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January 23, 2013
Asteroid Mining by ~TomEdwardsConcepts
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Asteroid Mining

Full HD:


Image copyright Tom Edwards ©

Hope you like. Cheers.
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NethanielShade's avatar
Any chance this might've been inspired by Space Engineers?
twowolves80's avatar
Great piece. Reminds me of John Berkey.
TomEdwardsConcepts's avatar
What a compliment. Thanks!
Ludo38's avatar
Great great vision !
Commander-Fillmore's avatar
Sweet it's the most deadliest job in the solar system now thanks
UncleRice's avatar
Looks extremely hazardous. All that loose debris floating about.
SteveReeves's avatar
Fantastic image - I agree with Joe above - I wish I did this :)
AdrianMarkGillespie's avatar
Cool! I love the detail of debris and the ship coming out of the misty type space.

joeltonongkh's avatar
Mind blowing. I wish I did this.
Gorillafactor's avatar
I would say very EPIC
changingcactus's avatar
TanukiTagawa's avatar
:bulletwhite: A space landscape with great colors and shadows mix! :clap:
Eihort's avatar
I am suddenly filled with the need to play EVE... hmm...
Spktastic's avatar
I really like the composition. The rendering is great and skillful. You see this beautiful vista, then you notice the the man, follow his gaze towards the sun, follow back on the debris and len's fare back to the man. Keeps the eye moving. Wonderful job. This is getting fav status.


Dagger-Kitsune's avatar
Nice work. Kinda feels like you're staring out a window. Very cool. Congrats on the DD!
RobertCopu's avatar
This looks a lot like EVE! Excellent!
Hawkeye137's avatar
EnteringTheNethery's avatar
Aistar's avatar
I love how this got a daily deviation on the day
the US announced possible plans to mine asteroids coming close to the Earth :dummy:
Tahyon's avatar
superb scene, congrats for DD !:clap:
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