW. I'm lost for words..
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Well he is a monstrosity, a beautiful one!
Kryptix893's avatar that you..?
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That's so awesome! So, are you professional?
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Epic! When he comes for my soul (If I have one) I'd just stare in awe at the pretty blue stuff.
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I like the scythe, it's awesome. And the lighting on Reaper face and his skull belt is great, give of that eerie vibe.
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daaaamn,  thats badass.  
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The atmosphere of this is just incredible, it has such an intense ethereal feeling, I love it!
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